Sleep Finally, a BOSU Push-Up and a Wienervention GIVEAWAY


Finally friends. FINALLY we had an uninterrupted night of sleep. I was asleep around 9:30 pm and woke up at my first alarm at 5:01 am.

Heck yes. It was like Christmas in July!

I know, I’m not getting my hopes up, but my little man earned 2 stickers on his sleep card I made him.


I know I asked if anyone knows how my iFit Active band tracks sleep.

Well, it’s more of a mystery than ever now.

2014-07-23 05.45.49

Ha ha. I forgot to change it to sleep mode when I went to bed. I guess it doesn’t automatically change over.

I’ve still got a few things to learn, although this little gem is pretty automatic about a lot of other things. Not as much to learn as the cool Prep Pad kitchen gadget. Ha ha.


Let’s see, so I actually woke up with my first alarm. I was on the treadmill early with a movie “Lola Versus”. Cute flick. 10 easy pace miles at 1.0 incline. Done.

2014-07-23 07.09.49

Really random snack of the morning.

2014-07-23 08.02.32

Chicken apple sausage, Fuji apple and the least ripe banana we had at the house. I’m not a fan of bananas that have any kind of brown on them, but it was all we had. I prefer them with a green tip still.

Taught a spin class. Played with the boys at the pool after their swim class and then made it to Barnes and Nobles right away for Batman Day.

2014-07-23 10.41.262014-07-23 10.43.38-1

Ha ha. Yeah, today is the 75th year celebration of the comic Batman.


Speaking of Batman, here’s a cool move we did in class yesterday for the triceps (some people like to call them “bat wings”) and the core and obliques.

Tricep push-up in the BOSU.

Start in a plank position with your hands a little closer than shoulder width apart. Bend your elbows straight down while taking both knees towards one shoulder. Back to center. Repeat on opposite side.

2014-07-22 12.58.462014-07-22 12.59.102014-07-22 12.59.38

In case you prefer the video version. Silence is golden in my few minutes after I teach a class. Ha.


(Trying to post videos on here has been a little weird, so if you can’t see it click here to watch it on my YouTube channel.)


Okay so did you know that today is National Hot Dog Day?

Yes, yes it is.

We were sent a kit from Applegate to celebrate the special occasion AND have a little wienervention of our own.

What’s a wienervention (otherwise known by Judah as a “wiener invention”). Well, here you go.

All the information is here, but really, this video is too funny not to share.


We celebrated a day early last night with our kit.



I know, right? That apron is pretty awesome.


Guess which “cleaner wiener” was mine.

Ha ha.

We also had our nightly show and bootie dance.



Applegate wants you to be able to have a wienervention of your own. You might not be able to have it today for National HOt Dog Day, but if you leave a comment below with your favorite hot dog toppings, you can enter to win this kit.

2014-07-23 11.25.14

The kit includes:

- Applegate Naturals Beef Hot Dogs

- Rudi’s Hot Dog Buns (White and Gluten-Free)

- Annie’s Organic Ketchup and Mustard

- Rick’s Pick’s Relish

- Applegate Apron

- Grilling tool set

- Frisbee

- Mini Applegate Cooler

- Susty paper straws and napkins



Leave me a comment below.

Giveaway will be open until Friday night, 11:59 pm PST and the randomly chosen winner will be announced on the blog Saturday. Open to US residents only.

The giveaway for the Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt kit will end the same time. If you haven’t entered that one yet, you can enter here.


See you tomorrow! Enjoy your night!


Did you celebrate National Hot Dog Day?

What’s your favorite hot dog topping?

Anyone else know about the tracking sleep thing or celebrate Batman Day?

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  1. 1
    Laura says:

    Lol, no I did not celebrate hot dog day…not a fan :) I also did not celebrate Batman…also not a huge fan. Jeez I am lame today!! Haha. Glad to hear you got a good night’s sleep. Woohoo!!

