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A Core Move, Post-Race Blues Are a Real Thing and a Punching Kangaroo

A Core Move, Post-Race Blues Are a Real Thing and a Punching Kangaroo


Hey there.

Hope your day is treating you well.

I did two slow miles on the treadmill and taught boot camp this morning. I thought about doing more miles afterwards, but then decided not to.

We went to Target and then made pigs in the blanket instead.

2014-05-03 11.14.342014-05-03 11.37.33

The boys have made these quite a few times with Grandma and had been asking for them. They showed me exactly how to do it.

Totally random, but opening those crescent roll packages always scares me.


In boot camp today we did this AMRAP workout. I changed it up a little today though and used the AbX for the last move.

Alternate between a bridge and a V-sit.

2014-05-03 09.07.352014-05-03 09.07.44

We did it for a minute as part of the circuit and went through twice. It was tough with the AbX (in a good way of course).


I stumbled on my friend Jeff’s article the other day.


Then I read this at the end of the article.

Just this past weekend at the Big Sur International Marathon, I was closing out the 26.2-mile course, using it as a long training run with a buddy, and we were speeding up with every passing mile. Ahead, I recognized another friend swerving toward the final water station. As we roared on by, I gave a loud shout of encouragement. We never saw her after that, but I got tweeted at a day later: "Thanks for the extra push at mile 25. I couldn’t catch you."

See? Doesn’t that feel good?


Yep, that’s me he’s talking about. I’m the “swerver”. I said in my recap post that my friend cheered for me around mile 25 or so. This was him. Funny that I was struggling and he flew right on by as his “training run”.


Okay, so I asked my friend Jen Van Allen from Runner’s World about the whole post-race blues thing. Turns out, it’s totally normal. Phew.

I finally feel like I’m out of it a bit, but I’m not going to lie, the first half of this past week was really hard emotionally for me.

Here’s a good article Jen sent me:

5 Ways to Hurdle the Post-Race Blues

It talks about the common feeling we get after a big race after the anticipation of it all is gone. The clearly defined goal you worked towards for so long is over. Kind of like Christmas being over. There are some great tips on how to avoid the post-race slump.


And here’s another one I found (thank you Google) on the topic again stating that it’s totally normal.

I especially like this take on it all to give it a little perspective.

This is the time to pause, reflect, and enjoy other aspects of life that may have been neglected during intensive training. Sleep late; spend more time with family and friends. Do things you wanted to do but sacrificed for your training. Plan ahead so that when the big event is over, you don’t face a vacuum of too much time.

After this pause and re-balancing, carefully select a new, realistic challenge, a new long-term goal. This may be in running, another sport, or something altogether different. You need a new dream to fill with passion and energy and get your juices flowing again.



It’s been nice having some down time with the family this week and I finally got a chance to talk to my best friend in Texas today. It had been way too long. Having some low key mornings have really been a blessing also. I better not get too used to them though. Ha.


Not mentioned in either article, but a little fiesta with the hubs last night sure helped the post-race blues situation over here.

I made date night guacamole and he went for some shredded chicken street tacos.


I went for some chicken “squashos”.


No, I did not share although someone was begging.

2014-05-02 21.40.46-1

Ha ha.

Our home date nights always involve Modern Family. Last night was no different.

2014-05-02 21.39.59

Have you seen that episode?

So funny.

It reminded me of this funny kangaroo punching video.

You can see a better version of the video here. (Just in case you might want to watch it a couple more times.)

No more post-race blues over here.



And it’s a good thing because we’ve got an early wake up tomorrow for a little something special.


Enjoy the rest of your day!

Maybe this picture will help.

2014-05-02 21.36.29

He he.


Did you know that kangaroos punch like that?

Have you ever made pigs in the blanket?

What are your thoughts on cheering someone on as you pass them in a race?

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  1. 1
    Kim says:

    I’m all about cheering people on – whether they are passing me or I’m passing them. So cool that Scott M. was referencing you!!!
    We are behind on Modern Family and haven’t seen that episode – can’t wait!

  2. 2

    I’m competitive enough that I wouldn’t want a stranger passing me cheering me on, and I wouldn’t cheer others thinking they might feel the same way. Unless it’s someone I know personally, then I can really use those few words of encouragement.
    But I love to cheer people on out and back races, both the faster than me that are already on their way back, and those I see going after I turn around.

  3. 3
    Bonnie says:

    Great ab exercise combo! And nice hamstrings, woman! Love your date night guac, sorry about the post-race blues (esp after achieving something so huge!) and I just wanted to say that I appreciate you. An incredible woman, mother and wife! Enjoy your Sunday tomorrow. 🙂

  4. 4
    Tess says:

    Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are packed together with family, friends, parties and get-togethers. THEN comes nothing until Easter (well ya got Valentine’s day thrown in there) I always get a little sad during this time. Everyone gets back into their routine, it’s cold and gloomy most of the time…..BUT then Hallelujah!!! It’s Easter and it’s Spring….everyone is happy and starts coming outside to play!!! These feelings will pass and it is definintly time to spend doing the extras(like you do…swimming, reading watching Modern Family). You will have new exciting goals to pursue soon!

  5. 5

    My mom used to make pigs and a blankets all the time for family events! LOVE them!!

  6. 6
    natasha says:

    I actually don’t like to be cheered on until I”m successfully finished….probably because I”m nervous that I will somehow “fail”? I used to dance professionally and if someone had wished me luck I was always so hard on myself that I was worried that I would “mess up”. Never felt good enough I guess.

    I think the adrenaline and endorphin crashes post-race/performance are very real. It always took me a few days or more to somewhat recover. The second day always felt the worst for some reason. I supposed the physical exhaustion was easing but then the mental letdown set in.

  7. 7
    Dani says:

    I ALWAYS cheer in the runners that PASS me! If I’m busting my gut at my pace and they have fuel to pass me? They’re amazing!!! And, in instances where I’m passing someone who is clearly struggling, I will cheer them on. Otherwise it just depends on the situation I think. Personally I love being cheered on, no matter who is doing it. Also, totally understand the post-race blues!!!! Big hugs!

  8. 8
    kate says:

    Loved my shout out 🙂 I think of you every time in in TJ’s now! Give their new frozen figs a try, you will not be disappointed!

  9. 9
    aleesha says:

    I love Kitty soooo much!!!! Makes my day when you post his picture. XO


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