Taking It Seriously and a Couple Tips


Recovery that is.

This week. This whole week.

Just like my race pace on Saturday, things are SLOW around here, only this time it’s intentional.


Yesterday the extent of my exercise was lots of hugs with these cool dudes (who were digging the sunglasses I brought back from the expo),

2014-06-22 06.48.59-1

laughs with my best girlfriends from college and a little cleaning cardio in the form of washing the car and the kitchen floor.


The boys and I took a little road trip yesterday to visit a few of my best friends.

I made a kale, apple cider vinegar, protein powder and coconut water juice for the road.

2014-06-22 08.15.24 HDR

I was not that impressed, so when we found ourselves a drive thru Starbucks we were pretty pumped.

2014-06-22 10.01.30 HDR

For some reason the drive thru so much more fun, isn’t it?

2014-06-22 10.11.462014-06-22 10.14.59 HDR

I had the BEST time catching up with my best friends from college. There were six of us who lived together all four years of college in SLO.

Our time yesterday was cut way too short, but you know those friends that you only need like .5 seconds with to feel like you just saw each other? Yep, that’s these ladies. I love them.

2014-06-22 14.16.32


Since I don’t have it in me to write a full race recap just yet (just another thing I’m taking slow this week), I have a few random tips to share.


Try putting frozen blueberries in a sandwich. My favorite is Sunbutter and blueberry sandwich at the moment, but any nut butter will work. After a couple hours the blueberries defrost and the sandwich is marvelous. I add them just plain to my sandwiches with a little cinnamon, but I add them with a little jam to the sandwiches I make for the boys.

2014-06-22 14.49.46

Oh and not sure how your do it, but over here I always eat the entire crust first.

2014-06-22 14.54.26

We’re digging that Franz Bakery bread I picked up at the expo in Seattle. Dang it’s good stuff.


When you want an easy healthy dessert option for yourself or your kiddos you can whip up this two ingredient chocolate banana pudding in less than a minute.

2014-06-22 19.28.14

Smash up half of a banana, add a little cocoa powder and mix it up.

2014-06-22 19.28.23

Smiles all around. (This is very similar to my super old recipe for three ingredient fudge, just no PB2.) It’s better when it’s chilled, but not necessary.


Last night I wanted to finally have my post race celebratory beverage. I hadn’t had one yet and all we had in the house was warm Coors Light cans.

I made it work.

2014-06-22 20.33.54-1

I may have even added a little apple cider vinegar for a little kick.

2014-06-22 20.33.41

Weird, yes, but it wasn’t too shabby. It went really well with my ginormous chicken burrito.


This morning I got an email talking about “Bullet Proof Coffee” and the benefits of adding coconut oil and butter to coffee. I forgot that I used to add coconut oil and cinnamon all the time. I decided to use my hand blender this morning and whip in a little coconut oil, butter and cinnamon.

2014-06-23 07.33.10




Okay, so obviously recovery is not my strong point. I’m working on changing my ways this time because I have some races coming up that I would like to do well at and maybe take my training a little more seriously.

I have some pain on the top on my left foot that I’ve had for a couple weeks now, but haven’t talked about and have been running through a bit. I thought it might go away on it’s own, but that hasn’t happened. Shocker. After the marathon this past weekend, my foot really isn’t liking me, so I don’t want to run on it at all until the pain is gone.


To help figure out my plan for the week, I did a little research on how to recover properly.

The best article I found was this one from Competitor.com.

The Importance of Recovery After a Marathon


I found that this little excerpt from the beginning of the article hit home.

One of the biggest mistakes marathon runners make is not taking enough recovery time after finishing the race. After 26.2 miles of hard running, and the months of dedicated training that went into that effort, the body needs a break.

Understandably, for a dedicated runner, taking an unforced day off (or worse, a full week off), is about as enjoyable as a trip to the dentist for a root canal. Most runners have an irrational fear that missing a few runs will dramatically diminish their hard-earned fitness.