  2. 2
    Miranda S says:

    YUM! Looks absolutely scrumptious. If I had Applegate dogs I def would have celebrated…with a little ketchup and mustard and a gluten free bun! Yeah!

  3. 3
    Stephanie says:

    My fave toppings are vidalia onions, ketchup and mustard. Mmm

  4. 4
    Carrie says:

    I didn’t celebrate hot dog day..but my mom did call me first thing today to tell me about it :)

  5. 5
    Meredith says:

    I like ketchup with hot dogs…as opposed to hot dogs with ketchup. Everyone thinks it’s gross!

  6. 6
    Laura P says:

    I keep my hot dogs simple….mustard and chopped onions. That’s it!

  7. 7
    D Schmidt says:

    I love my hot dogs with onions, jalapenos, relish and mustard!

  8. 8
    Jojo says:

    Unfortunately I did not celebrate national hot dog day…but my favorite toppings are honey Dijon mustard and avocado! yumm

  9. 9
    angela says:

    I love sauerkraut and mustard!

  10. 10
    Tasha Orlando says:

    I did not celebrate national hot dog day.. When I do eat a hot dog I have it without a bun and mustard only.

  11. 11
    Nicole Dz says:

    We did not celebrate national hot dog day, but when we grill we always grill them and my favorite topping on my hot dog is baked beans!

  12. 12
    Abby says:

    Ketchup is the only thing I put on my hot dog :)

  13. 13
    ria says:

    By the time I found out about Nat’l Hotdog Day I had already cooked dinner so we’ll celebrate on Friday night instead. We love our hotdogs simple around here- just ketchup and mustard.

  14. 14
    Molly says:

    I didn’t even know National Hot Dog Day was a thing, but am insanely disappointed I missed out!

    Yellow mustard & minced onions; only way to go.

  15. 15
    Stephanie says:

    We didn’t celebrate National Hot Dog Day, but we are eating grilled food for dinner.

    I like lots of things on my hot dogs. Ketchup, mustard, relish. MMmmm.

    I always forget to set my fitbit to track my sleep. I really should start using it for that, and also start going to bed earlier…

  16. 16
    Melissa Sherman says:

    Mmm yum! I like it all…ketchup, mustard, and relish please:) or sometimes I opt for mustard and relish! Everyone’s looks delicious!! Makes me hungry:)

  17. 17
    MichelleB says:

    My favorite hotdog toppings are brown mustard, sauerkraut, a little ketchup and hot pickled peppers. OMG I LOVE HOTDOGS! My mom raised me on those things! And Applegate hotdogs are delicious!

  18. 18
    Heather Baedke says:

    I didn’t even realize they had a hot dog day. Just like plain old ketchup on mine.


  19. 19
    Rachel M says:

    Hot dogs are one of my favorite foods lol! Sadly I didn’t celebrate but I had a hot dog yesterday so I’m counting that! And I just like ketchup and sometimes cheese and chili.
    I track my sleep with my fitbit! I don’t really know how accurate that is though haha
    Thanks for doing this!

  20. 20
    Anne says:

    ketchup and celery salt

  21. 21
    Juliah826 says:

    I love hot dogs, but it is so hard to find high quality ones!!! my favorite way to eat them are bunless with ketchup and stir-fryed veggies :)

  22. 22
    Kristen says:

    I love ketchup and onions!

  23. 23
    Jill A says:

    My family would looooooove a wienervener! I like ketchup on my hotdog, no bun.

  24. 24
    Whitney says:

    Those hot dogs look great. Must try them.

  25. 25
    Marissa says:

    I don’t really eat hot dogs anymore because I’ve been trying to eat healthier and less processed, it would be great to try out some of these!

  26. 26
    Kim says:

    That tricep push-up move on the BOSU looks intense – gonna have to try!!!
    I used to love hotdogs but they make my stomach hurt so none for me anymore!!

  27. 27
    Shannon says:

    Sauerkraut is a must!

