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Everything is Awesome

Everything is Awesome


Yep. We saw it.

2014-02-28 14.18.55

Yep, you were right, it was awesome and I can’t get that song out of my head.

We followed our family movie date with a trip to Souplantation. I didn’t take any pictures, it looks like this every time we go. Souplantation is Joaquin’s favorite restaurant you know. Judah’s is Benihana. Aand I was totally that girl who asked for a fresh pot of the chicken noodle soup because there wasn’t any chicken left. Ha ha.


Since I only have a few minutes and I can’t get this out of my head,


I’m just going to list a bunch of things that I think are darn awesome at the moment.


Hot Yoga. I went to my first ever hot yoga class at Yoga Six Friday morning at 6 am.

2014-02-28 06.01.062014-02-28 06.01.12

I liked it so much more than I thought. I always say I’m going to do more yoga and well, I don’t. I’m picky and get bored easily, but I really liked the Y60 Fusion class I went to. I totally want to go back.


Seeing these guys get excited about the rain.

2014-02-28 08.38.542014-02-28 08.39.102014-02-28 08.40.112014-02-28 08.39.51


Polenta pizzas that I had for dinner the other night. I made them just like zucchini pizzas, but on Frieda’s organic polenta instead.



This microwave concoction of egg whites and chicken sausage on top of organic spinach I randomly made because I was in a hurry and needed a protein snack.



This protein almond milk ice cream dessert that went down sprinkled with peanut flour. If you’re an instagram follower you know there was also a Cookies and Cream Quest Bar involved.

2014-02-27 22.10.24



Mail. Mail is always awesome, but I love getting special packages. Here are some from this week.

I got my Pro Compression order yesterday.

2014-02-28 19.15.05

A little late on the heart socks, I know, but I can wear them year round, right?

Bare Butter. One of you told me about this awhile back and they were kind enough to send me some samples.


I’m super excited to try these paleo friendly nut butters.



Action Wipes. You can never have too many in my opinion.


These CocoaVia capsules.


I used to use the packets all the time and mix them in drinks and such, but I’ve been loving these capsules lately.


This HICAF Caramel Black tea from Republic of Tea.


It’s pretty tasty. I’ve had it a couple times as an afternoon pick me up. I really want to try the Gingermint Green flavor.


This age group award from the Carlsbad Marathon.


I have to find a fun place to put it.


Speaking of races, I’m supposed to be in Phoenix right now for the Phoenix Marathon but plans fell through. I’m actually pretty thankful things turned out the way they did and that I’m here at home.


Next weekend is the Asics LA Marathon. There’s a group of us that are an official blogger team for the race and I’m so excited. These shirts came in the mail the other day.


Yep, awesome.


The last few awesome things:


This morning there was a little brake from the rain and it happened just in time so we could do a little damp boot camp at the park. I was contemplating cancelling it, but went for it. Such a great decision. It started pouring right as I got home.


Sometimes I flip a coin to help me make decisions. Yep, totally serious. If it’s a decision whether or not to go somewhere or stay home, tails always means travel and heads always means to stay home. Just thought I’d pass that along in case you could use it.


And, seriously, I can’t believe it’s March already. Holy smokes. I always feel like the first day of a new month is like a new beginning. Does anyone else? A time to reflect on last month, set new priorities and goals, get out notebooks and plan, etc.

That’s what I’m doing this weekend.

Today started off perfectly with this from the Jesus Calling devotional.

2014-03-01 06.38.09

Right? We’re always faced with lessons that teach us to trust more and have peace. Sometimes we need reminders about that.


Have a great day!



Have you ever done hot yoga?

Have you ever flipped a coin to help make a decision?

What’s awesome in your world right now?

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  1. 1

    Thank you for sharing that page from that book. SO awesome and so true, but sometimes hard to remember 🙂

  2. 2
    Natalie says:

    I love hot yoga. I always feel so re-energized afterwards

  3. 3
    Erica says:

    So glad you liked the movie! Now I want to see it!!! Those heart socks- so cute! I need to get some more quest bars. And I want to try that nut butter. Hot yoga is awesome! I wish it wasn’t so expensive!

  4. 4
    Laura says:

    Yeay, so glad you all liked the movie!

    Those nut butters look so yummy, you’ll have to let us know how they are.

    Never been to hot yoga, but if I was going to do yoga, that would probably be the one I would choose. Maybe someday.

    Awesome today—I ran 9 miles in partial rain and it felt so good. Going out for Mexican later tonight, it’s my favorite food.

    Have a great Saturday!

  5. 5

    My husband and I often flip coins to see where we will go to eat for date night 🙂 We are both not good at making decisions especially now that we only go out once a week!

    Love the heart socks – you can definitely rock those year round!

  6. 6

    I always feel like I should like yoga, but I don’t. Maybe if I keep trying different classes I would find one that I like, but I haven’t tried in a while.

    Awesome – really cool water beads that I got for my toddler class sensory bin. They are going to have a blast!

  7. 7
    Kathy says:

    I don’t even have time right now to read your whole post…..I will be back for that later…..why? But, I quickly have to say…..we just got home from Owen’s first Regional Swim Meet! Quite the experience and he did ok for his first regional meet……now, we are taking a bathroom break, changing, and we are off to the LEGO movie too!!!

    Actually its a family movie outing today…4:30 matinee prices too …WOoHoo!!

  8. 8
    Tara says:

    Oooooo! I LOVE hot yoga! I need to go more. I’m glad you liked it!

  9. 9
    Kathy says:

    Because I am sure you are/ were wondering……we just got home from the movie. Um, at first I thought it was a little slow ….as in, “Am I just too tired to enjoy all this awesomeness right now” or “is 45 too old to enjoy a Lego movie?”…..Maybe too tired?? By the time it got half way into it I liked it more and by the end I enjoyed the message….thank goodness for the ending though or I may only give it a B- – – .

    What can I say I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…”Saving Mr. Banks” and “Frozen” 😉

  10. 10

    I loved hot yoga, but I couldn’t do it enough, run and do strentgh training. It also made my knees hurt a ton! The yoga people said it was because they needed to be stretched, but I’m not sure I believe that completely.

    Awesome in my world is that if all goes correctly, I’m booking an escape out of the cold!

  11. 11
    Danielle says:

    Awesome! You got the nut butter! But that link is wrong! That takes you to some site in Canada. The Bare Butter site is http://www.barebutter.com

  12. 12

    I also am not the biggest yoga fan but I love hot yoga classes! Some would argue they aren’t true yoga which is fine because lets be honest, I am no yogi and I enjoy doing burpees in a 100+ degree room.

  13. 13

    I can’t have yummy nut butters like that in my house. I would eat them by the spoonful in a very short amount of time. True story.

  14. 14

    I ran the Phoenix marathon Saturday! You missed a rainy chilly start! Too bad you couldn’t make it. It did shape up to be a pretty nice day for running.

  15. 15
    Bridget says:

    Save me a bag of the “Hi Caf Caramel Black Tea” – I want to see if it’s worth buying!!!!!!

  16. 16

    I want a little of everything – man you get a ton of stuff! 😉

    LOVE LOVE the boys in the rain!!!


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