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Some Distractions

Some Distractions


I’m putting this disclaimer out there that this post is in no particular order. I can’t think straight these days, so instead of worrying about it, I’m just going to through out a bunch of stuff.

I’ll focus on the good stuff though. The stuff that has helped us through the past couple of days around here. Beavis, times are a little tough at the moment.

I’m not sure if my last post really explained what happened, but last Friday we lost our beloved Turk.


Yep. That sweet guy back there.

It was very sudden and way too close to losing Kitty. Ugh.

With that said, there is a lot that goes on behind the blog. We pull together as a family to do this life journey thing the best we can. Obviously I’m not one to hide my freak flag, but I’m also not one to write about everything we do and experience and go through.

This is going to take some time.


I do have a few things to pass along and share with you at the moment though.


My run today was an early morning one on the treadmill.

2014-08-05 07.35.45

Ten easy pace miles. I played with the elevation a little. I’m going to try to do that a bit more since those hill at the SF Marathon kicked my bootie.

Here’s what I did.

Steady pace at 7.2 MPH (8:20 pace).

3 miles at 1.5 incline

.25 at 3.0 incline, .25 at 1.0 incline, .5 at 1.5 incline ( 1 mile total repeated 4 times)

3 miles at 1.5 incline


It was nice to break it down into shorter little hills. I’ll have to try this one again.

Three things that got my through the run this morning were the shoes, my Flat Bart and a new Orange is the New Black disc to start.

2014-08-05 07.36.37

I got some help with the coffee this morning too.

2014-08-05 05.41.44

Yep, we’re all pulling together to help each other out lately. Thank goodness.



Just like on the blog, my notes when I teach classes are all over the place.

This was from my spin class yesterday.

2014-08-04 12.49.55

Sweat on your notes much?


I’m a little more organized when it comes to my HIIT classes though. High intensity moves in circuits are easier to plan. I’ve taught this class twice the past week.

2014-07-31 19.28.14

I’m definitely due for some new moves and songs though. I’m also due for some new notebooks too come to think of it.

I’m still working on some cross training chat, but let’s be honest, it got moved to the back burner with some life stuff that’s been handed out lately.

I did just read an article about how it’s important to work the upper body for runners this morning though. It’s important to work your arms and upper body so they don’t fatigue during a race. You need your arms to help propel you forward, so having a strong upper body is definitely beneficial.

Here’s a move I really like and did in class last week. It works the front of the shoulders as well as a little chest and biceps.

2014-07-31 19.37.59

Keep elbows bent at a 90 degree angle. Start with your elbows by your side and forearms parallel to the floor. Scoop up keeping the 90 degree angle until elbows come almost as high as your shoulders. Lower down slowly.


Despite being beat up by life’s happenings, we’re doing a bit of beating ourselves up at the same time. Why not, right?

2014-08-04 11.03.05

Totally random, but I used frozen chucks on avocado in a Ziploc bag to ice that spot and it worked like a charm. As the avocado melted a bit it got soft but was still cold. I’m going to have to use that trick again.


Last night I needed just a little fresh air. It does a body and mind good.

2014-08-04 19.11.17

I didn’t even mind stopping to get gas on the way home with a view like this.

2014-08-04 19.35.09


That reminds me, Mizuno and FitFluential are doing this really cool August Fresh Air Fitness Challenge.



You can get all the details on the #FFOutside Challenge here as well as enter to win a cool prize pack.


Late last night this huge bowl of organic quinoa macaroni and cheese went down with two Applegate Farms organic hot dogs, roasted broccoli slaw and asparagus, a couple jalapeños and some leftover Hatch Chilies.


It went down while I saw the last 15 minutes of this.


Talk about a good distraction. I think I want to try to watch this. Anyone else? Bachelor in Paradise- is that what’s it’s called?

And yes, my lonesome friend joined me.


We’re all a little lost.


This book is a great one. My friend let me borrow it and it made the whole telling the boys and having the talk about heaven thing a little easier.

2014-08-03 21.04.29


Breakfast is always my favorite meal of the day. Lately I’ve been adding Super Oats on top of my French Toast. I just sprinkle some on while it’s cooking on the stove.


It gives it the perfect little extra crunch.


Not sure about you, but my French Toast is never complete without chia jam, SunButter and peanut free NuttZo.

Mmmmm hmm….


We’re not quite ready for the whole bunk bed thing, but the boys have been doing good on their sleep cards. Thank freaking goodness.

They each filled up a row of stickers. They each got new shoes from Target.


They also really want you to know that the shoes light up.



I made this random snack today with the the radicchio we were sent from Frieda’s.


I used them as little lettuce cups with roasted turkey, Scotty B’s bacon jalapeño hot sauce, balsamic vinegar, Everyday Seasoning and some fresh basil.


The radicchio has a bitter flavor. Not sure if I’m a huge fan of that raw. I think I’ll try cooking it next time. I’m loving all things butter lettuce these days.


And, I’ll leave you with one more thing.

The new Sock of the Month from Pro Compression.

They come in blue also and the really cool PC Runner socks are on sale too.

Speaking of “cool”, that’s the code to use to get 40% off and FREE SHIPPING.



I also have a cool giveaway coming up for you tomorrow. Here’s a little hint.

2014-08-02 07.14.26

Stay tuned.



I would love to write back to each of you individually to say Thank You, but that would take me forever.

Please know your kind words and comments mean the world to me (and us). Whether you like it or not, you’re part of the family.



