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Friendly Faces, Places and Eats Around Boston

Friendly Faces, Places and Eats Around Boston


It’s going to take me awhile to get back to the comments from the Boston Marathon. But…….. I can’t tell you how much your congratulations and kind words mean. I feel so spoiled and blessed and want to say those amazing nice things right back to you.

You, my friends, are the amazing ones. And I kind of have a feeling there’s a big dream out there calling your name. I say go for it and don’t listen to anyone that tells you you can’t do it.




Just one more post on Boston before I travel to the next destination in less than 24 hours. And why yes, I am definitely freaking out a little bit.

That’s a lie. It’s more than just a little bit, but I’ll block it out for now.


Recovering from a marathon is harder mentally and emotionally for me than it is physically. Kind of weird. It’s even harder when time is limited and there’s another race just days away. Oh man alive. We’ll see what happens.

I guess that’s the spirit of the challenge though.


Things are good on the home front, but I’ll keep this about Boston for now because besides running the most epic marathon ever, I got to do some other fun things in my short time there that I feel like sharing.

Okay? Okay.

Then I’ll be done blabbing about my escapades. Well, that is, until the Big Sur Marathon on Sunday. Ha ha.

Which reminds me, I’m following my man Dean with the whole Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge. Did you know that in Boston he ran 26.2 miles out to the starting point first and then ran the actual race? Check out what he posted on Facebook.


What a slacker.

Kidding, kidding.

I wonder if he’ll do that in Big Sur too?


Oops. I got distracted again.

Focus Kristin.


Okay. Here are just a few more highlights from the Boston trip. Some of them are related to the marathon, some are not, but all are worth sharing (in my opinion).


We stayed at the Weston Boston Waterfront Resort.

Man oh man did they ever take good care of us.

We had quite the warm welcoming. Check it out.

2014-04-20 19.08.302014-04-20 19.08.372014-04-20 19.08.572014-04-20 21.17.13

So cool, right?


After our super speedy trip through the expo Sunday night, Pam, Sarah and I met Gia for some dinner.

2014-04-20 21.00.17

Darn it, can’t remember the name of the place at the moment, but it was new and close to our hotel and had pizza.

I was only slightly high maintenance with the whole no cheese thing, added jalapeños thing.

2014-04-20 20.18.08

It was fun to finally sit down and chat and relax and catch up with everyone.

2014-04-20 21.10.32

We got back to the hotel and after getting all our race gear ready we went to bed early.

The boys sent me on the trip with a couple friends. I made sure to send them a picture so they knew their friends made it.

2014-04-20 21.20.21


The entire next day was pretty much all about the marathon. We were gone a total of 10 hours from the time we left the hotel to when we actually got back to our room. It was a LONG day.

The hotel once again took great care of us and had some recovery necessities for us when we did finally make it back.

2014-04-21 17.10.402014-04-21 17.44.53

We were darn spoiled.


We hung out for a bit and then made our way for a little post marathon celebration dinner.

2014-04-21 19.32.02

Heck yes we took our medals.

The concierge at the hotel made reservations for us at 75 on Liberty Wharf.

2014-04-21 19.26.43

Everything there was delightful.

2014-04-21 19.43.16

I went for a little Maine Squeeze.

2014-04-21 19.49.44

I asked it they had any hot sauce. They brought just a few to try.

2014-04-21 20.36.512014-04-21 20.29.02

I tried them all (except the Tabasco) on my salmon and baked polenta dinner.

2014-04-21 20.39.17

These ladies, well, they just rock. Katherine, who also ran the marathon, met up with us for dinner.

2014-04-21 21.04.06-2

Katherine was actually in the medical tent after crossing the finish line last year when the bombs went off. She has an incredible post written about her experience here.

2014-04-21 21.30.47

We called it a night early as we were all exhausted. Shocker, right?

Thought about hitting up Dunkin’ Donuts, but it was closed.

2014-04-21 21.38.37

Probably a good thing.


The next morning after sleeping in a bit, we took advantage of the Starbucks located conveniently in the hotel lobby to get some coffee. Heck yes I went down there in my pajamas. I’m pretty sure that’s allowed if it’s in the hotel, right?

2014-04-22 07.43.42-1

I also checked out the fancy shmancy gym for just a bit to do some easy elliptical while watching the Kardashians.

2014-04-22 09.19.55

Then we were off to explore as much of Boston as we could before we all had to head to the airport.