  28. 28

    Bummed we missed Batman day! I need to get on that stuff. Glad sleep went well! Woohoo! Oh and I love hot sauce (duh) in my hot dog. No bun!

  29. 29
    Angelee says:

    I freaking love hot dogs. Really. There’s just something about them that makes me feel American. Lol. I want the works… Ketchup, mustard, onions, relish. Mmmmm

  30. 30
    Kristen says:

    I like the basics…mustard and relish on my hot dog.

  31. 31
    Melissa says:

    Mmm, my mom taught me how to eat hot dogs right… grilled to a crisp, with some mustard and sweet coleslaw (preferably from Publix) on top. That’s the only way to do it, in my book! (And of course, they taste best coming from her kitchen.) So yum.

  32. 32
    Laurel C says:

    I’m definitely a ketchup and onion girl!

  33. 33
    Amy says:

    Relish, mustard, AND ketchup!

  34. 34
    Ellie says:

    I missed hot dog day since I’m studying abroad until next week but I love mustard and relish on mine!

  35. 35
    Denise says:

    Ketchup, mustard, relish. Nothing fancy.

  36. 36
    Robin says:

    Dijon mustard although relish had recently become interesting to me

  37. 37
    Laura L says:

    I’m simple with hot dogs, yellow mustard is all I need. My two little boys and I love Applegate hotdogs

  38. 38
    Marsha says:

    Weiners!!! Chicago style!!!

  39. 39
    Emily says:

    Didn’t celebrate yesterday, but would love this! And mustard, most def!! I put it on everything.

  40. 40
    stacey says:

    Ketchup, mustard AND relish!

  41. 41
    Irina says:

    A giveaway perfect for summer!! I’m a huge fan of ketchup and relish (my fellow Chicagoans would scold me for even mentioning ketchup…)

  42. 42
    Amanda N says:

    I love hot dogs so of course I celebrated! I like mine with just ketchup although I have had a few “gourmet” hot dogs at a local place and they’re pretty good with toppings too!

  43. 43
    Tanya says:

    I’m a Chicago girl and like mine with relish, mustard, celery salt, peppers…but I’m also sad to say I add ketchup. (Love it but ketchup is not the Chicago way!)

  44. 44
    Kristen says:

    I’m kinda boring- just ketchup on mine.

  45. 45
    Chrissy says:

    ketchup, mustard and relish, yum! Haven’t had one in years. We are going to an event this weekend with foodtrucks, and I am totally getting a hotdog.

  46. 46
    Angie says:

    Mustard and hot peppers

  47. 47
    Melissa O says:

    Just ketchup

  48. 48
    Autumn says:

    Onion and mustard!

  49. 49
    Electra says:

    Weiners galore!! ♡ it! I am a fan of mustard, pickles & a smidge of ketchup :) :)

  50. 50
    Marissa D. says:

    I love hot dogs, I used to eat them almost everyday as a kid… opps nitrate overload.. haha I survived. Would love to try out these cleaner wieners.. My favorite toppings are cheese, ketchup, and chili.. YUM

  51. 51
    sofi says:

    definitely kechup and mustard, sometimes cheese, yum!

  52. 52
    Jen says:

    I like my dogs with ketchup and mustard, BUT I might have to try one like yours! Looks so good!!! ;)

  53. 53
    Suzie says:

    Mustard or peppers and onions!!

  54. 54
    Cassie says:

    Ketchup (reduced sugar, preferably) and mustard :)

  55. 55
    Angie says:

    Mustard, ketchup, and pickle relish. If available, I’ll throw some chili on there too!

  56. 56
    stacey says:

    Ketchup with a little mustard

  57. 57
    latanya says:

    I like mustard, chili, and onions

  58. 58
    elizabeth says:

    Annie’s organic ketchup is the best ketchup! Did you like it?
    I don’t like bananas too ripe either, so I’m glad I finally found a smoothie I like with frozen bananas, it has coffee and cocoa in it.
    I just made a sandwich with sunflower butter, almond coconut butter, a little raspberry pomegranate jam and fresh raspberries, instead of blueberries, Thanks for the idea. Also, I made your quick pumpkin dip last night, without the chia and added a bit of almond milk, vanilla stevia and cinnamon, it was good.

