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Not a Fan of the Slump

Not a Fan of the Slump


I’m in a running slump.

I didn’t run yesterday although I did teach my spin class.

It was tough to get going this morning. It was more mental than physical, but after I got my little friend off the treadmill I went for it. She was lonely in there. I’m convinced the animals used to have hang out sessions in there. Ha.

Thank you to a new season of Parenthood just being released on DVD.

2014-08-21 08.43.17

Does anyone know why that weird line happens when I try to take pictures?

Stepped on the side of the treadmill more times than I can count, but watched two episodes and made it to 11.11 miles to try to make myself feel lucky.

2014-08-21 10.17.282014-08-21 10.17.57

I posted on Instagram that I was in a running slump, and it turns out I’m not alone. There are a lot of runners out there in one too. It’s a pretty common thing. Unfortunately the timing isn’t ideal with The Kauai Marathon coming up next weekend with HumanX, but that’s just how things go sometimes.


There’s a good article from Competitor Running about how to break out of a running rut here.

How to Break Out of Your Running Rut

It talks about how it happens to all athletes and to focus on rest and recovery. I’m giving myself a couple days and if things don’t get better I’m taking two days off like they suggest. Not really part of the plan, but at this point two rest days might be better than two running days. We’ll see.

It also talks about mentally resetting. I need that one big time. I wish it could just happen though, you know? Like there’s a switch we could just turn on to “reset”. That would be darn awesome.

Until that becomes a reality though, it helps me mentally to read about other athletes who have overcome slumps of their own. Check out this awesome mama Kara Goucher, who is making one heck of a comeback. I hoe she rocks that half marathon next month. It’s always nice to see that others have struggles too. It all comes with the territory.


Moving on.

Last night for the first time in like probably 8 years, STUFT Daddy and I did the Wednesday wine thing.

2014-08-20 19.51.48

I never really have wine in the middle of the week and actually only have it like once a week on the weekends, but it was a good call last night.


I randomly combined an Emergen-C packet with some Vega Sport vanilla protein powder in ice water and blended it up this morning after my run.

2014-08-21 11.26.14

It was a magnificent combination. I added a little too much ice, but it was like a raspberry cream protein drink.

2014-08-21 11.28.10

I’m still on the whole pumpkin French Toast kick. Someone asked me if I use the whole Petit Loaf and if I eat the entire recipe.

My answers were “yes” and “yes”.


2014-08-20 12.16.48

And yes, sometimes I add a little extra protein dark chocolate sauce with all my other usual toppings.


Oh and while I’m talking food, I should tell you that the whole popcorn thing might be making a comeback. We whipped out our air popper for the first time in awhile along with the best popcorn kernels ever.


I did the whole fresh basil, balsamic vinegar, Tapatio, garlic salt, nutritional yeast and spicy salt thing.


I forgot how delicious this combination is.


I’ve been in the moment with the boys a lot more lately and it’s been so darn awesome. Our afternoon today looked a little like this after our outdoor play time.

2014-08-21 13.25.41



I saw this on Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series instagram today.


2014-08-21 10.43.18

I really like it for so many reasons. It takes discipline to train, it also takes discipline to REST. And to make good decisions, to eat right, to do the right thing……

the list goes on and on.


I also forgot to tell you that they announced the headliner for Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon.


Wait, I just also noticed that there’s a costume contest for the race. What? I better get on that.

(If you want in on it too, use MAMAROCKSLA for $10 off and come dress up with me. Fun!)

I have so much more to say and tell you, but I’m going to bed instead. Discipline friends. Ha.



What kind of discipline is hardest for you?

Anyone else in a running slump?

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  1. 1
    marti says:

    yes!! i have been in a slump! decided to add something new into my workout routine and that has really helped. i’ve been doing piyo! such a fun way to strength train. i’m still running but it has def helped make running feel like more of a treat like it should be.

  2. 2
    Rene' says:

    Yes, slumps happen and it happened to me this spring/summer after Boston. You know what I did. I took time off. I let my body and my mind take a break and I didn’t feel guilty about it. Now I am back running and coaching and having fun and watching my speed come back. I think that your body is definitely telling you that you need a break.

