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Carlsbad 5000 All Day 20k Recap

Carlsbad 5000 All Day 20k Recap


Let’s recap the Carlsbad 5000.

I had never done this race before even though it’s local and a pretty popular race around here. I actually rarely race 5Ks. I’m more of a long distance runner. It usually takes me at least 3 miles to get into a race. Ha.

I was given an entry to run the Carlsbad 5000 and quickly saw on the website that they offered an All Day 20K so I knew I had to try it. Runners who do the All Day 20K run all four of the open 5K races which include: Masters Men, Masters Women, Men & Women 30-39, and Men and Women 29 & Under.

Here was the schedule.

  • 7:00 am: Masters Men, 40 & Over
  • 8:05 am: Masters Women, 40 & Over
  • 8:42 am: Men & Women 30-39
  • 9:22 am: Men & Women 29 & Under

    Since it wasn’t too crowded for the first race, I got there with plenty of time to park and what not and make it to the starting line.


    2014-03-30 06.55.33

    Obviously I had time for my first start line photo.

    2014-03-30 06.56.44

    Mizuno Wave Sayonara shoes and Pro Compression argyles were the chosen ones for the occasion.

    2014-03-30 09.10.412014-03-30 09.10.45

    The race went by really quick. It seemed like it took a little while to get to the one mile marker, but then after a short run right along the coast and two turnarounds it was over. Just like that.

    2014-03-30 07.22.21

    The course was really flat except for a very small incline at the beginning. It was also mostly right along the water and pretty cool that the last 1/4 mile was the same race the boys ran for the Junior Carlsbad.

    I was all smiles after the first one.

    2014-03-30 07.23.49

    I really don’t know much about the 5K business. The only other time I recently ran a 5K was at the Runner’s World Hat Trick when I ran with Janae and it pretty much felt like I was dying to keep up with her “easy” pace.

    I’m actually just now comparing my times from this race and that one and I was actually faster at this one.

    Weird. It didn’t feel like it, but the course was a lot flatter and I was racing mainly men over 40 so I guess I tried to bring it.

    According to my GPS I got 21:18, a 6:51 pace.


    I didn’t really pay attention to my pace I just went out and ran and tried to not get passed by too many men in their 60s. Ha. I’m surprised my time was that fast actually since I had been sick with some stomach bug (which is really taking it’s time leaving by the way) for a couple days prior.


    I had about 30 minutes in between finishing the race and the start of the second one so I went to the car and got my stuff and made my way to the All Day 20K VIP lounge.

    2014-03-30 10.30.452014-03-30 09.17.16

    We had our own little gear check, refreshments and port a potties. It was really nice.

    Then it was time to make my way to the starting corrals again.

    2014-03-30 08.04.24

    And just like that the second 5K was done. Finish time 22:13 pace 7:09.

    2014-03-30 08.28.55

    The race was the same every time. Same route and same goodies at the end.

    2014-03-30 07.29.302014-03-30 07.29.412014-03-30 07.30.152014-03-30 07.30.53

    The walk from the finish like back to the VIP lounge was the same too since I didn’t have to go back to the car for anything else.

    I got to walk past my dream Hoehn Motors cars every time

    2014-03-30 09.10.22

    and pass everyone hanging out at the Pizza Port Beer Garden.

    2014-03-30 09.11.512014-03-30 09.12.19

    We got less and less time in between races. It was just enough time to walk back to the lounge, chug a water, use the bathroom, drop off more gear and then get ready for the next race.

    By the third race, the hair was up in a bun and the arm sleeves were off.

    2014-03-30 09.20.55

    The only run time that is actually tracked at the race is the one for your division. I was in the 30-39 division which was the third race. For some reason I thought it was the last one and I didn’t realize until I was done that I had just ran my division. Beavis. Maybe I was wishing I was younger or something. Ha.

    2014-03-30 09.07.57

    Finish time 22:04 pace 7:06.

    The first 250 finishers for each division got a special medal.

    2014-03-30 10.29.42

    Shoot, I didn’t take a good picture of it for you, but it’s a really cool runner in front of a surfboard design and it’s also a bottle opener.

    After the third race the affects of being sick for days and the entire night before were taking a bit of a toll. There wasn’t much time so I went for a Vega gel on the way to the last start line.

    2014-03-30 09.14.35

    2014-03-30 09.18.072014-03-30 09.19.01

    By the fourth race I started really recognizing the people that were doing the 20K. We were the lucky ones that got to race four times. Ha.

    The fourth one was also the one with everyone under the age of 30. There were quite a few kids with fresh legs out on the course and it seemed to be the most crowded.

    Yes, if you must know I got passed by more than just a couple kids.


    But thankfully that same finish line came up again quickly.

    2014-03-30 09.52.51

    Finish time 23:15 pace 7:29.

    After the last race I met the cute Ashleigh who got a 5K PR of 21:45. Yep, she’s fast.

    2014-03-30 09.49.29

    After all the races were done it was time to go meet some new friends and check out the festival area again.

    My first stop was Hoehn Motors. While admiring their vehicles I got hooked up with a goodie bag.

    2014-03-30 09.57.022014-03-30 09.58.08

    Then I got to chatting and met all these amazing folks.

    2014-03-30 10.11.11

    Josh, Gene, Brandy, yours truly and John Smith.

    (Brandy rocked her second ever 5K by the way. She’s awesome.)

    You should know that I pretty much chased John (on the right) every single 5K (he did the 20K also) and got the vibe he was kind of a big deal while I was trying to keep up with him.

