Curly Potatoes, Figs on Toast and Surprises


Well hello.

Where the heck has the day gone? Anyone else feel like that? Beavis.

Did NOT have a good night last night with the whole kiddo situation. I knew the other night of a full night’s sleep was a fluke. Ha. We’re working on it and I can’t thank you enough for all your advice the other day. Glad to know others have been through this stage.

I prepared myself though by going to bed at 9:00 pm with a packet of chocolate NuttZo.

2014-07-23 20.59.51

Ha ha.

Again, still trying to figure out how this works, but looks like I got enough sleep. Sure doesn’t feel like it though.

2014-07-24 06.08.19

Did a treadmill run this morning. Entertainment was this movie.

2014-07-24 06.58.07

Pretty funny. Gosh I love Netfix. Easy pace 10 miles.

2014-07-24 08.27.172014-07-24 08.27.33

The boys thought it was a great idea to come in and yell “boo” while I was running. I’m so lucky I didn’t fall off. I took a little break to have a chat about appropriate times to try to scare people and how it is very dangerous to do so while anyone is on the treadmill. Good thing I was wearing the safety clip. Oh man.

2014-07-24 07.57.13

Oh, you like their new pajamas? Yeah, me too. Thanks Mom. We love you! We even did a little modeling session last night. New pajamas are the best.

2014-07-23 19.11.26

Want to know what else we did last night?

We made our own healthy curly fries.


We are getting the hang of our cool vegetable spiralizer.


I topped them with coconut oil and sea salt and roasted them at 450 for about 15-20 minutes. Not quite getting the hang of not burning things around here yet though.


Overall it was a success and they were darn delicious.


We’re still on our French Toast kick. We had quite a few eggs to use up this morning.

2014-07-24 09.14.57

I mixed in some real eggs with my egg whites for mine and since Andrew came home with some fresh figs from Tutu’s the other day I decided I better use some as a topping along with blueberry chia jam.


Oh and there was some SunButter, coconut butter and molasses on there too.

Good stuff.


Really quick before I’m on my way.

Not sure if you’ve heard, but Quest Nutrition came out with a brand new product today.

We were sent a little surprise package that we opened earlier.

Will have to post specifics later, but we posted our little taste test here on instagram.


Gotta run at the moment.

Is it Friday yet? Ha.

Two awesome things I saw on instagram yesterday. Thought I’d share.

2014-07-22 21.29.33_thumb


2014-07-23 05.27.48_thumb



What’s your favorite French Toast topping?

What is your favorite thing to do with figs? (I still have some I need to use up.)

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  1. 1

    You really make me want a spiralizer, mostly to make curly fries! 😉

    My favorite french toast topping is strawberries and powdered sugar. Really, any berries are delicious on french toast/waffles/pancakes. At least one of those is going to happen this weekend now.

    I can’t help with the figs, I don’t think I’ve ever had one outside of a fig newton!

  2. 2
    Kim says:

    Bummer on the poor night of sleep (again)! Love the boys new PJs!!
    I’ve only had 1 fig in my whole life – I pulled one off a tree in my great-grandparents back yard when I was young and took a bite. It was so bitter and nasty that I have never tried another!!!

  3. 3
    Kathy says:

    The curly vegetable fries look great ….. and I can’t believe I never thought to use my apple spiralizer for curly veggies fries before!!!! Thank You once again for a great idea and light bulb moment. 😉

    Figs? The only thing I enjoy are fig cookies my grandma use to make….yum!

    French toast toppings….almond butter, sliced bananas and a touch of syrup!

  4. 4
    Allyssa says:

    I’ve seen a few smoothie recipes with figs and bananas, but have yet to try it out ( I have some figs I recently bought also!). My favorite french toast topping is lots of peanut butter and cinnamon 🙂 Random side note, but the boys look so cute with their fresh new cut!

  5. 5

    Keeping my fingers crossed you have a better night sleep this time around! I can’t imagine how hard that can be and then getting up to get those runs in! Good luck!

  6. 6
    Sara says:

    Love your posts. you’re so honest. It’s like reading an email from a friend. I want a spiralizer now. I am chomping at the bit for fresh figs. They’ll be here in Virginia soon…but not quite yet! I work for an ag-organization and we did a story on figs and I got to eat the best fresh figs straight from the field! YUM! Now I’m spoiled. HA!

  7. 7

    Those look great! I definitely want to try that. I made something similar with parnsips and potatoes I’m sure would be a huge treat.

  8. 8


    I saw that Happsters quote – OMG, so true! I am old enough to know the difference – I catch myself taking pics of an event rather than watching it…

    OK, must check out the Quest stuff!!!!

    AND.. I want those healthy fries.. if it makes you feel better, I burn everything & I am OK with that! I like well done & crunchy! 🙂


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