Planning Ahead and That Grain Free Salmon Pizza Crust


Took things really easy this morning and did 5 very slow miles on the treadmill.

Focusing on some races ahead (there are a lot) and we all know what happened last year the Thursday after I ran the ASICS LA Marathon, so I’m just a bit out of it today. Yes, it was exactly a year ago that I woke up with my injury. Weird.


The next race I have on the agenda is Transamerica Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon San Francisco. Since today is the 13th and all (and you know, 13.1 miles is a half marathon) I thought some of you might want to come run with me. Ha ha.

Just in case……


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Okay, random, but I just need to say that travel planning makes me so darn nervous. Seriously. It makes me feel sick to my stomach a bit and take me FOREVER. Why is that? Does that happen to you too?

It really is for the birds.

Speaking of birds, these chickens have been cracking me up lately.


Always trying to photo bomb and such. Silly.


Just in case you want to see it here’s my random spaghetti squash creation of the day.


Roasted spaghetti squash with cinnamon, coconut oil, honey, dark cocoa powder, peanut free NuttZo and SunButter.


This afternoon needed (yes, needed) a little protein almond milk mocha too.



Oh hey- some of you guessed it by the way. I didn’t get a picture of the actual one, but there was one of these in the sock.

2014-03-10 17.08.00

Yeah, They’re everywhere over here.


So, that grain free salmon pizza crust I made the other day.

I haven’t made it again, but I have made my men some pretty good looking pizzas the past couple of nights for dinner (the standard homemade pizza recipe from a long time ago).


Just in case you’re craving some salmon pizza and all though, I thought I’d share the simple recipe.

Here you go.



Here’s a couple pictures how it went down over here.

I used this salmon from Costco.


I had this guy helping me.


It looked like this after the microwave.


This is the best Penzeys Spices pizza seasoning ever.


I don’t do cheese on my pizzas, but I load them up with just about everything else.


After 12 minutes in the oven my experiment was a success.


Yep, that easy.

Yep, that good.



Okay, gotta run.

But, just for those of you who need to see the boys, here’s a picture from this morning.

2014-03-13 07.30.36

And…. for today’s guessing game. Guess what Joaquin wanted for breakfast.

2014-03-13 07.31.32

Ha ha.


Have a great night!


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve made a pizza crust out of?

Do you like travel planning?

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  1. 1
    Kim says:

    I don’t mind travel planning – but I’m sort of a freak and like to plan everything – lists and plans make me happy!!

  2. 2
    lindsay says:

    oh i love this. feed me, please? i bring wine

  3. 3

    No, I don’t like traveling to be honest lol so I really don’t like planning for it. I get pretty anxious about it! I haven’t gotten too crazy with my pizza crust so polenta would be the “craziest”

  4. 4

    I love travel planning, I come back from a vacation and already start planning the next, even if it’s a long time away. I work for an airline, so maybe that helps a little.

  5. 5

    I LOVE travel planning. I get a bit obsessed with making itinerary’s and finding the best deals on flights and hotels. I think my dream job would to be a travel planner. I sure hope my son doesn’t put lizards in socks. I hate those things! They are all over the place where I grew up and my mom still finds it funny to send me pictures of them.

  6. 6
    Kathy says:

    I received my Quest Bars the other day….ABSOLUTELY FREAKING YUM!!! My girls want to take them for snacks at school but because we ALL want to taste every flavor we are using them as desserts and cutting them up to share…I will definitely be buying these in the future!!!

    Travel planning??? If it were just myself of hubby I am ok with doing it on line by myself….when it involves a family of 5 I want to be sure things are done right and I call the agent to take care of it. 😉

  7. 7
    Deanna says:

    I made a version of this tonight and it was absolutely great! My whole family each had one! Everyone thought it was great! Since my young boys prefer tuna over salmon, theirs was made with tuna and they really loved it too!


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