Coronado 10K Mile Fun Run Recap- J and J Guest Post


Well, it’s about time Mama let us write another guest post. I mean, we did such a great job on recapping our first family race, it’s only right that we get to recap our first race with Papap.

Mama kind of wants to tell you what she found at Trader Joe’s yesterday, what she made for dinner last night with those artichokes and about her run this morning (which we really tried to ruin by the way), but we’re not going to let her. You’re welcome.


Also lucky for you we’re not as long-winded as Mama, so we’ll try to make this snappy.


Let’s see, this was the 4th annual Coronado Valentine’s Day 10K. It was our third time running it. Yeah, that’s right, we’re only 4, but it was our third time. We’re cool like that. Actually, we didn’t do the 10K this time, but it was our third time being at the event.

When we were 2, Mama pushed us in the stroller. You can read that recap here. We look so small.

Last year, we were a bit bigger and heavier, but that didn’t stop Mama. She still pushed us in the stroller and even got a better time. Papap was with us for that race, but he was just drove us and kept us company. That recap is here.


This year was the best yet. Mama didn’t even run the 10K, she thought about jumping in and running it after our Mile Fun Run, but she decided not to. Good call. And, what made this really special was that Papap not only drove us this time, but ran with us too.

We were so excited!

2014-02-16 06.01.11

Yeah, that’s right, like really excited. We had been talking about it all week and even got special new outfits for the race. We looked for a shirt for Papap, so he could match, but we didn’t have any luck.

We also got some brand new shoes. We really wanted Mizuno shoes like Mama always wears, but they don’t have them in our size yet and Target doesn’t sell them. Someday.

We were ready to go though bright and early yesterday morning.

2014-02-16 06.01.382014-02-16 06.01.40

Funny that Mama had the time wrong and she thought the race started at 7:00 instead of 7:30. We were actually there with plenty of time to spare for a change. Papap dropped us off while he went to find a parking spot. We took advantage of our extra time for a few photos obviously.

2014-02-16 06.46.51

Our idea of course, not Mama’s. Can’t you tell?

2014-02-16 06.47.42

Bib pick up was really easy. It was pretty quiet and everyone was super nice.

2014-02-16 07.08.52

We even decided to check a bag with our race shirts so we didn’t have to run holding them. We didn’t want anything slowing us down.

2014-02-16 07.11.21

It was really foggy all morning. We couldn’t even see anything on the way down to the race while Papap was driving. It was also pretty darn cold.

2014-02-16 07.13.00

Mama and Papap were talking about needing a massage before the race even started. Kind of silly.

2014-02-16 07.19.22

They had some cool PowerBar packets close to the start line.

2014-02-16 07.21.522014-02-16 07.22.03

We didn’t get any though. We were holding out for a special breakfast after the race.

2014-02-16 07.23.32

The start line was pretty calm. Not too crowded and a lot of families hanging out.

2014-02-16 07.24.00

We did everything we could to calm Papap’s race nerves. We held his hand

2014-02-16 07.29.56

and gave him lots of thumbs up. Those always help.

2014-02-16 07.24.452014-02-16 07.25.03

Oh and we were really excited about having our own race tags on our shoes. We were so cool.

2014-02-16 07.27.122014-02-16 07.25.23

We were off.

Joaquin meant business right away and took off ahead.

2014-02-16 07.30.28

We all caught up shortly though.

2014-02-16 07.31.302014-02-16 07.32.092014-02-16 07.33.09

The path was easy to follow. We started on the road and then went on the grass for a bit to get to the sidewalk which went to the ocean.

2014-02-16 07.33.312014-02-16 07.35.232014-02-16 07.35.45

Before we even got to the water though, Joaquin said he was tired. We had to tell him that he was almost halfway done.

2014-02-16 07.35.56

We all got a bit of a second wind when we saw the beautiful ocean.

2014-02-16 07.37.512014-02-16 07.38.172014-02-16 07.37.562014-02-16 07.38.05

And check out this cool thing we saw. We kind of want one at our house.

2014-02-16 07.38.57

We had a strong second half. We’re pretty sure we had a negative split.

2014-02-16 07.39.082014-02-16 07.39.462014-02-16 07.40.49

Even though we did stop for another picture. Ha ha.

2014-02-16 07.41.482014-02-16 07.44.362014-02-16 07.45.04

We made sure we all finished together. It was important to us to cross that finish line as a team.

2014-02-16 07.45.242014-02-16 07.46.05

So we did.

Then we got our special medals.

2014-02-16 07.47.242014-02-16 07.47.27

Yep. We did it. Our first race with Papap was a success.

2014-02-16 07.53.05

Papap is the best! We love him!

2014-02-16 07.53.19

We made sure to pick up a Zico drink before we hit the road. Those are Joaquin’s favorite.

2014-02-16 07.55.10

We’re really glad Mama decided to not to the 10K. We got to just watch the other runners on our way to the car.

2014-02-16 08.03.00

It was one heck of a fun race morning.

2014-02-16 07.43.082014-02-16 08.21.29

We celebrated our race with a little breakfast. Papap was so nice and decided to treat us to a little local place Center City Café.

2014-02-16 09.59.23

They must have known we were coming because they had Superman pictures for us to color.

2014-02-16 08.59.002014-02-16 08.59.072014-02-16 09.15.21

We love their pancakes and they make much better Mickey Mouse shapes than Mama.

2014-02-16 09.31.29

Mama had a pretty yummy looking veggie omelet.

2014-02-16 09.38.24

Good thing they had hot sauce for her. She puts that on everything.


And, well, that’s it for us today. We’re off to see what trouble we can cause today. We’re really good at not getting along or sharing nicely particularly on Mondays for some reason. I know, Mama is so lucky.


Have a wonderful day!

Thanks for letting us share our recap. We can’t wait to race with Papap again. He is the greatest!

Oh and here’s a little Monday motivation from Mama’s favorite magazine, Runner’s World.


Isn’t it awesome? YOU show the world what you CAN do and don’t let the anyone tell you what you can’t do. No limits.

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  1. 1
    Tess says:

    How wonderful to be able to spend a morning like that with your Mama and Papap! Memories made forever!
    I love the motivational thumbs up for Papa…..y’all are following in your Mama’s footsteps ;)

  2. 2

    Precious!!! Love the minion hat!

  3. 3
    Kim says:

    This was such a great race recap,boys!!! Y’all take after your Mama in more ways than one!!

  4. 4
  5. 5
    Denise says:

    Great post and race boys ! I love when my boys run with me and I bet it makes your mom super happy too!

  6. 6

    What a great race recap boys!! :) That breakfast that papa treated you to looks DELICIOUS! I am thinking I may just have breakfast for dinner ;)

  7. 7
    Kathy says:

    What a great post….great memory to read back on too…love! ;-)

  8. 8

    What an awesome race recap … I’m proud of J and J and I loved their take on the race! Kristin, one day in the future I hope to set up my kids for loving fitness just like you are. It’s such an inspiration!

  9. 9
    Elizabeth says:

    So sweet! Looks like y’all had a great race!! I love your shorts, are they made by mizuno?

  10. 10
    Margo says:

    This was the cutest race recap ever! Such a very special day to be able to spend time with Mom and Papap! They have every reason in the world to be proud! Way to go.

  11. 11
    Amie K says:

    Thanks, J&J, for the race recap. Very cool. I am just a beginner runner, and I appreciate that you shared your experience with us. It will help me know what to expect for my first race.
    You have a very nice Mama.

  12. 12
    Brittnee says:

    What an awesome day you all had!!! Your boys are sooooo cute!!! I love all of the moments you captured during your race! The minion hat is adorable :)


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