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We’re Just Not Friends Right Now

We’re Just Not Friends Right Now


I’m not referring to you and me. If you’re here, I consider you a friend. Yep, even the haters out there. I like to keep an open mind about everyone. It’s not always easy, but it’s a little something I do.



I’m talking about speed work.

Dang it, it’s just tough mentally to get in the game with it.

I’m not following any specific training plan at the moment. Just kind of a mix of different plans I’ve thrown together to come up with one for myself in my little notebook. Good call, right?

I try to do one day a week of speed work, but if I’m being honest, that doesn’t always happen every week. It’s so much easier for me to just log the miles while watching fun movies instead of pick up the pace.

It’s also hard when it’s not on a plan that someone has specifically written for you to follow. When I worked with Coach Jason, he had mile repeats in my plan, the Runner’s World Challenge had Yasso 800s and a different plan that Coach Kastor sent the blogger group as part of our training for the ASICS LA Marathon has longer intervals at AT pace.

There are so many different ones to choose from, yet I kind of dread all of them. Ha ha.

I’m not sure which ones are the most beneficial, I guess I should ask someone (maybe Coach Jason can help us out), but the night before I’m supposed to do speed work I get a little nervous.

This morning I finally ran out of excuses. My speed work workout that was supposed to be done Monday happened.

7 miles with 3 sets of 10 minutes at AT pace (6:40) and 3 minute recovery in between. Um yeah, I lost track how many times I stepped off the treadmill. Ugh. It was tough, but it was over relatively quickly.

2014-02-12 06.35.29

Left just a little sweat on the mill.

2014-02-12 06.36.59

It’s so much easier for me to do high intensity training in my classes like spin and HIIT for some reason. I know they help too and cross training is so important, but hopefully one if these days speed work and I will be friends. We’ll see.


Not to be that person that rubs it in or anything, but after my class this morning I took advantage of the beautiful weather to do a couple easy miles outside to hit my mileage goal for the day.

2014-02-12 11.01.53

And while I’m here I might as well show you one of my favorite post run hamstring stretches.

2014-02-12 11.02.25

Can you find my nose? Ha ha. My hamstrings are tight ALL THE TIME. I really need to be stretching more.


Okay, a couple things I AM friends with at the moment.

This marinara sauce. I’ve said it on here at least 3 times before, but it’s a family favorite and we get it at Costco.

2014-02-11 18.55.47

Avocados. I love them.

Today they went with a little salmon (this one from Costco) in lettuce cups with this Penzeys Spices Szechuan Pepper-Salt Roasted seasoning on it as a little snack.


Oh, and a little sriracha (I have to Google how to spell that every single time) and wasabi too. Forgot about those two key things.


That held me over while my ginormous purple sweet potato was baking. Ha ha.


And at this very second I’m loving this new unsweetened mocha made with almond milk that just went down.


It was fabulous, did a great job of accompanying my purple baked goodness and yes, you can indeed froth cold almond milk. Who knew, right?



Okay, I’m off.

We’re going Valentine shopping and I’m on a mission to try to come up with some paleo friendly Valentine balls of some sort. You know, since everyone and their mother is coming up with Valentine treats to share. The pressure is on. Ha ha.


There are still a couple days to enter the Hyperice Giveaway!


Do you do speed work at all? If so, what kind (Yassos, mile repeats, etc.)?

Have you ever frothed cold milk? You need to- it’s awesome.

What’s your favorite way to eat avocados?

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  1. 1
    Anel Perez says:

    I love eating avocados with everything!! That’s my favorite way to eat them 🙂 I have never frothed cold milk. I was did attempt to froth warm milk to make a latte sort of drink and it didn’t work out very well. hahaha. I’m not into speed when I run. I like distance better. I know it is important to do speedwork and some days I do tell myself to do it. I don’t have any specific plan so I will be looking into the plans you have mentioned. Thank you!

  2. 2
    Ashley L. says:

    I have to admit that I should probably be scolded for not ever having tried avocados even though I live in CA. Oops.

  3. 3

    Oh, I couldn’t have written this better for myself. I know I should be doing speed work … but I dread it the night before, as well, and I often make up excuses to “let myself out of it”. It’s much more fun just to get in the miles :). And I LOVE avocados any way – I still think the best is on a salad.

  4. 4

    I have done all sorts of speed work. I like to switch it up to give my body new challenges and so I don’t get bored and start dreading it all the time!

  5. 5
    elizabeth says:

    I like szechuan pepper, need to use it more often.
    My hammies have been tight the last couple days, as I’ve had a chance to run 10 miles for two days in a row, my hammies never get tight running hills off road.
    I don’t do speedwork and would dread it also, I’m just happy to be able to get out there, run and not have to compete.
    I had marinara tonight, (I made some roasted sauce and froze it last Fall)also a huge bowl of kale, but first a glass of wine, I had to warm up, was so cold since I got the car stuck in the snow when I took the dogs for a run and my husband had to come pull me out. When I got home one of my dogs was having a panic attack because I was late feeding her dinner.
    Anyway, thanks for telling us about your day, I’m a little jealous of your weather, but I know that with nice weather, comes a lot of people, so I’m happy with the cold.

  6. 6

    Avocados are pretty much the best thing ever. I will eat them pretty much any way. Lately I have been making up a bowl of rice, black beans, kale and avocado and dousing it with hot sauce. SO good!