  59. 59
    Nikki says:

    My husband really likes Applegate hot dogs, with mustard. He’s been bugging me to buy him some for BBQing!

  60. 60
  61. 61

    oh also bbq sauce, how could I forget!?

  62. 62
    Sarah W says:

    I like them plain!

  63. 63
    Amy says:

    Ketchup is awesome on hot dogs!

  64. 64
    Amie says:

    I like mine simple — just ketchup!

  65. 65
    Tiffany S says:

    ketchup and relish are my fav ‘dog toppings!

  66. 66
    Jessica R says:

    I like either them simple with ketchup, or just shredded cheese, or chili and cheese!

  67. 67

    I love a good chili cheese dog with coleslaw on top! Or even a standard ketchup, mustard, and relish combo. I just like hot dogs :)

  68. 68
    Katie says:

    Applegate makes the only hot dogs I will eat and they are SO SO good! I love them with just straight up mustard and ketchup. No bun, because I want to taste my weiner! ;)

    I have a cookbook called “Haute Dog” that I should bust out tonight!

  69. 69
    Kelly says:

    I don’t eat hotdogs often – but when I do – I definitely like Applegate. I feel good about eating them & giving them to my son. My fav topping is pretty simple – just spicy dijon mustard! Although that relish looks pretty intriguing. thanks!

  70. 70
    Gina says:

    I love Applegate Hotdogs, they are much healthier than a typical dog. I love Guacamole and ketchup on mine!!

  71. 71
    Jill says:

    I haven’t had a Hot Dog in forever! These Applegate Dogs look great. Thank you.

  72. 72
    melissa c. says:

    Oh my favorite topping is COLESLAW!!!! Ithas two be amazingly good coleslaw of course. Can u share the benefits of the nutritional yeast and why u put on your meals?

  73. 73
    Cellabella says:

    I love hot dogs! And it’s the perfect season for them too :)

  74. 74
    Madeline says:

    Woohoo for such awesome giveaways!! Hot dogs and froyo, can’t ever go wrong!

  75. 75
    Deb E says:

    I get a kick out of the “national day” themes so I saw the postings for both Hot dog day and Batman day. I found some nice Batman downloads for those bat ears! I love ketchup on my hot dog probably since it’s tangy and sweet so I’d love to try Annie’s healthier version.

  76. 76
    kim says:

    I served these hot dogs last weekend, and everyone noticed the GREAT taste!! I actually had one plain… I could really get the flavor…..but I am a mustard and ketchup girl. Unless there’s sauerkraut. Then DEF just the sauerkraut!!

  77. 77
    Angie Jerde says:

    My go-to toppings are a ton of mustard with sauerkraut and raw/fried onions! Mmmm…it’s making my mouth water just talking about it! What a creative and fun giveaway : )

  78. 78
    Debbie says:

    Definitely ketchup, mustard, and sauerkraut!

  79. 79
    Jessie C. says:

    I like relish and mustard with hot dogs.

  80. 80
    Kari says:

    I love the Applegate hotdogs! I like them plain.

  81. 81
  82. 82
    Laura stern says:

    Ketchup and mustard. Yum!

  83. 83
    Holly B says:

    I love “healthy” hot dogs. I’m a big fan of tofu pups, but sometimes I would just rather have a hot dog tasting dog!

  84. 84
    Angela says:

    Ketchup, mustard, and pickle relish! Yummy!

  85. 85
    Jen rose says:

    Onions and mustard. Yum!

  86. 86
    natasha says:

    I used to be all about the ketchup and mustard way back in school days but as I”ve gotten older I like to spice things up (: Hot sauce, salsa, etc though I”m okay with plain and simple old school too….just been too long since my last one! I plan to invite my house mate if I win since it might convince her to break out the grill.

