Embrace Everything


Seriously friends. Everything.


Without going into detail, let’s just say things happen in life and you get that reminder that life is short and we are not in control of certain things or how long we’re here.

Life is too short to not take the best care of ourselves that you can.

To not go after our dreams (no matter how big or scary).

To not do what we love and are passionate about.

To not tell and show the people that we love how much they mean to us every single day.

Whoa. Deep thoughts.

I try to not bring too much personal stuff on the blog, besides the daily shenanigans and all, but sometimes I can’t help myself. Life is precious friends.


Taught a little spin this morning.

Went for a very slow, quiet 8 mile run afterwards. Didn’t love the hills.

2014-03-26 10.40.10

Sported my dirtiest shoes in case it started raining like it was supposed to.

2014-03-26 10.42.44

Just wasn’t feeling it at all today so didn’t run my double digits I planned, but did embrace being able to run outside in this and no, it didn’t rain.

2014-03-26 10.58.41

Totally random- I’m usually not a skirt runner, but wore one today. I love this skirt, but it was riding up the entire time for my run. I will be wearing it for spin classes only from now on.

2014-03-26 10.41.58


Tried to chat with my neighbor for a second in the driveway when we got home from preschool. This happened.

2014-03-26 12.53.44

This picture was not taken by the same person who dropped the egg the other day by the way. He even had instagram open and was ready to put a filter on it. Lovely.

Oh, the egg, that reminds me- it was Judah (on the left), not Joaquin (goggle boy).


Decided we needed a little extra hugging and hanging out time this afternoon. We did just that.

Hot chocolates and green tea lattes were a must.

I made my latte with this Organic Match Green Tea Powder by Kiss Me Organics that I got from Amazon to review.


Direct link to matcha green tea is here.

Matcha has a bunch of great benefits- increased energy, helps with metabolism, protects skin from UV rays while increasing blood flow and oxygen levels and is loaded with antioxidants. I always say I’m going to add green tea to my daily list of things I take (apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, CocoaVia, etc.), but it doesn’t always happen. I’ve tried a few other powders in the past and haven’t been too impressed, but this one is is impressive.

I’ve only made lattes with it, but I guess you can bake with it too. I’m going to have to try that.


I had my recommended daily dose (1 teaspoon) of powder in my latte. I mixed the powder with just a little hot water, added a few drops of liquid vanilla stevia extract and then some frothed Silk Almond Coconut Milk.


It was delightful.

It was also really great in this mug today.


Mugs make a big difference sometimes. Yes?


I also got a really great email today just a bit ago, but I’m saving it for tomorrow’s post. Right now, I’m in gratitude that I have a few minutes to get dinner ready for the family and hopefully I’ll be in bed before 9.


Speaking of gratitude. I read this last night.

2014-03-25 21.09.02

Love it.

And we always talk about what we’re thankful for after we read our books at night. lately we’ve been singing a little song the boys learned from school. Thought I’s share our less than mediocre video we made last night.

I did not choose the subject, but the boys were pretty adamant about thanking God for it.

Have a good one.

Embrace everything.

Be in gratitude.

Have a thankful heart.

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  1. 1
    Christine says:

    And embrace it with all you got. (Hugs)

  2. 2

    Love it! And SO important to remember! I have read several things lately that have just reminded me how short life is and how little control we have over so many things. It is so important to focus on what is important and let the other stuff go!

  3. 3
    Emily Q says:

    Love how the boys are already so excited about their faith! That’s the best gift a mother can give a child in my opinion :]

  4. 4
  5. 5
    Jaynie says:

    This was a great post for me tonight. I had my last long run tonight and after about 12 miles I had to quit to some serious knee pain. I was so upset. Tears, the works. But- I read this, and realized if not finishing my long run is the worst thing about my week, well heck, my week hasn’t been too bad afterall. I am grateful that I can run and that I can recover, even if it seems terrible not to be able to run right away.

    I love this blog. I read it every day. And also, as a Kindergarten teacher who is also a woman of faith, I love how important God is to you and your family. This video is too cute. I am going to do that song with my kiddos tomorrow. We pray everyday and the kids always like when it is in the form of song. Thanks for the post tonight- I needed it!

  6. 6

    All such great reminders! I love the video – you have two amazingly wonderful boys right there :) Dropped eggs and all! ;-)

  7. 7
    Kathy says:

    Just so sweet ……

    (I knew the safety boy couldn’t have been the one….haha!) I will remember Judah now….I think he looks more like you and Joaquin like Stuft Daddy. ;-)

  8. 8

    One of your sons does some nice harmonizing there at the end! :) Lovely post.

    On another note, how do you like the Wave Inspire 10s? I am in the 9 and it’s time to get new shoes. I’ve read mixed reviews of the redesigned 10. Thanks!

  9. 9
    Erica says:

    I’m hoping to get a double digit run in this morning after I finish up a little more work (fingers crossed). I hate when clothing is distracting during a run. My friends son posts pictures to instagram on the regular (hes 18 months). He put up one shot of her in her underwear hahaha. I called her immediately and was like uhhh..

  10. 10

    Seems like you are going through a difficult time, hugs.

  11. 11

    I agree – embrace it all. Sometimes certain things happen to remind us of that too. Hugs pretty lady!

  12. 12
    Jess says:

    Uh…this latte looks AMAZING. I LOVE the green tea latte from Starbucks but I never get it anymore because of all the sugar!!! I can’t even bring myself to “treat” myself with it. I, too, keep saying I need to incorporate more green tea – this sounds perfect. Must buy! Thanks for sharing!

  13. 13
    Sheila says:

    I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and I really love it. This post in particular resonated with me. I’ve been wondering as well what daily book you are reading?

  14. 14
    Kim says:

    Great reminder to embrace life – every day!!! Love the extra Amen at the end of y’all’s prayer song.
    Hope everything is OK for you!!

  15. 15

    HUGS & LOVE!!!! I hope everything is OK Kristin! I know how quickly life goes by AND how people are taken sooner than we ever expected.. love this post!

  16. 16
    Katie says:

    Loved this post. So real and honest, and never apologize for going deep. Also, love that march 25th devo page. Such a good reminder. *Hugs*

  17. 17
    kendyl says:

    praying for you.. :)

  18. 18

    just catching up on your posts….Life really is precious. I hope you’re doing okay!


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