I’m Such a Pretender


Me. Yes. Me.

Yesterday I pretended I led a very simple life. It was fun.

I brushed off work and pending deadlines and decided they could wait. I actually think I’m going to do that more often. I actually think  I just need to start saying “no” more often. We all say that though don’t we?

I forgot to share this from the boy’s devotional the other day. I love it though. Every new day is a gift. It’s nice to have a reminder every now and then.

2014-08-10 19.58.52

I didn’t run yesterday. My whole body hurt from the race Sunday. It still does actually so I’m not running today either.

Even with all the cross training I do, there are muscles and spots in my legs that have never been sore before. Oh man.

I did teach my classes yesterday and have a class to teach today. But, I’m not taking any chances. I may have to throw a little pool running time in today too.

Yesterday instead of working I devoted a good amount of time to hanging out with the boys and losing a few too many times at this game.

2014-08-11 15.11.58

Did you know that the head pops up with the other guy wins? I never knew that until yesterday. And yes, my red head popped up a lot.

This morning instead of getting up for an early morning run,  the boys and I laid in bed and chatted about Joaquin’s superhero dream he had last night.

2014-08-12 07.51.49

He had a dream about superheroes, I had a dream we moved in to a really cool new house. That’s not happening anytime soon. Ha.

The boys got ahold of my camera and took a few pictures for you. I promised I’d post them.

2014-08-12 07.54.052014-08-12 07.56.12

You’re welcome.


I pretended I knew what I was doing Sunday and actually made fresh salsa for the first time ever with our roasted Hatch Chiles we got. I even made two different versions- regular and chunky.


Both are spicy though. I really didn’t know what I was doing so I threw together Frieda’s Hatch Chiles, a couple jalapeños, garlic salt, Elephant Garlic, Penzeys Spices Salsa Seasoning, a tomato and sea salt.

It turned out pretty well. I made a lot though so it’s pretty much going on anything and everything. How long does salsa last in the fridge? Can I freeze it?

Rice cakes with guacamole and this salsa are fabulous.

2014-08-11 13.43.16 HDR

Oh random, but so are these coffee flavored Ricky’s Lucky Nuts I had yesterday.

2014-08-11 14.28.48

Last night after I got home from the gym, besides my body hurting everywhere I was just pooped. I decided to keep pretending I didn’t have other things to do and threw this Trader Joe’s pizza in the oven.


It’s my favorite frozen pizza from there. I even watched Bachelor in Paradise for a bit. That may have been a mistake.

And now the pretending is over. Back to reality today. At least I got a pretty good night’s sleep to be able to tackle everything that’s about to go down.

2014-08-12 08.22.04

By the way, today is the last day to enter the GIVEAWAY to win one of these iFit Active gadgets.


Oh, and it was just announced this morning that Snoop Dogg is going to be the headliner for Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas! How cool is that?

Who wants to come run the Strip at Night with me?

Or Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles 1/2 Marathon (10% discount with MAMAROCKSLA)?

Or both.


Let’s rock! He he.


Okay, I’m off to make some French Toast this morning by special request. I haven’t forgotten.



Have a great day!


Who can help me? How long does salsa last and can I freeze it?

Who else thinks of the movie Old School when they hear Snoop Dogg? Ha ha.

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  1. 1
    Kathy says:

    Very~Very OLD SCHOOL when I hear Snoop Dog…..I almost thought you said Snoopy at first! ha!

  2. 2
    Jackie says:

    That salsa looks great!

  3. 3
    Beth says:

    I think of high school when I hear Snoop Dog! Are you running the full or half for the Strip at Night? I’ve always wanted to run that one, so I might join you! Well, I’d be running very, very far behind you, but at least I’d be there. :)

  4. 4
  5. 5
    Michelle P. says:

    You did really well for “not knowing what you were doing” with the fresh salsa. I’d add some lime juice (as a preservative and flavoring) and it should hold for several days in the fridge. Or you could can it in a water bath (easy, I promise) and have it last for a year or so. You could probably freeze it but then I would only use it as a base for soups (salsa is one of my bases for black bean soup) or sauces (enchiladas, smothered burritos, etc) because it just won’t taste as fresh. Great job winging it in the kitchen!

  6. 6
    Kim says:

    About 4 years ago I flew to Hawaii to meet Chris (he was “working” there) for a few days. I had a layover in LA and while I was sitting with a team of Rugby players from New Zealand (I love to travel alone:), Snoop Dog got off a plane and walked right past us. The Rugby players all rushed after to take pictures and his “men” surrounded him but it was still sort of exciting!!
    Hooray for a day spent pretending that there isn’t any pressing work – I might try that soon!!

  7. 7
    Lesley says:

    Salsa looks good but your tastes are waaay to spicy for my stomach to handle. I have made salsa often and I keep a jar in the fridge I definately as mine never seems to go bad. I would agree with a comment previous that you should put in some lemon or lime juice. I have also done the water bath and sealed jars of it. So embarrassed I know, but I had to google who snoopdog is! Ya, don’t get out much.

  8. 8
    Lesley says:

    I meant it lasts indefinitely. And still very embarrassed.

  9. 9
    Meagan says:

    I don’t think sleep apps are accurate. I used one on my phone for a month or two… sometimes I feel like it was spot on, and other times definitely not. Definitely let me know not to waste my time with it! Your system looks interesting.

  10. 10
    Emily says:

    Now that Snoop is going, I feel like I need to make this happen! Are you running the half or the full?

  11. 11

    That salsa looks really good! I’ve never made my own, but I’ve eaten plenty of it! :)

  12. 12
    Alicia says:

    Oh my gosh!! Yay!! you’re running Vegas too now??! I’m running LA and Vegas! Yay :) :) :)

  13. 13
    Angie says:

    I’m running the half in Vegas…excited.

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