2014-04-22 11.01.272014-04-22 11.04.322014-04-22 11.12.122014-04-22 11.23.352014-04-22 11.45.232014-04-22 12.12.062014-04-22 12.17.192014-04-22 12.52.352014-04-22 13.15.362014-04-22 13.16.382014-04-22 13.22.122014-04-22 13.36.252014-04-22 13.45.172014-04-22 13.55.562014-04-22 14.01.512014-04-22 14.05.512014-04-22 14.17.122014-04-22 14.42.332014-04-22 14.42.422014-04-22 14.48.05

And yep, I’m just going to dump those photos on you just like that because I just realized I have quite a bit of laundry to do before packing up again and a very limited amount of time with my little men this afternoon.


2014-04-22 15.15.21

I’m off.

And yes, I had some really great snacks for my flight home. Not the whole tuna and egg whites thing I had on my flight out there, but it was what I had left on my bag. Ha.

2014-04-22 16.22.122014-04-22 18.22.13

Oh, and I made a great choice at that Modern Pastry place.


Catch ya later!



Have you ever been to Boston?

If so, what’s your favorite thing to do or favorite restaurant?

What do I need to do next time?

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  1. 1

    I was in Boston for the marathon but we only had a limited amount of time after the race there so didn’t really go back into it to look around. We had a great time though exploring around the city the days before!

    That is crazy about Dean! He is always another level 🙂

  2. 2
    Michelle Kim says:

    OMG! I got to run with Dean during the San Francisco Marathon (here’s the post and some pictures: http://blessedwiththunderthighs.com/2013/06/16/san-francisco-marathon-best-experiences-ever/). He is SUPER nice, but I was too star-struck to even say hello to him. Also, he ran the midnight SF marathon course backwards before running the marathon with us… and then he ran like 20 more miles to go home or something. So amazing.

  3. 3
    Laura says:

    GREAT JOB, Kristin!! Looks like a great time was had both racing and non racing!

    I LOVE that coffee mug, I have never been to Boston but if I do go, that’s my first purchase ha ha!

    I would love to know what your fueling is for long runs and marathons. You don’t seem to have many GI issues and this has really plagued me over the years. I am running my first marathon in 4 years this June and am stressing over the fueling (I mainly stick to Halfs and don’t eat during those).

    Enjoy Big Sur, I have a friend running it, looks like such a beautiful course 🙂


  4. 4
    natasha says:

    Wow…looks amazing! I”m house/dog sitting for a woman who ran it too. She did it last year and had crossed the finish just in time! I remember calling her over and over… so worried….

    I love Boston. Grew up just north of there and it’s still one of my favorite cities/states though too cold for me.

    So quick question…do you eat any dairy? I may have missed it in one of your posts but I just thought I’d ask. If not…may I ask why? I can’t quit yogurt/kefir/cottage and the occasional sf ff ice cream (or Arctic Zero) but I need the probiotics or really low lactose or else I seem to have stomach issues. Especially with cheese ):

  5. 5
    Pam says:

    Modern Pastry? Heck no! Try Mike’s next time. 🙂

  6. 6
    Sam says:

    Great photos! Good luck in Big Sur this weekend, I’m sure you’ll kick some booty!

    I used to go to Boston every summer on the way to visit my grandmother on Cape Cod. I haven’t been back East for a few years. I always loved the aquarium though, it’s incredible! Hanging out in Harvard Square over in Cambridge is fun too, there are great bookstores.

    It might be kinda touristy, but I really like Legal Seafood for Boston Eats.

  7. 7

    Awesome job in Boston! Can’t believe you’re doing the B2B Challenge. That’s awesome. I’ll be at the Big Sur Marathon too. I’ll look out for you! 🙂

  8. 8
    Meredith says:

    Haha I have to agree with Pam above me!.. MIKE’S pastry..cannolis.. cannot go on living without having that once in your life 🙂 I’m not even a fan of cannolis usually (or anything cream filled for that matter) but I don’t know what it is about those cannolis, the filling is just not real.

  9. 9

    Well, I was born in Boston & lived back east up until I started high school. 🙂

    LOVED all the picks & boy they took care of you!!!! That coffee cup though & the sweet treats!!!

    I bet you can guess my fav pic – the stuffed friends from the boys! 🙂

  10. 10
    Susan says:

    Just got back from Boston with a bunch of the best high school students ever! Took some of the same pics you did! Absolutely loved the city, and purchased some “Boston Strong” gear to help support he victims. Really cool to be there a few days after the marathon, Huge congrats to you Kristin! You motivate me more than you know!


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