Family Walking, More Visitors and Our New Game


Last night we took a family walk it.

2014-07-09 18.43.42 HDR-1

We really need to do this more often.

2014-07-09 19.05.422014-07-09 19.11.26 HDR

We even spotted a doe and her babies.

2014-07-09 19.24.08

Pretty cool, right?

It made for a late dinner and a late night complete with grumpy boys, but it was worth it.


Random, but lately this guy has been surrounding himself with any stuffed animal he can find to sleep with.

2014-07-09 21.17.00


I had great intentions of getting up at 5:00 am this morning. Those intentions got kicked to the curb right when my alarm went off even though I had a pretty motivational message written to myself on there.

I finally dragged myself out of bed about an hour later and got on the treadmill. I had intended on doing a speed workout, but that didn’t happen either. I got in some faster miles though.

I ran a couple warm-up miles and then did around 7 at a 7:30 pace and the last 2 at 7:00 pace.

2014-07-10 09.44.252014-07-10 09.47.25

It was a tough one, but felt good to pick things up a bit. The whole emotional stress effecting performance and motivation is no joke. I’m just trying to do what I need to get to the San Francisco Marathon in a couple weeks.

On a different note, I’m really loving the new Wave Sayonara 2 shoes. I also just noticed that they come in some other cool colors.

My morning visitors included Nala (who has come out of hiding since Kitty’s been gone),

2014-07-10 08.46.29

Bradley Cooper in this random ABC Family movie

2014-07-10 09.46.03

and then these cute guys.

2014-07-10 09.56.352014-07-10 09.57.20



The breakfast set up lately has looked a little like this.


Egg white scramble with spinach or kale and a SunButter and blueberry sandwich, a no grain maple cake and an apple.


Yes, I love breakfast.


Every day we play at least a couple of games around here. This week we created a new game that we’re pretty proud of so we thought we’d share.

Here’s how it goes in case you want to play it at your house.


It’s the letter finding name game.


First you get an index card for each letter of your name.

Everyone is in charge of writing our his or her own letters of the name on the cards.

Then the “hiders” hide all the letter cards around the house.


Then it’s a race to see who can find the most cards.

Once all the cards are found, you have to find and spell out your name.

2014-07-09 13.14.27_thumb



Fun, right?



Okay, I’m off to play this game yet another time.

I’ll be back a little later with a fun giveaway for you.


Do you go on family walks? If so, where is your favorite place?

Do you have any fun game ideas for us to do? (I have a feeling this letter one will get old quickly.)

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  1. 1
    Erika C says:

    Fun game! Our family enjoys Batiquitos Lagoon. Lots of birds to see plus ocean breezes. It’s a win-win! We’ve also done Agua Hedionda. Nice visitors center there with reptiles. The kids love that! Both are super close to our house which is also nice.

  2. 2
    Dolly says:

    Would it be such a bad thing to skip the San Francisco Marathon? I’d be worried about reinjuing my foot…. What are your goals for this race? Are you doing this as a PR attempt? Are you running this just for fun? If it’s the later I wouldn’t put so much pressure on yourself to stack the miles….You have run this race before right?

    I’m sure you have other races later on this calendar year. Take it easy, sometimes the hardest thing to do is rest.

    • 2.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Hi Dolly- definitely something I’m considering nad I have the same worry. It’s still two weeks out, but I’m keeping an open mind and playing it day by day. Definitely not a PR attempt. That won’t be for quite a long time. 🙂

    • 2.2
      Amy H says:

      I agree – SF Marathon sounds like a really bad idea. Between the foot and cutting back on running for a bit to give your body a chance to reboot, I’m just not sure why you would do this. Just thinking back – you’ve run Carlsbad, Boston, Big Sur, San Diego RnR, Seattle RnR and your treadmill run in about 6 months. Not exactly the schedule of someone who wants to run a fast marathon.

  3. 3
    elizabeth says:

    Will your spiralizer make angel hair strands or just spaghetti thickness?

    • 3.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      IT can make smaller strands, but I haven’t tried them yet. Not sure as small as angel hair, but they look like they’d be pretty small.

      • elizabeth says:

        I wonder if it works well for beets? Do you like raw beets on your salads? I have some orange beets in the garden I like.

  4. 4

    We haven’t really done family walks yet, but we were actually just talking about starting! We’d go around our neighborhood, but it would be fun! I didn’t realize you had another marathon coming up! I thought you were finally taking a break! You’re pretty much amazing, and I’m glad to see your foot is feeling better. Totally random…are those Costco placemats? We have some that are similar

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