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Back at It and High Maintenance Eats Around San Fran

Back at It and High Maintenance Eats Around San Fran


Last night I was back at the gym teaching classes.

2014-07-28 16.50.31

I made my way through. I’m not entirely sure what I said or did. Ha ha.

2014-07-28 17.22.25-2

I do know I made it home just in time to read and snuggle enough with these two.

2014-07-28 20.18.31

I was back at it again today with a class. Favorite move from today was this one.

2014-07-29 12.54.01

The 15 second video is here.


I’m not sure how you do it when you travel, but when Andrew and I are doing the vacation thing we try to eat at all the best places.

Although our trip to San Francisco was a quick one, we did just that though.

2014-07-28 09.47.40

Yeah, the view from the hotel was pretty awesome.


Saturday night before the race we knew we wanted to go eat pizza at the same restaurant we did the last time.

This time there was over an hour wait. Why the heck is everywhere in San Francisco so crowded? WE stuck it out and were so glad we did.

Patxi’s is the best.

Random, but at every table they had a jar of honey. We had to ask what that was all about.


They told us that since they don’t serve dessert, they give people honey to put on the leftover crust from the pizza.

I was tempted to try it, but I just couldn’t do it. Sounds like a pretty good idea though.

We shared a salad


and the I had the most expensive pizza ever. I couldn’t decide what topping I wanted to I just kept adding more. I had a total of 8 toppings on my pizza and none of them were cheese. Pretty funny.


I went with the whole wheat crust and it was darn fabulous.

Andrew was smart and just ordered off the menu.


They were pretty impressed with our ability to each eat an entire pizza. Too bad we didn’t get a discount or something for doing that though. Ha.


After the race on Sunday we headed out to find some breakfast.


We tried to go to Mama’s, but when we got there the line was way too long and it was over a two hour wait. There was no way in heck I was waiting that long after a marathon to eat so we found Park Tavern just a block away.


We liked the look of the drinks so we gave it a go.


I thought I’d sport my medal around because someone once told me that’s what the cool people do.


Andrew wasn’t too impressed. We were impressed though with our breakfast.


We drank a lot of coffee while we were there.


We also had a few other fun cocktails.

The Tipsy Pig was a really fun place.



The Strawberry Fields drink was really good.


So was just the time hanging out at the bar.



For our big dinner date we went for Thai food at Lemongrass.

2014-07-27 18.39.40 HDR

Yep, still sported my medal.

I finally took it off.

2014-07-27 18.40.13

I don’t remember our exact order. We don’t do Thai food very often so we don’t really know what the good things to order are, but we liked what we got.

Veggie rolls,

2014-07-27 19.15.25


2014-07-27 19.23.55

chicken pad thai and one other spicy seafood dish.

2014-07-27 19.47.48

They brought some extra peppers on the side for me.

2014-07-27 19.49.23

Gotta love that.

I begged Andrew to go to Ghirardelli Square since we didn’t make it there the last time.

2014-07-27 20.35.162014-07-27 20.36.432014-07-27 20.37.04

Again, super crowded, but the long line and the wait was worth it.

2014-07-27 20.38.432014-07-27 21.07.08

Oh heck yes.

Random, but these lights at the hotel were awesome. I kind of want some like it all around our house.

2014-07-27 21.49.31

Wouldn’t that be cool?


We hit up Noah’s for our last meal.

2014-07-28 09.04.57

Wait, that’s not entirely true. I got us bagels and coffee and brought them back to the room so we could eat while watching a little Live With Kelly and Michael.

My order was once again high maintenance. It’s a good thing we don’t go out to eat that often.

2014-07-28 09.03.552014-07-28 09.20.23 HDR

Being high maintenance pays off though when you get awesome bagel breakfast sandwiches like this one.

2014-07-28 09.28.192014-07-28 09.28.46

I forgot how delicious pumpernickel bagels are. I’m going to have to get them more often.