  87. 87
    marie says:

    For me it’s chili, mustard, & cheese.

  88. 88
    Mindy says:

    Biggest.Applegate.Fan.Ever!! Love chili, cheese and onions!! YUMMM

  89. 89
    Jen W. says:

    I’m a sweet and simple kinda gal – ketchup only on my hotdog!

  90. 90
    Tracy says:

    Ketchup, mustard & sweet pickle relish for me!

  91. 91
    Heather H. says:

    I love Applegate hotdogs! Mustard and ketchup will do just fine. :)

  92. 92
    Juliana says:

    mustard, ketchup and onions for me!

  93. 93
    Carol Vasbinder says:

    Love hot dogs, have to have ketchup and MUSTARD! And I use Sleep as Android app, very interesting.

  94. 94
    Ashley says:

    Oh how I love hotdogs! Especially at the ballpark with a beer! I love savory dogs: spicy mustard, onions, pickles, sourkraut, cheese…mmmmm

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  95. 95
    Rebecca S says:

    We are Applegate fans! Love them grilled with ketchup!

  96. 96
    Angie Treadwell says:

    Sauekraut and mustard on a whole grain bun–yum!

  97. 97

    I didn’t know about Hot Dog Day or Batman Day! Disappointing.

    My favorite hot dog topping is mustard. I usually do mustard, ketchup, onions and relish.

  98. 98

    i LOVE condiments, but i will be honest i saying when it comes to hotdogs i am boring and stick with only ketchup.

  99. 99
    RC Liley says:

    Man, wish I didn’t miss Batman Day! I love mustard on everything, even as salad dressing!

  100. 100
    Krista says:

    Pickles …sourkraut…..mustard ……from a street vender yummy!!

  101. 101
    Erika says:

    Favorite topping…jalapeños or anything spicy!

  102. 102
    Pam says:

    looks great mama!! I love sauerkraut, mustard, pickles & jalepenos! Chicago style is great too!!! :)

  103. 103
    Julia says:

    I worked at Orange Julius back in the early nineties and became a fan of the pizza dog and chili dog. I still like them today and also just plain with ketchup and mustard.

  104. 104
    Michelle Kim says:

    I like a little bit of ketchup and mustard, and a good amount of relish and chopped onions. I really like the relish, though, hehe.

  105. 105
    Megan Mayer says:

    I did not celebrate national hotdog day haha and my favorite topping is ketchup!!!

  106. 106
    Ashley L. says:

    Hmm, favorite toppings are ketchup, mustard, and dill relish!

  107. 107
    Amanda S. says:

    I don’t eat hot dogs but my husband and kids love them. Their must-have topping is nothing! I don’t know how they do that!? Years ago when I did eat them I definitely needed ketchup and mustard!

  108. 108
    Rachael says:

    I haven’t had a hit dog in forever but my kids love them and Applegate is the only brand I will buy! My son loves his with all the above toppings, my daughter likes hers w/ just ketchup. We sadly missed hot dog day.
    Would love these goodies to have a belated celebration!

  109. 109
    Kara says:

    I can’t believe I missed batman day!! Also missed national hotdog day… My favorite hotdog toppings are mustard and sauteed onions! Yum!

  110. 110
    Alissa A says:

    This looks awesome! Thanks for the giveaway.

  111. 111
    Annette says:

    My favorite hot dog toppings are chili, cheese, and onions.

  112. 112

    HUBBY loves hot dogs!!!!!!! OMG, the batman cuties!!!!!!

  113. 113
    Susie says:


  114. 114
    april says:

    Love Applegate! Favorite toppings are sweet relish and onions, or sometimes some kraut.

  115. 115
    Rose says:

    Love hot dogs but nutrient wise its not just friendly. I heard great stories about apple gate but its so expensive! Can’t wait to try some!


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