    Well, I found out he is THE founder of the Competitor Group. He founded Competitor Group, Inc. in 1988. Yeah, he’s a HUGE deal.


    Other great find while I was waiting for the elite races were these new Clif Kid Z Fruit and Veggie twists

    2014-03-30 10.15.20

    and some bars for the boys. They love these Clif Kid Z Bars.

    2014-03-30 10.17.24

    I got a couple of these Clif Builder’s bars also that now come in a cool snack size.

    2014-03-30 10.25.58

    I was super excited when I spotted the Chia Company bus.

    2014-03-30 10.21.25

    Oh heck yes. I got a few chia shots (I never leave home without them) and a vanilla bean chia pod (my favorite flavor).

    2014-03-30 10.20.19

    They’re coming out with some new Chia Pod flavors soon by the way.

    I tried to stop by to visit Danielle again at the NuttZo booth, but word must have got out about the $5 NuttZo jar sale and it was the happening place.

    2014-03-30 10.23.592014-03-30 10.24.33

    Oh and I met Jerome the gnome.

    2014-03-30 10.28.04

    I watched the start of the wheelchair division. Inspirational to say the least.

    2014-03-30 10.29.03

    Then I passed up the beer garden yet again to get my special All Day 20K medal.

    2014-03-30 10.41.282014-03-30 10.42.44

    I decided to stick around to watch the elites run.

    I was quick to spot my good friend Deena Kastor at the finish.

    2014-03-30 10.57.01

    Her and Steve Scott held the tape.

    2014-03-30 11.00.26

    Deena set the women’s American 5K road record of 14:54 at this particular race in 2002.


    I’ve never watched elites race up close and personal before. It was truly amazing to see.

    A little too fast to get a good picture, but I tried.

    2014-03-30 11.00.332014-03-30 11.00.34

    Julia Bleasdale from Great Britain won the women’s with a 15:06. You can read the article here.

    2014-03-30 11.03.54

    While I waited for the elite men to race I found Deena and got to meet her cute daughter Piper.

    2014-03-30 11.11.16

    The elite men were incredibly fast. You already saw my failed attempts at photographing their finish, but here’s one again. And again, those are not my hands.

    2014-03-30 11.28.11


    Dejen Gebremeskel of Ethiopia won for the fourth time in a row with a 13:13.

    The big news was that a new American 5K record was made by Bernard Lagat, who finished in 13:19. (The full article is on Competitor.com here.)

    Pretty amazing.



      this is one of the longest recaps I’ve ever written.

    Are you still here?

    That was one heck of a fun morning. I can’t wait to go back next year and the year after that and the year after that. Someday the boys and I can run the 5K together. How cool will that be?

    Oh, Carlsbad 5000 All Day 20K, you had me at “All Day”, or wait, maybe it was “20K”.


    Who knows. I just know I’ll be back every year.


    Good times friends.

    Thank you Competitor for an amazing experience.

    2014-03-30 10.52.06

    And thank you chia pod for not spilling all over my car on the way home.

    2014-03-30 11.47.07




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    Have a great day!

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    1. 1

      Wow what an awesome experience and you had some great times! That’s a lot of running but it looks like such a fun day. I can’t wait to be able to race again I am itching to get back out there 🙂

    2. 2
      Kathy says:

      Amazing ~ Awesome ~ Awwwwspiring!!! (Just trying to think of more A words….for your A day!)

      The Goodie bags you receive and stuff you load it with is awesome too….not to be slighted by the people!! The people are the best!!

      Hubby and I signed up for a 5K to motivate us to move our butts after this long,cold, snowy winter….been out there twice and my muscles are saying…”What did you do for the past 5 months?” ….Oh yes, NOTHING! 😉

    3. 3

      fun! I have wanted to do the Carlsbad 5k since I was in high school!

    4. 4

      This is so cool. I love it! The opportunity to run 4 5k’s in one day?! Brilliant!!!! Congrats, and I am going to try to sell that idea to one of our race directors here in Houston! GRAND idea!

    5. 5

      I’ve never heard of running 4 5K’s like that. What a fun challenge! Congrats on your speedy finishes!

    6. 6

      wow what an interesting concept, I’ve never even seen a set up like that before! Love Deena she is just so sweet.

      Congrats on 4 blinger kind of day!

    7. 7
      Denise says:

      Great job!! 4 5k’s sounds like a challenge, but seems like fun too!! I need to try those Vega gels!

    8. 8
      Kim says:

      What a fun way to race – I would love to do the 20K all day event!!!
      I hope that you are finally starting to feel better – stomach bugs are the worst ever!!

    9. 9
      Jirrine says:

      Just finished my first training 5k, can imagine running 4 in one day..

    10. 10

      I need a rest after reading all that!!! 😉 Wow & you were sick doing that – HOLY CRAP! You are amazing! Love the pics too!
      I did 5ks in my youth… I actually was around your time back then. Gave it up – my knees started to hurt & that is a no-go for a weight lifting lover! 🙂

    11. 11

      Great post! Sounds like it was so much fun, it would be interesting to me to run 20K in 5K chunks like this.
      Too bad you didn’t get your best time at your category’s race, but great time anyway. I guess those 60 years old got to you (I know what you mean, it happens to me at every race, a lot of older than me men are way fast!).

    12. 12
      Ashleigh says:

      So glad I got to meet you and great job on all of your races! You rocked it 🙂


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