Does it hit home for anyone else?


So, this week we are all taking this recovery business serious for a change. Not just with not running, but really resting and slowing everything down.

Instead of getting up at the crack of dawn to write a recap post this morning, I didn’t set my alarm and got in a few extra snuggles instead.

2014-06-23 06.55.28

Not really part of the plan, but I also got a few extra evil eyes.

2014-06-23 06.54.31

Ha ha.


Okay, I’m off.

Instead of planning out a week of training runs, I’m planning out a week of fun family dinners. Win win.

I’ll work on getting a race recap up shortly along with some more adventures during my short time in Seattle, but it might take me a few days with this whole slowing down business.

Here are a couple quotes for your week though.


This first one is from Jody and her inspiring thoughts on instagram.

2014-06-22 19.26.10

This second one I just found on pinterest and love it!

#quote #inspirational


Have a wonderful week!


Anyone else…..

Slowing down this week?

Get super excited for the Starbucks drive thru?

Had beer over ice with a straw?

Added coconut oil to coffee?

Added frozen fruit to sandwiches?

Have a motivational quote or random tip to share?

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  1. 1
    Jackie says:

    Great tips! I’m not sure about the butter in the coffee but coconut oil sounds good!

  2. 2
    Lisa says:

    Good for you for slowing down and recovering! I know that is a hard thing for me to do too – you know, start to get antsy if I don’t run every day, but it’s important to do if I want to be able to keep running! I saw you out running on the course in Seattle, it was like a celebrity sighting :D. I’m looking forward to reading your race recap in a few days – great job by the way, even if it wasn’t your speediest time! Did you love running out on the floating slanted bridge? I did not love that part. And no to beer with a straw, but yes to frozen blueberries; they’re like my second favorite food.

  3. 3
    Bridget says:

    cute pic of the roommates!! everyone looks great!!

  4. 4

    So glad to hear that you’re taking time to recover. You are such an amazing runner that you could do amazing things if you train right and part of that training is recovering properly. I wrote a post about marathon recovery a few weeks ago, and during my research I saw that competitor quote. It cracked me up because it is so true.

  5. 5
    Laura says:

    Yessss, get some real rest this week!! Your body deserves a rest after all the marathons/halfs you have done lately!! Don’t let the foot pain get any worse.
    I saw a friend at a 5k this past Saturday that I haven’t seen in years….but I totally know how you felt with your friends. Within a few minutes I felt like we were back in 2009 again. Plus we made a great new memory, running together and both placing 1st in our age groups. 🙂
    Enjoy your slow week at home with those cute boys. Take care, friend!

  6. 6
    Kathy says:

    IN a hurry but just had to say….YES to beer with ice and a straw! ha!

  7. 7

    Ramping up this week. Uncle Pete called for 50 miles last week…check! 55 this week. Whoa!
    Sbux drive through…Not when it’s packed! but they do a good job of getting the orders out quickly. I’m a unsweetened trenta green tea guy, with an occasional grande no whip mocha frap. What do the twins get?
    I will have to try that frozen fruit sandwich trick… I like the blueberry and jam idea!

  8. 8
    Judy Westacott says:

    The hardest part about being fit is listening to our bodies. I like your recovery plan.

  9. 9
    elizabeth says:

    Okay, I’m going to try it, I just made a sunflower seed/almond-coconut butter, dandelion jelly and frozen blueberry sandwich, now I have to wait for it to thaw before I eat it. I need to get one of those sandwich maker machines, my roomies in college used to use that thing all the time for sandwiches with San Luis Sourdough, love that bread!
    I’ve also been eating rice chex with peanut flour, almond milk and stevia for dessert, the peanut flour is better than I thought it would be on cold cereal. Thanks!

  10. 10

    I hope your foot feels better soon! I’m glad you got to catch up with girlfriends. That’s always the best!

