Hump Day Wrap Ups- a Treadmill For the 37 and a Plantain Flatbread Wrap


Well hello!

Stopping by just really quick because I have some exciting news and a cool little wrap to share.

First though, I did some easy treadmill runs the past two days.

I ran 6 miles yesterday at home. Had to finish a little movie you know.

2014-01-21 08.39.502014-01-21 08.40.22

Then I taught a BOSU class at the gym.

Loving BOSU planks lately. We did both sides and regular yesterday. You plank too, yes?

2014-01-21 12.51.102014-01-21 12.50.34

Today I got on the treadmill early for 5 easy miles again. I got Parenthood on Netflix thanks to some of your recommendations last week. One full episode is the perfect amount of time.

I’ll spare you the sweaty mug pictures. They’re on instagram though it you care. Ha.


I’m doing my best to slow down today and really take the day off. Dang it’s hard, especially with a big event coming up next week that needs so many details finalized. Eeeekkk…

I think I actually did better slowing down yesterday rather than today. I ate my egg white scramble outside.

2014-01-21 10.06.42

I even sipped on a café Americano while watching the boys play nicely (that isn’t always the case so I have to take advantage of those moments).

2014-01-21 10.26.15

I even went to bed super early. It was glorious.

2014-01-21 20.37.23

Today has been a little different, but I have some things to share.

So, a couple highlights from today. Ready?

I finally got a treadmill lined up for the STUFT 60 Challenge run next Friday. Woot! A huge thank you to Fitness Direct for coming to the rescue. Seriously, that was a much harder task than I thought. Who knew? Now I’m just as nervous as heck to run at a news station. Eeeekkk…

But, I’m so excited things are coming together.

I also have some prizes lined up for you and will announce some updates tomorrow.

There may be a special something for the first 50 people who register to run their own virtual race here and raise $60 for his or her run or who donate $60 or more to my run here.

Want a hint what the special something is?

2014-01-18 15.53.16

And no, it’s not the roasted kabocha or the hat. Ha ha.


STUFT 60 treadmill run


Okay, so a couple other things were wrapped up today too.

First was a STUFT egg-rito style snack. Spinach and bacon with Scotty B’s bacon jalapeño hot sauce.


And then this plantain flatbread wrap was created.



I used the same ingredients in the ginormous no grain plantain cupcake but poured it on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper to bake it instead.

The result was this pretty awesome plantain wrap.

So, well, here you go.



It went down a little like this.


I put coconut oil, Penzeys Spices cinnamon, buckwheat honey and homemade blueberry chia jam in the middle and rolled that thing up.


It was pretty awesome.

Today has been pretty awesome actually.

Hump day, shmump day.


Oh wait, one more thing. I entered to win an entry and a trip to the ZOOMA Run to Napa contest. Random, but heck, if I have a chance to run to Napa, I better try, right?

You can vote here. It only takes a second.


Have a great night!

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  1. 1

    Wow you have so much going on! I would love to sign up to run with you but unfortunately I am still easing back into this running thing after an injury – I will be there in spirit though and cheering you on!

  2. 2
    Kait says:

    YUM I love my plantain pancakes, can’t wait to try out that flatbread recipe – thanks for sharing!

  3. 3

    Plaintain bread?? That is awesome. I am definitely trying that!!

  4. 4
    Beth W says:

    I actually ran a race this past weekend that benefited 60 Feet. It was our local 10k/half marathon that is held every year, but they were this year’s charity. I heard some of their employees came to town to run the race. Good luck to you! You will do great!

    • 4.1
      Beth W says:

      Actually, that is not right. There was a pretty big group running for 60 Feet. They were not the primary charity. Sorry about that!!

  5. 5
    Dawn says:

    You are one busy lady mama!! Thanks for the shout out!! And I’m so excited for your birthday run!!! It’s gonna be a huge success I can just feel it!

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