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Expo Escorts, Fun Product Finds and What I Came Home With

Expo Escorts, Fun Product Finds and What I Came Home With



I just asked this question on twitter, but it’s almost 5:00pm and I was wondering if it’s too early to be in pajamas on a Friday night. If it’s wrong, well, then I don’t want to be right. Ha ha.


So, I had an unfortunate incident of burning my zucchini pizzas last night. Yeah, weird huh?


They were still pretty tasty. Nothing wrong with a little crispy chicken on top. Ha.


I’m sure some of you saw these earlier today, but as a Pro Compression ambassador I feel like it’s my duty to share the new Sock of the Month.

So darn cute for Saint Patrick’s Day.

I wore last year’s Saint Patrick’s Day socks for the LA Marathon. They got me a PR back then so I might have to try it again this year. Ha.

Same info as usual for Sock of the Month sales:

Save 40% and get free US shipping when you click here and enter coupon code CLOVER at checkout.


No workout at all today. It was time for a break. It was also time to convince the family to tag along to the race packet pickup for the Women’s Running Half Marathon San Diego

Random, but I never leave home without these two things in my purse.

Action Wipes and chia shots.

2014-02-21 10.06.51

Just thought I’d show you.

Funny how our family days always seem to start the same way. You know, like this.

2014-02-21 10.17.13

Same Starbucks order pretty much every time- mocha for Daddy, Americano for Mommy, cold soy milk (no ice) for Judah and warm chocolate milk for Joaquin. Not the healthiest order, but we don’t do the family Starbucks thing that often so we go all out.

I like to make my coffee last as long as possible too. It survived the whole trip down to San Diego

2014-02-21 11.10.55

and even into the expo.

2014-02-21 11.09.49

The expo was relatively small, but it made it the pick up process really easy and they had some really great booths there.

2014-02-21 11.16.39

How cute is this shirt by the way?

2014-02-21 11.17.40

Oh Maui Jim sunglasses how I miss you.

2014-02-21 11.18.23

Ha ha. Back on our honeymoon Andrew and I both got a pair of Maui Jims. We thought we were so cool. We laugh now as life has changed quite a bit and neither of us know what happened to our pricy sunglasses.

2014-02-21 11.52.09

Passed by the GU booth. They have this whole GUmocracy vote with their new flavors.

2014-02-21 11.19.392014-02-21 11.20.01

I have yet to try them, but I think caramel macchiato might be the flavor for tomorrow. I can’t decide.


The race shirt and goody bag this year are super cute. Loving the V-neck.

2014-02-21 11.24.01IMG_2748

Before I did too much chatting we got a quick picture with my main escorts. They’re pretty pumped they don’t have to go tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn with me.

2014-02-21 11.25.56

I got super excited when I saw the Lorna Jane booth. Love, love, love all their stuff and this was the first time I ever saw them at a race expo.

2014-02-21 11.30.08

The lovely Sarah showed me all the new fun clothes they have that just came out.

2014-02-21 11.45.022014-02-21 11.44.17

I came home with these two items.


It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed the cool twisting back on the tank.


These blue shorts were too snazzy to pass up.



Last year at this same expo I met Emily with Active Pacific sunglasses. I had to stop to tell her that the glasses I got last year from her are still my favorite racing and running glasses. They are the only ones that are light and stay put and don’t fog.

Seriously, love these glasses for such a great price.

2014-02-21 12.00.112014-02-21 12.00.17

They have a new pink color that just came out.

2014-02-21 11.59.31

I came home with a pair for tomorrow’s race.



I had to stop at the Damsel in Defense booth.

2014-02-21 12.02.13

Oh my goodness, the COOLEST self defense products.

2014-02-21 12.02.19

I always tell myself I need to be more careful when running etc. and this booth had it all from pepper spray

2014-02-21 12.02.44

to a keychain kubaton to even a little stun gun.

2014-02-21 12.09.29

Cindy is the local rep and you can get products directly from her page here.

I came home with this small pepper spray.


I like that it can just clip on my belt and that it has 18% OC (That’s more than most pepper sprays) and that it leaves a UV ultraviolet dye on whomever you spray.


No one better try to mess with me now.


One last booth to visit was the Zooma Napa Valley Half Marathon and 10K.

2014-02-21 11.54.59

Man I want to run this race. What a great reason to go to Napa, yes? Has anyone run it?