Enjoy the rest of your evening!


Any good distractions to share?

Do you use the incline on the treadmill?

Have you ever tried oats in your French Toast?

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  1. 1

    Ugh two losses so quickly! Sooo sorry! When it rains it often pours..! Hang in there. I like running on the treadmill with an incline of .5 and 1.5. The mac and cheese looks awesome- where did you find it???

    • 1.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      That’s what I keep saying. When it rains it pours. Thanks Laura!

      • elizabeth says:

        We’ve had a bad couple weeks too. I had a really painful tooth abscess last week, but the worst thing was my husband’s brother dying yesterday of a rare disease which didn’t give him much time. Thankfully all my dogs are doing just fine right now, because it was really hard losing my last dog, who died a painful, but quick death.

  2. 2
    elizabeth says:

    I make horrible french toast, I need some tips, how do you make yours?

  3. 3
    elizabeth says:

    Thank you Kristin!

  4. 4
    Erika C says:

    So sorry for both of your losses. Hang in there and hug those sweet boys of yours. It helps.

    Distractions? Cleaning and organizing. Keeps my mind off what’s keeping me down.

    Incline on the treadmill? I generally run with it at 2-1.5. I did however recently purchase The Sufferfest DVDs and their workouts vary the grade. I’m trying the hill workout on Thursday. Trying to get some hill work in before AFC. Although when I leave to run from my house it’s uphill .5 if a mile if I go out of my neighborhood right or left so I’m actually pretty strong on hills.

    Actually just tried making French toast. We are a pancake household. Lots of varieties. Whe wheat pumpkin chocolate chip being the fav.

  5. 5
    Rene' says:

    So, so, so sorry!! Losing a pet is never easy. Big hugs to all of you.

  6. 6
    Allyssa says:

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! Keep staying strong! I am glad that your family is coming together to work through it! I’m also excited for the french toast recipe! I love breakfast/french toast!!! Though compared to yours mine has WAY MORE peanut butter!!! Love that stuff, but also like adding berries to mine!

  7. 7

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Kristin 🙁
    While staying positive is good, grieving is vital, so make sure to really feel your emotions, too. Thinking of you <3

  8. 8
    Stacey says:

    Hi! Thinking of you and your family. I’m sorry I did not get to connect/take one of your classes last week when I was in Carlsbad, but I’ll be back again in Sept, so will try again! You inspire me with all you accomplish everyday . Thanks for all you share! ~Stacey

  9. 9
    Laura says:

    So sorry to hear about your dog. It’s been a tough few weeks for your family, but hopefully now things will start looking up!!! Glad to hear everyone is helping each other out during the tough times….that’s what makes you stronger as a family.

    Distraction: Please tell me where those shorts are from you are wearing while doing the chest/bicep move. You are also wearing a teal tank top. Those shorts are adorable and I would like a pair!!!!! 🙂

  10. 10
    Kelli says:

    Too much change in a short amount of time is hard to sort through. Please give yourself the time and space to grieve completely. You will come out on the other side of it eventually, but let it all out first. Praying for your family and hoping you find peace and comfort. 🙂

  11. 11

    Stay strong, Mama! Sending my love to you and your beautiful family <3

  12. 12
    Catherine says:

    Sending strength your way. I’m so sorry for your loss!

  13. 13
    Mary Ann says:

    I’m so sorry about your loss of Turk. Losing our beloved pets (family members to me) is simply painful. My thoughts and prayers go to each one of you as you adjust to life without Kitty and now, Turk. I’m just so sorry.

  14. 14
    Kim says:

    I like to play around with the treadmill incline, too – especially on days when I’m not feeling a fast pace!!!
    Glad you have some distractions but I know it’s still a rough time for y’all!
    And, I’m bummed – I forgot to set the DVR for Bachelor in Paradise!!!

  15. 15
    Kathy says:

    TURK too!? Beavis is right!

    Only time can heal ones broken heart….say it in a YODA voice and it kind of is more believable. 😉 Thinking of you ~

  16. 16

    First of all…I am so sorry for your loss, again 🙁 We had a year like that, the year I was pregnant with my first. I won’t go into details, but it was rough. I know, you know, that you guys will get through this time, and things will get better. AND, if you need any help with distractions…maybe we can take that trip to the wild animal park 😉

    On the flip side…we just got new shoes from Target too!!! We went for Thomas & Friends and Cars! Related to shoes…love the new sock of the month!! Those are hot! Oh, last thing…glad to know I’m not the only one with sweaty notebooks =D

    Keeping you in thoughts <3

  17. 17

    Hugs my friend! I am going to tell you everyday that I am sending hugs your way!

  18. 18

    Virtual hug..sent you a text. Distraction?! – how bout a video runfie with me and all the peeps at the shakeout run before AFC!

  19. 19
    Bridget says:

    Oh Batman is gonna love those new tennies!

  20. 20

    HUGS!!!!!!! HUGS!!!!!! HUGS!!!!!

    I am so sorry Kristin. You need to take time for you & you amaze me that you got this post out & all your others!!!!

    My sis told me about that book when they lost their first dog……

    Also hope your son is ok…

    AND YES, stop & rest your body, mind & soul – you deserve it!!!!

  21. 21
    beth says:

    Is that your other kitty or someone else’s? Your French toast looks yummy. How do you make it? Thanks much.

  22. 22
    natasha says:

    Blessings and prayers. As for radicchio try roasting/broiling and or grilling it like cabbage…yummers!

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