  11. 11
    AmandaM says:

    I could eat nutbutter with fruit/jam all day every day! Love it. That is what I am having for dinner and your pic made me drool 🙂

    How do you ramp up again after taking a break? Is your next goal race a half marathon? What do you think your first week of running again would look like after a break? I’m always curious about how to start up again. The books often say “start up with x% of your pre-break mileage”. But if you were training for something different, that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me…


  12. 12
    Sarah says:

    I was having pain in the top of my foot from running. It was like an inflammation between the foot bones and it hurt to the touch for days after running. Turns out, I was just tying my laces too tight. Yeah, really. A little more wiggle room did the trick!

  13. 13
    Kim says:

    Hooray for slowing down this week!!
    Not to be a downer but I’ve had pain on the top of my foot more than once – every time it has turned out to be a stress fracture – I think the podiatrist is impressed that I’ve broken every bone in my foot now:)
    And, I totally pour beer or wine over ice if it isn’t cold enough – I don’t even try to be classy!

  14. 14
    Sam says:

    I was so bummed out I got to the R’n’R expo late and missed y’all at the tweet up! You’re such a running rock star, relax like a RockStar this week! I hope you were able to enjoy some of our city’s beautiful scenery even if it was a tough race!

    I’ve never done beer over ice with a straw, but I have done beer over Cheerios with a spoon. Oh college. I was so young, so innocent, and so dumb.

    I’ve got a Kurt Vonnegut quote for a reminder to be present:

    “All time is all time, it does not change it simply is. Live it moment by moment”

  15. 15
    steph says:

    no beer through a straw but definitely coffee through a straw!

  16. 16
    natasha says:

    Yum…smashed banana and cocoa…used to make smashed banana and cinnamon toast. Hmmm…maybe toss in some frozen blueberries into either of those would be the crowning glory (:

    Enjoy your rest…I took one (sort of….ha, ha) today too!

  17. 17

    YES! It’s like you read my mind. I don’t run or race nearly as much as you do and this week I’m really starting to feel like I need a bit of a break. Even just a week or so. It’s so hard no waking up and running but I feel like I have to force myself because I really want to do well at my next race.

    Hope you and your boys enjoy your time together this week! xo

  18. 18

    I slowed down last week and feel revived this week! I also eat all of the crust to my sandwiches first (:

  19. 19
    Lindsay says:

    Please ask your friend where she got those cute black and white pants! I have been searching!!!! 🙂

  20. 20

    HUGS for sharing my post again & glad it showed who it came from originally since I like to give credit too! 🙂 Being honest, I was running out of gas – time to change the focus.. I care too much about what people think – always have – but it is not healthy & need to move on & try to focus on me..

    I love your family & slow down time – you deserve & need it!!!! The boys are adorable all attitude & snuggly! 😉 That kitty is giving us all the evil eye – too funny!!!!

    That sandwich looks delish!!! AND I AM A CRUST PERSON!!!!! I call it all the time on fresh bread – I scream – I call the end piece!!! 🙂

  21. 21

    What a great post! So many good tips in there! I am definitely going to try adding frozen fruit to sandwiches. All summer I have to take lunch with me to work (I work at a school ie no lunch room in the summer) so that will be perfect!! I love the crust on sammies. Coconut oil in coffee?? Why?? I’ll have to explore the link.

    For the past 2 months I’ve been taking it easy – working out when I wanted and however I wanted. Starting next week I’ll be training for my next half marathon!

  22. 22
    Pam says:

    I need to try that sandwich!!!! I love shakes with blueberries and almond or sunbutter…..the transition to sandwich never dawned on me. Thanks for the idea 🙂

  23. 23

    Our friend had us try bulletproof coffee and even though it sounded insanely weird, I must admit it wasn’t bad. I just have to say I LOOOVE that your sons still snuggle with you! I really hope my son still snuggles with me when he’s their age!

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