Burpees and an Early Bedtime

  Well hello! Did a little early morning treadmill running yesterday. Slow and easy. Got a lesson in proper slow motion running form in pirate socks afterwards from a pretty smart coach. Taught a BOSU class yesterday also. I do a lot of HIIT moves at the beginning of class. I’m sure everyone loves it. […]

Self Talk, Some Eats and Running Shoe Mileage

  There was a lot of self talk this morning going on around here. Judah was playing hotel and talking to himself, He may have been trying to order room service at 6:00 am or something, I’m not quite sure.   I was talking to myself to try to get motivated to do the run […]

Rest Day, Rock ’n’ Roll Discount and a Slaw ’n’ Oat Banana Bread

  Hello! Hope you had a great weekend. Um, totally random, but this has been on my mind all week…….. I just have to say thank you for being here, for reading and putting up with the STUFT crazies. I’ve been trying to get back to your comments, especially the ones from the race last […]

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