I took a little longer than I thought at the expo. Shocker. The men were very kind to entertain themselves for as long as they did. We had to find the ferry and some food fast.

2014-02-21 12.31.55

So we did.

2014-02-21 13.03.152014-02-21 13.06.322014-02-21 13.16.072014-02-21 13.16.24

We ate at Candelas on the Bay in Coronado.

Andrew enjoyed a spicy Bloody Mary with his lunch. It was much needed after the long expo.

2014-02-21 13.35.05

This was our view.

2014-02-21 13.48.53

This was my paleo jicama burrito.

2014-02-21 13.56.15

It was darn good, even though it sat on the table for a bit because right as it came out the boys conveniently had to use the facilities. Wasn’t that nice? They have some good timing. Maybe they were getting me back for taking so long at the expo.


it was a great day. I was thankful the race shirt was short sleeve too since it got a little toasty out and I needed a little wardrobe change for the way home.

2014-02-21 15.30.37

Ha ha.

And now, yes, I’m in my pajamas.

We’re going to have a little dinner and call it a night.


Have a great weekend!


Anyone racing this weekend?

What’s the coolest thing you’ve found at an expo?

Do you run with pepper spray? Or just carry it in your purse? Have you ever had to use it?

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  1. 1

    5pm is never too early for pjs in my opinion! 🙂

    I think I should start racing just for the swag & expos!! 🙂

    You know i LOVE the family pics & especially the 2 boys & dad with arms around each other!

  2. 2
    Erica says:

    When you’re a Mom, its NEVER too early for pjs ;). Good luck at the race!! LOVE the top you got- super cute!

  3. 3
    Laura says:

    I have a 5k this morning…and the most exciting part is that I think it is warm enough for shorts (then it’s going back to the 20’s next week…boo) Ummm I love love love that lorna jane outfit. i want it!! I might have to visit their website asap…..lol. And the race shirts- very cute. I would definitely wear it…..a lot 🙂

  4. 4
    Kathy says:

    There will be no racing for any one around here….with all the ice and stories of this being the worse driving situation in MN (on the major highways) that even the State Patrol has seen in 20 some years….no body is racing/running/walking/jogging/etc…outdoors today.

    And if they are then they are either nuts or sick. ha!

  5. 5
    Laura says:

    Your races always seem to have the best shirts! Super cute! Love those sunglasses too. I’m usually changing into pjs once dinner is over, so I hear ya on that!

  6. 6

    Good luck on the race!! That shirt is super cute. I wish more of mine were like that – sadly most of them get put in a drawer. No racing for me still on the mend but training is going to start up again soon and I am so excited!

  7. 7

    5 pm is never too early, PJ’s are always my clothing option. Too comfy! The San Diego race looks awesome as does the Napa; I may just have to give those a try next year.

    • 7.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Yes yes! Then we can meet! PJs will be on close to 5 pm tonight too! 🙂

      • Heather says:

        We already have ours on! We are traveling since my hubby races downhill mountain bikes and are early so we can just relax this evening. I don’t have any races planned right now since he’s in the middle of a series but hope to be racing again soon.

  8. 8

    It makes me so happy to see that other people have exciting Fridays too! I was in bed at 9…but I managed to stay up till 9:45. Getting cah-razy!

  9. 9
    Marci says:

    nice job on the half once again. hey im looking all over for glasses that dont slide down my face. this was my answer and i want (have to have) those pink ones, cant seem to find where to get them, you help a sista mama out? thanks

  10. 10

    I ran WRSAZ and was so impressed by their whole organization. Great expo, amazing post-race organization, and cute gear,

    I haven’t run, but am running Zooma Napa this year. Its a girlfriends getaway and pretty much the most perfect racecation ever. You should definitely come run it!

  11. 11

    I really like those pink sunglasses! Good luck at the race.

  12. 12
    Kendyl says:

    I started carrying pepper spray after I had an unfortunate and extremely traumatizing incident with a flasher at 6am one morning. He saw me running and pulled a quick U turn to park on my side of the street. Imagine my surprise when I glanced through the windshield as I was blazing on by. Yup. I had a bad instinct as soon as I saw him pull the U turn. Biggest lesson: ALWAYS trust your instinct. Second lesson: never forget mace. I was scared to run outside early mornings for weeks afterwards. Heck, today it still freaks me out.
    To this day, I am a proud supporter of mace. 🙂

  13. 13
    Jennifer says:

    Nutzo is incredibly expensive. Sweet Jesus.


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