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It’s About Time and Some Fun Mail

It’s About Time and Some Fun Mail


Today’s workout- taught a spin class at the gym and ran 4 easy miles on the treadmill afterwards. I needed just a little time with Kelly and Michael like the old days. Ha ha.


Oh and my new favorite song by the way for running and for spin is this one:


I just love it. It makes me smile. I’m going to have it on repeat Friday.


I also need to join spotify like some of you told me to. One thing at a time I guess. Ha.

Let’s see, some random things to share.

I made Zulily’s Top Ten Fitness Blog list.

They have some other great ladies on the list. I’m honored to be one of them. Hopefully it wasn’t a mistake or anything. Ha.



It did give my the kick in the bootie I needed to finally edit my “about page”. Oh man did it really needed some updating. I don’t think I’d updated it since I started the blog.

Here’s the old one.

Hello! I’m Kristin. I’m one “STUFT” Mama.

I’m a treadmill loving marathon running mama of twin boys. Being mama is my number one job, but I have about a bazillion others.

Healthy eating has always been a big part of my life. I’ve spent many hours searching for new recipes,  looking up nutrition information, and finding new food products. Along with that, I’ve also spent quite a lot of money on cookbooks, healthy food finds, and fun kitchen gadgets. (That was BB [before babies] when I used to shop at Nordstrom and buy expensive beauty products. Things are a little different now.)

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 11 years.  The past couple years I’ve gone from a full-time PE teacher and part-time fitness instructor/trainer to a full-time mom, business owner, fitness instructor/trainer, marathon runner and healthy living blogger.

Here’s a look at my boys last September (2010). They are my inspiration everyday to be a better person.

StehlyFamily Sept2010_0358color

I’m a big believer on setting and achieving goals. Although the past couple of years I’ve finally taken some major steps towards balanced, healthy eating (I’m a fan of the 80/20 rule), I realized that my goal I make for myself every year (month, week, day, etc.) is to find balance in life. I am an extremist by nature (Andrew calls it “obsessive”) with most of the things I do, but I’m working on taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture.

This blog documents parts of my journey to find that balance in hope that I can inspire some others along the way.

There’s never a dull moment around here and I do my best to share helpful information and recipes that you just won’t want to pass up.

If you want to know a little more about my journey to get where I’m at now check out my

Looking Back Post.

Kind of funny to read that now. Dang a lot has changed. So weird and where the heck did the time go? Anyhoo, I did update the "about" page. Not the best job, but at least it’s got some current information on there and a couple recent picture. Ha.


I’ve been carbing up nonstop today, but the only thing I managed to take a picture of was this almond milk protein smoothie.


Same recipe as the almond milk protein ice cream, I just put it in a glass with a big fat straw so I could call it a smoothie.


I love fat straws by the way. Totally random, but I’m just not a fan of skinny straws.

So, a huge thank you to our friend Elisia for hooking us up with a very special package filled with Chick-fil-A goodies.

2014-01-28 13.49.05

Want to see what was inside?


Ahh…. so excited to be a Chick-fil-A guest. And check out my patient boys in the picture. They were waiting so nicely for me to take a picture so they could get that football. Ha.


What do we try first? I’m going to be thinking about this pretty much my whole run Friday and you better believe we’re getting there sometime very soon. I feel like I’ve been missing out.


Love this cow already.



As a NuttZo athlete, we also got our shipment of our favorite nut butter. Which reminds me, there are still jars for those of you who donate $60 to the STUFT 60 Challenge that is happening in less than 2 days. Ahhhhhhh…… (I’m not nervous. I’m not nervous. I’m not nervous.)


I had a little help with my picture taking this afternoon.


Well, I was going to get those pasta recipes to you from the other night, but my model is telling me it’s time to clean the kitchen floor. He sprays, I mop. We have a good system.

So….. I better get on it.

Have a good night!


What is one song that always makes you smile?

Fat straws or skinny straws?

What’s your favorite thing from Chick-fil-A?

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  1. 1

    I love the grilled chicken sandwich at Chick-Fil-A it’s delicious! I also love their lemonade! I am a big fan of any straw – I am not prejudice.

  2. 2
    Jennifer mykytiuk says:

    Love chick fil a! I love the grilled market salad! Yummy! The kids meals have the option of getting grilled chicken nuggets (real chicken in them) instead of breaded and apple sauce or fruit. And I think their kids meal “toy” is the best! And jam almost out of my nuttZo nut butter! Time to get sme more! Love it on a banana for my afternoon snack!

  3. 3
    elizabeth says:

    I hate skinny straws for shakes, for soda fine, but a thick shake and skinny straw, not good. Your almond milk smoothies always look so good.

  4. 4
    Kim says:

    I like the chicken nuggets from Chick Fil-A but not the waffle fries.
    Congrats on the Zulily top 10 – that’s awesome!!!

  5. 5

    One song that makes me happy (and maybe run as fast as I possibly can), is Kanye West – Stronger. I’ll probably be sick of it in a couple of weeks though.
    About straws: big time fat. That’s how I like them! Especially for smoothies/shakes.

  6. 6
    Laura says:

    My current favorite is Pharrell Williams Happy (from “Despicable Me 2”) I would definitely recommend you listen to that tomorrow 🙂

  7. 7
    Kathy says:

    I have never eaten at Chick Fil-A……..my hubby thinks I am nuts….he says it is the BEST!? I may never know. ha!

  8. 8
    Tess says:

    YAH!! Stuft Mama! Congrats on the Zulily top 10. You rock!!!!

  9. 9

    Perfect downloading. I am looking for new marathon music right now.

  10. 10

    Oh man, oh man…so crazy to think about there not being Chick-fil-A out West. Us Georgia folk have them everywhere! Chick-fil-A is the bomb-diggity! Not only is the company AWESOME, but they definitely have the best fast-food out there! Their soups and salads are super tasty as well!

  11. 11
    Marybeth says:

    I used to love Chik-fil-A’s original chicken sandwiches and fries, and to drink I’d have half sweet tea/half lemonade. SO GOOD. I live in the south, and we have one on practically every corner. I haven’t eaten there since the whole anti-gay marriage stance of theirs came out. I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I contributed to bigotry. 🙁

  12. 12
    Allyssa says:

    I definitely prefer fat straws!!! And my favorite song of the moment is Happy by Pharrel! So catchy!

  13. 13

    My brother Tom Gawle is the editor-in-chief for most of the books and kid’s educational stuff in Chick fil A’s kids’ meals.

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