SO yeah, we ate and drank pretty well in San Francisco. We usually do though wherever we go. It’s our thing. Ha.

We had a good time. And what we didn’t find in the restaurants, we just brought along with us anyway. Flat Kitty had my back with a bunch of single serving SunButter packets.

2014-07-28 09.47.33




There’s a couple more hours to enter the Power O’s GIVEAWAY!

Have a great night!



How do you decide where to eat when on vacation?

Is there a specific food you always tend to have?

What’s the best restaurant ever you’ve eaten at on a trip?

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  1. 1
    Krystin C says:

    Your posts are awesome, they crack me up! Great job on another marathon!!

  2. 2
    elizabeth says:

    The photo bomber guy in the picture of you and your husband cracked me up!
    I finally tried the Yasso bars and really like the mint chip, but did not like the salted caramel at all, but I tried salted caramel greek yogurt once and did not like it, so there is something about yogurt and caramel. I really like the texture of the mint bars and they aren’t too sweet.
    I used my spiralizer tonight for zucchini pasta, topped with some tomato sauce I had in the freezer from last summer, it was great, I needed a soft meal to eat as my cheek/neck is still swollen from a tooth abscess last week( root canal tomorrow). I just stuck the zucchini noodles in the micro for a couple minutes.
    You went to Cal Poly SLO, right? Would you ever live there, I mean, besides college? Most of my friends left for jobs in the bay area, but I always think about going back there to live sometime.

  3. 3
    Laura P says:

    Love the photo bomber in the bar picture, haha. Looks like you had a lot of good food! The only way to travel!

  4. 4

    I’m behind… but congrats on the race!!! I adore SFO. I swear there isn’t any bad food there. Micheladas are one of my favorite (breakfast) drinks. Next time you go, check out Flour + Water. Life. Changing.

  5. 5

    I totally plan my trips around the best places to eat! I think one of my favorites is Portage Bay Cafe in Seattle!

  6. 6

    I LOVE the photo bomber! I LOVE your purple nails! I LOVE that you love hot and spicy food! I am the same way. I don’t necessarily need to go to fancy or expensive places but I love to try places that give me a flavor of the people and the unique location.

  7. 7
    Meagan says:

    OMG photo bomb!!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

    I live in Seattle (currently) and I agree with the gal above my comment, PORTAGE BAY is the BEST. If you have a race in Seattle coming up at all I’ll totally show you the amazingness! Look it up on Yelp. The pictures are so yummy.

    PS – ran in my new Halo headband today… it was great. And it didn’t take long at all for the halo band mark to disappear from my forehead. Which I was a little worried about. Haha.

  8. 8
    Pam says:

    Looking at that pad thai my mouth just watered! Might have to make some this weekend….Looks like you had a great trip to San Fran 🙂

  9. 9
    Nicole says:

    The photo bomber made me laugh!! Love it!

    Also, with your order at Noah’s: “Christen”….that’s unique! 😉

  10. 10
    Bridget says:

    Sheesh, I want to travel with you guys!!!!!!!! I can’t even get a decent cup of coffee on my vacation.

  11. 11

    2 things…did anyone say anything to you about your red chili flake mountain?! and lol… that guy photobombed you! good times!

  12. 12

    Sweet sweet sweet pics!!! Love the photo bomb – too funny!!!!! I am glad you got to enjoy & eat fun foods!!!!!


  13. 13

    Beautiful pics- even with the photobomb guy! I have a question – a period question. Since I am just getting into running races- how in the world do you sign up for races months in advance and not worry about the monthly “cycle” I want to run a half marathon in November but my period is like clock work and it visits the day before the half marathon. I know this must sound silly but do use pads or tampons or is there something out there that us newbies should know? I just need to know what to do

  14. 14

    We tend to go by other people’s recommendations and internet searches to find places to eat on vacation.

    There is always bar food, always.

    One of the best places I’ve eaten on vacation was Randol’s in Lafayette, LA. Amazing atmosphere and really good food!


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