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Checking Out Carmel and Chatting With Running Legends at the VIP Reception

Checking Out Carmel and Chatting With Running Legends at the VIP Reception


Well hello from Carmel (which is a pretty awesome place by the way).


Just got back from the Big Sur Marathon expo and am finally putting my feet up for a bit. I figure I better document the weekend in order though or all my thoughts will be more all over the place than usual.

So, here’s just a quick run down of Friday.

I had very little sleep and an early flight yesterday.

2014-04-25 06.06.44 HDR

I was prepared with my new neck pillow, but unfortunately didn’t get the shut eye I was hoping for on the plane.

2014-04-25 10.19.39

Not as easy to sleep on those smaller planes, but it is easy to use the pillow as a neck warmer and keep it on until the cab driver asks what happened to your neck.

I’m not sure how you travel, but finding good food as soon as possible is usually a top priority. The same cab driver who was concerned about my neck recommended Katy’s Place for breakfast.

2014-04-25 11.41.41 HDR

I’m so glad I listened to him. It was delightful.

2014-04-25 11.58.41

Egg white omelet, whole wheat toast, fruit, extremely hot coffee, lots of salsa and lots of hot sauce. Breakfast heaven.

It was raining off and on yesterday, but I went out for a little slow run to explore for a bit.

2014-04-25 14.00.042014-04-25 14.03.042014-04-25 14.03.122014-04-25 14.04.112014-04-25 14.04.432014-04-25 14.05.092014-04-25 14.07.102014-04-25 14.07.25


How beautiful can it be? I’m convinced the best way to appreciate and see nature’s beauty is on foot. I set out for 5 miles. Got a little lost getting back so it turned into 6.

2014-04-25 14.52.13

I made it back just in time before it started pouring outside. I guess I finally timed things right for a change.


Well, that is until I didn’t quite make it to the expo before it closed. Oh well, I did happen to make it just in time for the VIP reception.

2014-04-25 18.41.22

They had a wonderful spread of food and drinks.

2014-04-25 18.42.312014-04-25 18.43.01

I guess the view wasn’t too shabby either.

2014-04-25 18.51.11

Ran into my So Cal friend and best race announcer ever, Rudy.

2014-04-25 18.59.34

I also got to hang out a bit with some running legends.

First off was my main man Bart Yasso.

2014-04-25 18.57.35

Seriously, he is the best. Every time we bump into each other he laughs at the fact that I have my Flat Bart on my treadmill. Good stuff.

Oh and yeah, just have to share this tweet. It’s pretty awesome.


Then I chatted with the Ultramarathonman himself.

2014-04-25 19.10.54

I really wanted to ask Dean Karnazes about the whole Wild Planet Foods tuna in the fridge thing, but I refrained.  I did ask him though if he was going to do the same thing he did in Boston and run 26.2 miles TO the start line and then run the actual race.

He said yes. He said it was silly to take a bus to the start line and that he was planning on starting at 2:00 am or something like that to run there. Crazy talk.


A little bit later a couple of the race directors got up to talk. The awesome marketing director Julie got up and thanked everyone.

2014-04-25 19.23.23

Then the race director Doug Thurston presented a special jacket to Larry. Want to know why? Because this will be Larry’s 100th marathon. Can you even imagine?

2014-04-25 19.33.32


It was my first time meeting the race director, Doug.

2014-04-25 19.37.33

Before we headed out I took one more glance at the so so view.

2014-04-25 19.47.08

Then I ran into my gal Shirley.

2014-04-25 19.57.41-2

She ran the Boston Marathon last year as her first marathon ever, then ran Big Sur the week after.

Well, she did it again this year because she’s a rock star. Can’t wait to hang with her at the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge tent after the race.


I also had to take the opportunity to meet the legendary Jeff Galloway before I left.

2014-04-25 20.19.56

So many people have told me how nice he is. They are not kidding. Seriously, nicest person ever. He and his wife do about 2 marathons a month traveling all over the place. Pretty darn incredible. When I told him it was an honor to finally meet him, his reply was “Contact me anytime. I’m here to help.” So genuine.


with a little box (or two) of Ghirardelli chocolates upon exit,

2014-04-25 20.14.31

it was one heck of a VIP reception.

2014-04-25 20.08.222014-04-25 20.08.36

With all my chatting I didn’t get enough food at the party so I made a quick stop afterwards.

2014-04-25 20.40.16

Thank you Subway for gift cards that don’t expire after over a year.

