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The First Campout, a New Find and a Game Changing Conversation

The First Campout, a New Find and a Game Changing Conversation


We’ve officially had our first family campout.

We got a delivery from Frieda’s yesterday afternoon that had some fun vegetables to play with


along with some fruit as part of the #FearNoFruit challenge.


We were quick to decide that one of each fruit were coming camping with us. A Zululand Queen Baby Pineapple, a Kiwano (Horned Melon) and a Pepino Melon were coming camping with us.


*Side note- I just learned you’re NOT supposed to refrigerate the Kiwanos or Pepinos. I should really check Frieda’s website right when I get these shipments. Ha. I’m also currently eating a Pepino Melon and it tastes like a mix between a cantaloupe and a cucumber.



So the campout.

We went all out last night.

Homemade pizzas,


(yes, different ones for everyone)

pajamas, a really expensive radio,


our favorite wine,


and a campfire.

We didn’t have any marshmallows so we roasted the next best thing- strawberries and those pineapples we had just gotten.

IMG_3655IMG_3664IMG_36572014-06-06 20.41.27

We actually all got a pretty good night’s sleep, but Judah and I were both up wide awake at 4:59 am. After we got ourselves kicked out of the tent we snuck away for a little adventure.

2014-06-07 05.38.14

We thought it would be so cool to bring back a surprise Starbucks for everyone. Well, it was a surprise to us that they don’t open until 6:00 am on Saturdays. We always have to learn the hard way. We stuck it out and brought home a very special delivery.

2014-06-07 06.23.53

We finished off our little camping excursion with breakfast sandwiches

2014-06-07 06.32.12

hot chocolate and venti americanos.

2014-06-07 06.36.12

I’ll consider it a successful first campout.


I taught boot camp earlier today and stopped at Trader Joe’s really quick on the way home. Check out what I found there.

2014-06-07 09.47.00

Cool, huh? I usually buy coconut flour on Amazon, but hey, this was too good of a price to pass up.

2014-06-07 09.52.47-1

We’ve already got big baking plans for tomorrow with this and our dozen ripe bananas we have sitting on the counter.


Two conversations to share with you before I go.


The first one was in the tent this morning-

Joaquin- “Take a picture of my butt.”

Me- “What? Why would you want me to take a picture of your bottom?”

Joaquin- “Because I like bottoms.”




The next one happened in the car waiting for Starbucks to open this morning. I’m pretty sure it’s a game changer for me-

Judah- “Mom, what is your work?”

Me- “Well, I work a lot of different places. I work at the gym, at boot camp, teaching classes, on the computer and at races.”

Judah- “And you work at play.”

Me- “You mean play time with you?”

Judah- “Yes.”

Me- “Yes I do and that is my FAVORITE work of all.”


Yep. Game changer.

With that, I’m off. That last job, the job of being a mama and “playing” with the boys is the best and most rewarding job of all. It’s time to step it up.

Judah asks me frequently if I will come sit and play on the floor with him. I’m frequently guilty of telling him I will in just a couple minutes. Not anymore. They’re going to be a time when I beg him to come sit on the floor and play with me. I’m NOT missing out on these precious moments while I have them.



Have a good rest of your weekend!

Hope you have some quality “play” time!

Time is love.

Where is the best place you’ve ever camped? (We might be ready to branch out soon.)

What’s your favorite thing to roast over a campfire?

Have you had a game changing conversation lately?

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  1. 1

    Yum – I want to try a Pepino melon! Sounds delicious! Your campout is just too adorable, and I got goosebumps reading the “work” conversation!!

  2. 2
    Tess says:

    LOVE those family evening memories with summertime lightening bugs, s’mores, pool time, lazy memory building days…..cherish them!! Y’all are making great ones!!!

  3. 3

    My boyfriend and I did a road trip from Alaska to New York last year, plus some added sightseeing, so we spent a lot of time camping. One of my favorite campgrounds was in the redwoods, at the Jedediah Smith campground. It was SO beautiful – plus the redwoods are amazing!

    I’m a traditionalist with my campfire roasting, marshmallows, all the way.

  4. 4

    this made me smile! SO cute! Me and my sister used to do back yard campouts when we were younger and it was so fun! Our parents however chose to sleep indoors….

  5. 5
    LauraMae says:

    OH my gosh how fun!!! I loved camping with my family!!! Best memories!!

  6. 6
    Ashley L. says:

    I would so totally camp in my backyard all the time if I had one! By the way, what kind of spice do you put on your pizza? It looks so good!

  7. 7
    Ashley L. says:

    P.s. Grand Canyon camping is awesome!

  8. 8
    Sam says:

    Golly your boys are lucky! That camp out looks like a blast and a half! I have such great memories of backpacking with my family in the mountains of Colorado.

    Roasting pineapple over the fire is GENIUS, I hate marshmallows!

    I do a pretty solid campfire baked potato- my trick is to slice the potato very thin almost all the way through (like potatoes hassleback), drizzle with olive oil, add salt, pepper and and rosemary between the sections, then wrap that sucker up in foil and bury it in the coals. I’ve also baked little teeny individual cakes inside hollowed out, foil-wrapped oranges in the campfire coals.

  9. 9
    Kathy says:

    I have always wanted to camp in the back yard and we have yet to buy a tent….maybe this year? But today I am going to buy a bike….time to “play” with the kids since we all walk/run at different speeds this biking thing may work. 😉

  10. 10
    Kim says:

    Oh, you are so right that those days are short lived and before long you will be the one trying to get them to spend time with you!!! (welcome to my life!!)

  11. 11

    I LOVE your campout – LOVE! Sweetest thing ever! YES, conversations, especially with kids can be HUGE game changers!!!!! Life goes by so fast Kristin – take it from me who spent a lot of it working or trying to makes things work – gone before you know it!

    Always something interesting out & about & since I have been doing demos, even more so…. 😉

    I am not a camping person – some bad experiences as a id BUT one was good & it was a trip from the east coast with family when I was VERY VERY young (we lived back there) to Yellowstone & Gran Tetons & Mt Rushmore – I am sure it is way more crowded now though & maybe a bit different than my trip back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. 🙂

  12. 12

    I’m bringing you some Hawaiian chili peppers and seeds! I wish I could stand that kind of heat on my pizza! At home we used to take these hot Hawaiian chili peppers and crush them in balsamic vinegar and put them in a jar with some soy sauce, so alaea salt (sea salt) and unripe mangoes. We would pickle them… ohhhh, so good!

  13. 13
    holly says:

    Enjoy Seattle. Pike fish market is a must. Headed to Boston soon. What is the one sightseeing thing to squeeze into a short trip?

  14. 14
    natasha says:

    Backyard camping is the best with or without a tent though here in DC the “skeeters” are brutal ):

    Your posts always make me smile and most importantly to think and remind myself about the important things!

    Love your “game changers”…I learn all the time from random people I meet often from seniour citizens whose wisdom just naturally developed with age. As in my 93 yr. old aunt just got a new i-Mac and added Zumba to her already Tai Chi active life, book writing, kitty loving and all else life!

  15. 15

    Just a heads up, Costco has been carrying organic coconut flour 🙂 at least the one near me has had it the past few months!


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