Memorial Day Wear Blue Run to Remember, Streaking and Live.Say.Do.


Good morning. Happy Memorial Day.

Just a quick stop to share a few things.

First, my view as I made dinner last night.

2014-05-25 19.28.41-1

There was also an old radio playing and Pat the parrot whistling. It’s moments like this I just know I am truly blessed.


I got a chance to get on the treadmill early this morning.

I wanted to get a few miles in for the Wear Blue Run to Remember. I first learned about the organization and the cause at the Marine Corps Marathon with the Runner’s World Challenge.



You can go to the website and dedicate your miles for today.

I’m going to do that with my treadmill miles.

2014-05-26 07.02.47

I had Bart with my who has been spreading the word about dedicating today’s miles for the cause.

2014-05-26 07.03.37

I ad a blue Halo 

2014-05-26 07.02.24

and my blue Mizuno shoes.

2014-05-26 07.05.19

I also had company for the last mile.


Today is also the start of the new Runner’s World Run Streak Summer Challenge.

RunStreak Sweepstakes

It’s a challenge to run or walk a mile every day from Memorial Day to the 4th of July.

You can enter and learn more about the challenge here.

Last year on Memorial Day I found a great website on what we can do to observe this special day.

The “Memorial” in Memorial Day has been ignored by too many of us who are beneficiaries of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Often we do not observe the day as it should be, a day where we actively remember our ancestors, our family members, our loved ones, our neighbors, and our friends who have given the ultimate sacrifice:

  • by visiting cemeteries and placing flags or flowers on the graves of our fallen heroes.
  • by visiting memorials.
  • by flying the U.S. Flag at half-staff until noon.
  • by flying the ‘POW/MIA Flag’ as well (Section 1082 of the 1998 Defense Authorization Act).
  • by participating in a “National Moment of Remembrance“: at 3 p.m. to pause and think upon the true meaning of the day, and for Taps to be played.
  • by renewing a pledge to aid the widows, widowers, and orphans of our falled dead, and to aid the disabled veterans.



Good perspective, yes?


Yesterday we honored and celebrated the life of a close friend.

2014-05-25 12.01.472014-05-25 12.02.03

They gave out these bracelets with such a great message.

2014-05-25 19.03.25

Live. Say. Do.

Had to pass that along.


And a little message from the boys before I go.

In case you’re not sure, this say’s “My moose book.”

2014-05-25 21.06.14

And this is something we’re all working on around here.

2014-05-25 21.12.41

Encouraging and building each others up. There are already way too many people out there who try to knock us down, so it’s our job to build others up.


Have a wonderful day friends!

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  1. 1

    Have a wonderful memorial day! I got 8 miles in on the track this morning and it was HOT! Looking forward to relaxing and packing most of the afternoon. And spending quality time with my hubs :)

  2. 2
    Christine says:

    On eggs!

  3. 3
    natasha says:

    Ha, ha…I saw the Run Streak Challenge and immediately pictured a “streaker” as in birthday suit run (: Perfect for summer actually!

  4. 4

    I dedicated my 10 treadmill miles! It helped me keep going on a run that I gladly would have stopped at mile 2!

  5. 5

    LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! So meaningful!

  6. 6
    Amy H says:

    I’m thinking about the running streak and how you’ve talked about wanting to take a break and get some rest after this marathon — it just seems almost like you’re looking for an excuse not to take that (soooooo important) break. I’d say if you really want to challenge yourself, try to go 7 days with no running. (I’d say no exercise but I know it’s your job.) It just seems like that would be harder for you than continuing to run every day, and probably more beneficial to your mind and body too.

    • 6.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      You might be right Amy. The streak is just a fun thing to be involved in though and it can be a walk of a mile a day. Not sure if I’ll make it every day, but wanted to pass it along.

  7. 7

    Love that bracelet! Can I purchase one?

  8. 8
    Krystin C. says:

    Great post, so inspiring to be our best!

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