2014-04-25 20.42.10

Thank you Subway for making the biggest and best chopped chicken salad ever. (That is not my arm by the way.)


Today was pretty jam packed too, but I have to catch a shuttle at 3:45 am, still need to get things ready for the race and need to find some pizza to feed my face relatively quickly.


I’m out.


Will have to catch up on the expo fun later.

Hope you’re having a great weekend.


Fingers crossed my next post I’ll be able to say that I completed the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge. (In my dream I had last night, I did not. The race started without me and I was lost. That was fun.)

See you on the other side!


Neck pillows, yay or nay?

Is good food always a top priority for you too when you travel?

Who’s your favorite running legend (if any) you’ve met in real life?

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  1. 1

    I’ve actually never tried a neck pillow. I might have to test it out the next time I travel!

    Good food is one of the best parts of travel! I love trying new foods (or at least new restaurants!).

    I have never met any running legends, I would love to meet Kara Goucher though!

  2. 2
    elizabeth says:

    Enjoy the race! I always look forward to your Big Sur report, if I ever ran a marathon, I think I would choose this one.

  3. 3

    Have a great race!
    Food is always a priority! When I travel I like to find new places I won’t get to eat again after I leave, a meal at a bad restaurant or a chain I have at home is a wasted meal.

  4. 4
    Jennifer mykytiuk says:

    You are going to love this marathon! So beautiful! Wishing I was there to run part of it or cheer you on! Love reading about all your exciting racing adventures! Can’t wait to get out there for some more Marathas after this baby is born! Right now my 6 miles feels like a marathon! Have fun! I can’t wait to hear your recap! U are awesome! Two marathons in one week! Wow!

  5. 5
    Shirley says:

    I am SO PROUD of you!!! Have a GREAT run tomorrow. May your smile be as bright as the sunrise, and the wind be at your back. Had I known you were out running, I would have ran with you.
    Can’t wait to catch up tomorrow.
    ALWAYS “Run on Adrenaline, NOT fear!”

  6. 6
    Sheena says:

    Have an amazing race Kristin!!

  7. 7
    Meagan says:

    You can do it!! I have a 10k tomorrow. So I know the feeling! Run well!! 🙂

  8. 8
    Susan says:

    I have met Jeff Galloway several at the Disney Princess Half. He IS so genuine and offers help to everyone. I took him up on it, and he has helped me start the comeback from some nagging injuries. His run-walk-run method is the best and works! I love this guy!

  9. 9

    Good luck! I know you will complete it! Run strong and listen to your body 🙂

  10. 10
    MelissaC says:

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Dean Karnazes and Jeff Galloway (and running with both of them) last September (it was free, but I did it as a birthday present to myself, along with plan to get new shoes). Dean was at Jeff’s shoe store in Atlanta for a meet/greet and short run (about 3 miles). We had about 12 people there, including some who worked at Jeff’s store. Jeff and Dean spoke briefly, we ran (I started with Dean’s group -who were much speedier; then went with Jeff’s group – so I got to Galloway with Jeff Galloway), then went back to store for a little bit. Both men were sooooo nice and generous with their time, just very genuine people. And, they all sang Happy Birthday to me! One of the best birthdays ever – for real! And Dean is awesome on his Facebook page, he responds to folks all the time!

    I can’t wait to hear about Big Sur – you will rock it like always!

  11. 11

    LOVED following on IG. These pics are amazing!!! So much fun AND beauty whether rain or shine PLUS your smile says it all – beautiful!

  12. 12

    Good Luck today! The Big Sur is a marathon I would love to run, the scenery is spectacular!

  13. 13
    Christina says:

    I met Dean Karnazes last year at the half I did today in San Luis Obispo…good food a must! I ate Olive Garden pizza last night and is now my new dinner before a race. I almost met Lopez Lomong at a World Vision fundraiser love his life story and book.
    I’m itching to run my first full…Big Sur looks right up my alley!!!

  14. 14

    How awesome to meet all of those running legends and congratulations on completing Boston and Big Sur. I’d love to run Big Sur! It looks like it was amazingly beautiful. I hope that you are recovering well!

  15. 15
    Kristine says:

    I just stumbled across your blog. Congrats an amazing accomplishment! My girlfriend ran B2B this year as well. I ran Boston, got home, and was hemming and hawing because I did not want to get on a plane two days after I got home, so I will be back to run Big Sur next year!


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