  7. 7
    Michelle Kim says:

    Doing speedwork once a week for my marathon training. It builds from many reps of a shorter interval (12 x 400m) to a few reps of a longer interval (3 x 1600m) over several weeks. Not easy, but they pace they prescribe is also not impossible. Definitely was not a friend of speedwork until this training plan came around!

  8. 8
    Purelytwins says:

    simple way we like to eat avocados is slicing and sprinkling with sea salt. delicious.
    fun ways is a base for puddings and of course guacamole 🙂

    wishing for sun!! super jealous 😉
    snowed all day here today! crazy!

  9. 9
    Apryle says:

    LOVE avocados! I think I eat them everyday! I will eat them with almost anything, but I do not like them in warm dishes.
    I kind of dread speed work too. So I try to be spontaneous with it. On days when I feel like I have a little extra gas in the tank, I will do a couple of fast 5 min sessions on the treadmill mixed in with the rest of my run. If I plan on doing it days before, I end up getting nervous and dreading it like you said. I know I should probably do more, but it is just so much fun to get in a steady rhythm and run while watching The FOOD Network. Yep, I do that 🙂

  10. 10
    Kim says:

    Speed work is rare around here!!
    Avocados I could eat every day – plain, as guacamole, mixed in stuff…..

  11. 11
    Lindsay says:

    Hey friend. I think you need rest. Real rest. Will you consider it for me? Xxoo

  12. 12

    I do speedwork twice a week (HIIT and Fartlek) and love it, when it’s over.
    I don’t mean only that I love being done with a hard workout (which I do) but also that the feeling of accomplishment I get afterwards, from working hard and from sticking to my goals.

  13. 13

    I don’t know if I like avocados best plain, on eggs, salad or Mexican food. It’s all good!

  14. 14
    Tara says:

    I love speedwork…it reminds of my speedier hurdling days. My fave is 400 repeats (I think…maybe it’s Yassos…). Alas, speedwork aggravates my injury, which stinks, since I kinda need the speed to reach my goals.

  15. 15
    Kathy says:

    Hey Kristin did I miss the “winners” post from Sixty Feet? Who were the lucky ones to receive some of those cool donations? *just curious* 😉

  16. 16
    Laura says:

    Holy moly I would dread running at a 6:40 pace too. You are so speedy!!! I am currently channeling my inner Kristin to get through 12 treadmill miles today, since it’s going to be snowing. all. day. long. (definitely jealous of your weather!!!) Gotta get it done. If I’m successful, then I will finally sign up for the March 15 half. Lol. I usually do Yasso 800’s….or fartleks if I am outside.

  17. 17

    This is going to sound like an odd question… but we’ve been shopping around for a new treadmill and the Boston Marathon one that you have is on our list of possibilities. I contacted the company about what the “step up” height is and I was told they range from 6-10″. Doesn’t really help. Hubs is 6’4″. Need to make sure there is enough head room! Any chance you could measure for me….??? 🙂

    Also… one of the issues I’m trying to wrap my head around with this treadmill is that there are no horizontal side rails. How am I supposed to hop off quick after intervals? You mentioning that you had to step off prompted me to ask… is it relatively easy to do on this mill???

    • 17.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Definitely easy to hop off. There’s good handles on the side on the front if needed. I was worried about that too. Not sure how you want me to measure the bottom, but it seems pretty low to the ground. Definitely not the huge step up like the ones at the gyms. Does that help? I can measure later if you want. It really is the best treadmill I’ve ever been on. 🙂

      • Thanks for getting back to me! In all of the pictures I’ve seen the deck/belt just looks so high up off of the ground! I really really really want this bad boy. I am terrified of spending that much money, though. Our current treadmill is um… not meant for running I don’t think lol (Horizon T101). It is especially not made to be run on by a 6’4″ near 300 pound dude. Hence… why we need a new one. Everywhere I read I see to spend the extra couple grand to get a more solid machine for larger runners. We’re going to do some shopping around this weekend.

  18. 18
    Missy says:

    I just made homemade guac for the first time last week! I’m making it again tonight to top some big taco salads 🙂

  19. 19

    I absolutely love avocados. I think I could live off them if I had to!

  20. 20
    Lou says:

    I’ve been doing this HIIT thing too lately. It’s great to read your take on it. I get on the treadmill and put the speed on 7.0 and just walk for 5 mins. Then I crank it up to 14.5 (I normally run on it at about 12.0) and sprint my A off for one minute. Then put it back to 7.0 and power walk for one minute. I continue this method at 1:1 for 30 minutes then walk for 5 minutes at the end. It’s really interesting to me, to get off that machine and feel springy in my step, rather than heavy in the legs after doing steady state for a longer time. I even managed to do some heavy lunges after this last week. Which I normally would be too sore to do after a run. Your stretch is great too. I had a trainer once tell me to do this, put your leg up but pull your toes towards you and it’ll grab your hams and calves and stretch them. It feels sooo good!

  21. 21

    Ummmmmmmmmmm, speed work.. I just do my thing – you know me – not a runner – just trying to do what I can do but it does include HIIT & intervals – this week sucked though.. due for it since I had a couple great weeks. 🙂

    I really spend a ton of time stretching the hammies – I have had issues in the past with that area betw the butt & hammies that was not good so I focus big time on them! 🙂

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