Passing the Mizuno Baton


Before I even write anything, I just have to say that I love coffee. Yesterday I had to have a new unsweetened mocha right off the bat before my run.

2014-05-18 14.07.58_thumb[2]

Today my run is done and I’m just having a plain old cup of joe, but it is just marvelous.

Also last night I made cassava “fries” for the first time in awhile.


They went mighty well with some roasted asparagus, turkey burger romaine wraps and of course some Trader Joe’s guacamole.


There’s a turkey burger buried somewhere under there.


I also caught a little of Dancing With the Stars. I haven’t watched it all season, but man it was awesome. How much do you love Maks and Meryl? And Amy Purdy? Oh man. I kind of wish I had watched this season now, but I don’t really watch TV these days except for my treadmill runs in the wee hours of the morning.


Also, the winner of the Halo visorband giveaway chosen by is #82 Sally.

Yay! Email me your mailing information and I’ll make sure your visorband gets to you!


Here are my runs from yesterday.

In the morning I did an easy 7 on the treadmill.

2014-05-19 07.54.212014-05-19 07.56.46

The boys were all concerned about my “treadmill guy with the big head” because they couldn’t find him. Well, we found him alright.

I ended up running a little over 3 miles last night. It wasn’t planned, but Mizuno just started a new campaign yesterday so I couldn’t pass up my chance to get just a couple miles in outside with the Mizuno Baton.

This is such an awesome thing and is part of the huge If Everybody Ran campaign so I just have to pass it along.

What is The Mizuno Baton?

Here’s the answer directly from the website.



Yes, Mizuno is donating $1 for every mile ran with the “baton” to the nonprofit organization Back on My Feet.

Here’s how you can get involved and help out.

Go here and download the free application. I did it right from my phone.

2014-05-19 08.49.57

The directions are really simple. Once you’re ready to run, you activate your baton. Then you just run or walk. it keeps track of your distance (not your time or anything so feel free to take it as slow as you need).

I was hoping this would work with treadmill miles, but you have to actually move for the GPS to track your mileage.

Once you activate your baton, you only have one week to accumulate miles. I decided to give it a little go last night. It had already been a heck of a long day, so I thought I’d just keep it going. Ha.

2014-05-19 19.16.59

I ran a little over 3 slow miles by the beach.

2014-05-19 19.18.19

Don’t mind my tired face. It was a long day yesterday, but that little run was the perfect ending.


When you’re done with your run it totals up the amount your run just donated.

This is from my run last night.

2014-05-19 19.29.41

Pretty cool, huh?

They even have a gallery where you can submit a picture.


Can you guess which one of those is mine?

They also have a leaderboard so you can see who’s logged the most miles.

I’m not sure just how much I’ll be able to donate this week as most of my runs are on the treadmill and it’s taper week, but I’ll do what I can in the next 6 days. I guess I’ll just pass the baton on to you for a little help.

It’s always nice to know you’re making a difference and doing good in the world.

2014-05-19 19.16.34

Feel free to join us and get your own Mizuno Baton.


Okay, I’d love to stay and chat, but mama duty calls. Have a wonderful day!


Let me know if you join in on this. I want to cheer you on.

Is anyone watching Dancing With the Stars? Who’s your favorite?

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  1. 1
    Marcia says:

    Maks and Meryl + Derek and Amy. My word the talent! The finale is tonight, I’m on pins and needles!!! Oh, I totes watch TV whilst running too, ABC has an app so you can watch it (if you have smartphone) — tv and movie apps are literally the only way I stay put for a run 🙂

  2. 2
    Hilary says:

    That is so awesome! I can’t wait to get a start on this tonight !

  3. 3
    Marybeth says:

    Are you using a training plan for your marathon training? 20 miles to start off a taper week sounds like a lot.

  4. 4
    Kim says:

    Is it just this week or just for a week from the time you download the app?
    I will probably wait till Saturday – planning a long outdoor run then!!!
    I love Meryl on DWTS!!! I haven’t seen last night’s show yet – hopefully tomorrow while I run!

  5. 5

    Im hungry now. 😀 Keep up the good running.

  6. 6

    I only run outside 1 day per week so all my treadmill miles would not count – 🙁

    Great idea though! Doe sit work with Android phones too?

  7. 7

    I am raving about the Baton app too. I only run 3 times a week right now (lots of cross training), but I am still having fun earning a bit.

  8. 8
    elizabeth says:

    You really do love coffee! Have you ever given it up? Is it mostly the caffeine or the taste you like? Would you like decaf? I’m surprised you were able to switch from sweetened and creamed coffee to black and like it just as much. I like the taste of coffee, but can’t handle to much caffeine and mostly prefer tea, green in the morning and herbal the rest of the day.


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