A Healthy Dessert, an Answer and the Miles that Count


You like that? Ha ha. Me too.

We had a family Valentine’s gig at Tutu’s last night. It was totally fun and low key. Love nights like that.


I got home and wanted a little healthy dessert thing that I could eat while sitting in bed like the cool people do, so I made this concoction.


Oh yeah, the cool people also eat dessert in pint glasses with long spoons. Ha ha.


Here’s what went in there. I made a sweetener free version of this no grain microwave pumpkin muffin.

In this mix:

1/2 cup pumpkin, 2 tablespoons coconut flour, 1 egg white, 1/4 teaspoon baking powder, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon and 1/4 cup water.

I plopped in a microwave dish lined with parchment paper and microwaved it for about 4 minutes.

Random, yes. I pretty much just threw some things together. It would have been better with a little sweetener in there like honey or maple syrup, but it wasn’t too shabby without either.


It was good though layered with some almond butter and unsweetened dark chocolate sauce, but anything is really.

Then I topped it with some protein almond milk ice cream.


It did the job.


I had a question on my last post about giving up Quest Bars.

I really don’t have them that often these days and I’m generally not a fan of things made with sucralose and artificial sweeteners. Of course my favorite flavors of the bars have sucralose in them. Isn’t that always the case? But, whatever. If I really want one, I have one. I mean, they’re freaking delicious.

I don’t know about you, but if I tell myself I can’t have something at all, I just want it more. I generally eat a paleoish diet these days, but sometimes I just want some bread or cake or real ice cream or a darn Quest Bar (or two). So I have it.

I could, you know, pretend that I eat healthy and paleo all the time and not show or talk about the other things, but that’s kind of hiding the truth. I’m not too good at that. What I am good at is flying my freak flag and thinking out loud on this blog though. Aren’t we all lucky.

I did the whole STUFT Detox awhile back and it was awesome. Life changing, in fact, as my consumption of artificial sugars before that was embarrassing and was definitely not good for me, but it was the right time and place then. I was injured, I wasn’t running at all, and I had a lot of time to focus on changing the way I ate. Now I just do the whole moderation thing. It’s definitely easier said than done, but it’s always a work in progress. Isn’t everything?

Okay, done. That was a really long answer for one question.


So today started off like this.

2014-02-15 07.25.41

You all know about Pat the parrot right? We’re not sure if Pat is a he or she. STUFT Daddy rescued him/her and although he/she should have a really great vocabulary, the only word we’ve ever heard is “hello”. There are some pretty awesome sound effects that come from Pat though- fire engine, timer, cat call, whistles, etc.


I taught boot camp this morning and then got my last long run in for a bit.

Did a little refueling in the car in between sine my breakfast before boot camp just wasn’t enough.

2014-02-15 09.21.49

Got a late start to the run, but got it done. I ran the entire way with this new GU flavor in my shirt.

2014-02-15 10.16.03

Yeah, they came out with three new flavors that we as Rock ‘n’ Blog Ambassadors get to taste test. I better get on that so I can get my vote in for the “GUmocracy”.

The run went well today. It started off better than most long runs do actually, but once I hit that 20 mile mark I pretty much wanted to quit. I seriously thought about cutting it short and heading straight back to the car, but I kept telling myself that it’s the last few miles that count.

You know, the ones where you’re physically and mentally tired and just want to be done? We all have them. When I push through those miles in training it totally helps me on race days. That darn mental battle is the hardest one sometimes.

So I sucked it up. No thanks to my darn Nike+ app though that was a mile ahead of my GPS. That silly lady in my ear telling me I only had a mile left, when my GPS said I had two. I wish they would get their act together.

See, this lady said I ran 24 miles and my average pace was 8:25.

2014-02-15 14.21.30

This said I ran 23 miles and according to this pace calculator my pace was 8:38 average.

2014-02-15 13.41.35

Weird. Oh well. Who knows which one was right.

It felt really good to be done with this run. I mean REALLY good.

2014-02-15 13.41.59

Selfie fail, but at least you can see my high class Ziploc phone case. You know you want one.

2014-02-15 13.42.26

And now….. it’s taper time. I could not be more excited.

2014-02-15 13.43.20


You know what else I’m excited for?

A little date night tonight with the man. We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day a day late with some kind of takeout, cheap wine and dark chocolate on the couch. There will also be a couple Modern Family episodes for entertainment.

Can’t wait!

Oh  and we’re ALL excited about our Coronado Valentine’s 1 Mile Fun Run tomorrow. I hope Papap is getting his rest. Ha ha!

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  1. 1
    Erica says:

    I loveeeeeee your honesty 🙂

  2. 2
    Laura says:

    Did you run 23 miles with only 1 gu??!!! I’m running LA too, and my last long run is tomorrow. My longest run ever, scary!!

  3. 3

    Happy tapering.
    Those new GU flavors sound awesome. I know it’ll take years until they get to Israel but if they do I’ll try them. 🙂
    I’ve quit using smartphone GPS apps because they were not reliable for me, they get your position from cell phone towers around where you are, so sometimes it’ll calculate as if you were in a certain place when actually you were a block from there. In the end that adds up to a big difference, especially on longer runs.
    Enjoy your date and your Fun Run!

  4. 4
    Marie says:

    I gave up on Nike+. It once said I did a little loop that I didn’t do. I just use my Garmin and hope that it’s telling me the truth.
    I know what you mean about denying yourself certain foods. I went vegan for a short while and I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate some of the lessons I learned. But it’s a process figuring out how many “cheats” to allow without losing control again.

  5. 5
    Melissa S. says:

    Sometimes for fun I will use my Nike+ GPS watch AND run the Nike app. Two totally different mileage/pace totals every time!! Silly ladies!

    I am so relieved to know that I am not the only one that struggles with eating. I just started seeing a therapist and have an appointment with a nutritionist next week. It is a daily challenge to not stuff my face with crap. I am still learning the moderation thing!! But running has helped a lot. You just feel so strong and healthy after a run (especially after the 12 miler I have on tap today) that you don’t want to ruin that feeling by eating crap. So THANK YOU for putting yourself out there 🙂

  6. 6

    I rock the Ziplock phone case too. We are very classy ladies.

  7. 7
    natasha says:

    Okay…after reading all your posts and facebook updates I’m officially inviting myself for a visit (: Just kidding…but only partially. I’ve been going nuts with the winter doldrums on the East Coast though 60’s by the end of next week. Woot! Woot! Long walk for me since I can’t run right now ):

    enjoy your tapering….ahhhhh!!!!

  8. 8
    steph says:

    hey, you are such an inspiration.
    i just ran my second half this morning and PRed with 2:10, which is amazing for me.
    whenever i was struggling i actually thought of this blog and it helped me push through.

  9. 9
    Anna says:

    Hey! I’ve just started trying to give up artificial sweeteners too (or at least reduce my consumption) and I’m finding it so difficult. Did you ever do a post about the benefits you felt from reducing your intake of them? Or if not, would you be able to let me know the main benefits you’ve felt? Thanks so much!

  10. 10

    Oh I use a snack sized ziploc baggy for my phone when I run too. Works perfectly! That dessert sounds great. I have a huge can of pumpkin opened up and I need to figure out how to use it all up now LOL

  11. 11

    You are amazing in so many ways! Enjoy the taper!

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