The Easiest Silk Iced Latte Ever

Well hello.

Yesterday afternoon I got a quick 6 miles in on the treadmill. Nothing exciting, but the boys were out with Daddy so I took advantage of the short window of time to get a run in so today could be a rest day.

2014-06-07 13.45.20

Later we spent some afternoon time “helping” Daddy with the animals.

2014-06-07 15.02.542014-06-07 15.10.152014-06-07 15.12.272014-06-07 15.18.362014-06-07 15.21.48

Yep. We’re really great helpers. Ha ha.


So yeah, today is a full rest day. In my head we all slept in past 7:00 am and stayed in our pajamas all day.

It hasn’t quite turned out that way.

Everyone was up at 5:30 am ready to go. Figures.

No complaints though since we’ve been getting our fair share of quality play time today. If you’re on Instagram you got a little glance of our morning activities. There’s never a dull moment around here. We even came up with a couple new recipes for you.

Yeah, we had to make a couple of new variations of our STUFT Cho muffins since we’re all out of our favorite Power O’s breakfast cereal.

It’s embarrassing how quickly we go through cereal and Silk Almondmilk.

2014-06-02 09.59.19

This is my new favorite way to eat cereal by the way. All you need is a little Silk milk of choice and a spoonful (or two) of PB2. It’s so darn good.

Anyhoo, the afternoon slump hit a little earlier than normal today. In fact, it may have hit before noon.

There just isn’t enough coffee today.

I’ve come with the easiest and quickest nondairy latte so thought I’d share my secret.


Oh, I’m not sure if this has been out for awhile or not, but I recently discovered Silk Unsweetened Coconutmilk. I knew they had coconutmilk, but this new unsweetened version is awesome. It’s delicious and right up there with my other favorite unsweetened vanilla almondmilk. They really have a lot of different flavor options, but the unsweetened options are the ones I always buy.

Here’s the easiest latte ever. It’s perfect for summer and for days when you need to whip up an iced latte in less than two minutes.


First off you have to freeze some leftover coffee. I just freeze it in regular ice cube trays or this cute one if I’m feeling really fancy.

Put the frozen coffee cubs in a glass and pour in your Silk milk of choice.


Add in sweetener if desired and there you go.


Right? The easiest thing ever.

Yesterday was the latte and just now made a chocolate version since it’s just one of those days. It’s very similar to the new unsweetened mocha, but even easier since I just used the above method.


The only difference between this and the latte was mixing two tablespoons of my favorite cocoa powder with a little warm water first, then adding the coffee cubes, a packet of Stevia in the raw, a splash of almond extract and lastly the coconutmilk.

Oh heck yes, this should carry me through the rest of the day.


As always, my drink gets Pat’s approval.

Ha ha.

Time to get back to my favorite kind of work.


See you tomorrow.

We’ve got a full week of giveaways and recipes for you. Yippee!

Until then…….

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Oh my goodness, and make sure to ‘like” the Silk Facebook page HERE also.

They have a contest going on right now and they’re giving away 800 free coupons each day to try their new Almond Protein+Fiber or new Almond Coconut Blend!

In my dream world I would win a year’s supply of Silk. Ha ha. For now though I’m happy with my coupons.

What is your favorite non dairy milk? Soy, almond, coconut, etc.?

Do you usually buy unsweetened or those that are already sweetened?

What’s your go to drink when you hit the afternoon slump?


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. 1

    I really like anything coconut flavored, but almond milk is my favorite in cereal. I usually buy unsweetened in case I want to cook with it. Plus the sweetened ones are a little too sweet sometimes.

    My go to drink is usually water. If I’m totally dragging I will have a nuun with caffeine or some coffee.

  2. 2
    steph says:

    Love me some silk! Coconut milk hasn’t hit my store yet but we use their almond milk daily.

    Off to cube some coffee :)

  3. 3
    elizabeth says:

    I have added peanut flour to oatmeal before, but never cold cereal, I’ll have to try it. Do you prefer PB2 over plain peanut flour?

  4. 4
    Morgan says:

    Old favorite is still unsweetened vanilla Almondmilk! Lately it’s been frozen & then vitamixed with coffee cooled & a little stevia & a dash of cinnamon. It’s like a fancy store bought blended coffee but made at home & drank out of a mason jar :) it’s perfect right before that 3pm “snack-y, sugary” craving time to get me to dinner. Oh wait. It’s not dinner time yet. Think I will go make one!!

  5. 5
    Allyssa says:

    I love unsweetened vanilla almond milk! I am very excited for those new recipes so I hope you post them soon!!


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