  3. 3

    Ugh, running slumps are not fun. I feel like as runners we all border on that line of overtraining and as soon as I notice crummy runs in a row or that dead legged feeling, I cut back and/or take a rest day. Usually does the trick. If you have that marathon coming up, now is the perfect time to cut back, taper, eat extra sweet potatoes (always helps me) rest and recover! I bet you will feel better in no time. Just

  4. 4
    Allyssa says:

    I just made a huge bowl of air popped popcorn last night!! I have trouble with proportions when it concerns popcorn, it’s just soo darn delicious 🙂

  5. 5

    You need two rest days. Heck, you shoudl take a rest WEEK! I’m sure it would do your body so much good!

  6. 6
    Laura says:

    Slumps to me are a wake up call- if you are feeling this way then take two (or more) days off- don’t “give it a couple days and see”….just REST NOW. You have been running so much lately, and even though you might think it’s more mental, its quite possible your body wants a break too!!! I know it’s hard, but I bet you will feel rejuvenated after a couple days of true rest. Take care of yourself, friend!

  7. 7
    Nina says:

    How about challenging yourself to rest 3 days now? I have not seen evidence you need to challenge yourself to workout more:), and you WILL be more than ready for your marathon even if you rest until the race. Be kind to yourself:)

  8. 8
    Kathy says:

    This morning I totally rocked the DISCIPLINE definition….the girls and I are signed up to do the Women Rock 10k in two weeks….I have biked enough lately and been lifting again but haven’t run for different reasons in about a week….last night I told myself I HAD TO RUN ~ it is/was so ooooo humid today/this AM ~ but I DID it!

    WooHoo to me! ha!

  9. 9
    elizabeth says:

    Maybe you could leave the kids with grandparents and hit the trails for some running, I would be in a slump with all those treadmill miles. Personally, my “slumps” are not ever from overtraining and cutting down on exercise, never makes my mental state better.

    • 9.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      There totally is something about the trails isn’t there? I’m going to tell my mom you said I should do that. HA!

      • elizabeth says:

        Yes, tell your mom I said you need trail time! My brother has a 4yr old that spends a lot of time with my mom and she loves having him around, but he does wear her out(he has very good verbal skills) and there is another one on the way, good thing, because she did not get any grandkids from me! Yes, I love the trails, had a great run with my dog Sam today, we ran for about 8-9 miles and saw a mama grouse with two babies and ate wild raspberries. I like to alternate between trail and pavement and I would use a treadmill in the winter when below zero, if I had one, but I just have a Nordic track ski machine. Enjoy Kauai, there is some good hiking on the island will have to go back soon, is your whole family going? What shore are you staying on? I usually stayed in Poipu with my family, very relaxing, but have camped on Napali coast with friends.

  10. 10
    chacha says:

    I have been feeling the heat quite a bit recently, but I do know that when I had a week ortwo where I could feel that “slumpy” feeling, I listened to my body and cut back. The first time it happened, I literally cut my 20 miler down in the middle (only did one 11 mile loop) because my body wasn’t having it (each mile got slower and slower with the same effort).

    Last week, I could feel my back getting angry and achy so instead of running the mile-repeats that were on my schedule, I just ran the miles easy. This week I feel a million times better. Sure, sometimes the little crazy/unreasonable voice in the back of my head tries to convince me that one missed 20 miler (out of 6 on my 21 week schedule) and a missed speedwork session equals impending marathon doom, but the reasonable part of my brain knows that isn’t true.

    So I need to concur with the folks advocating rest. Just don’t run for a day or two. Or dial it way back on the pace. Or run fewer miles. A few days of reduced pace/mileage or rest will not change your fitness level in the least (in fact, it probably will help).

  11. 11

    I was feeling the same way, these past couple weeks!! Not so much about running specifically, but in general. I was pretty good about maintaining my various activities, but was ok with cutting our some others. Turns out, I started not feeling well last Saturday evening, and for the next couple days after. I figured that, was what my slump was attributed to. Rest is a good thing…for so many reasons, I guess 😉 Oh, and yeah! I saw that RnR discipline photo too…I think I’m least disciplined when it comes to cleaning 😛

  12. 12
    natasha says:

    Question: How do you keep your popcorn spices from ending up all on the bottom? I used to spray mine with acv to make it stick but then it can make the popcorn mushy.

    Oh I’ve had the slumps before and hated it…hope yours ends soon (:

    Yum to that pumpkin french toast!

  13. 13
    Amber says:

    The best thing about our running blogger community is you never feel alone 🙂 I’m going through a running slump myself, and sometimes it helps simply knowing I’m not the only one. Also seeing what people have done after making it through their own slumps.
    Awesome RnR quote. I have discipline nailed for sleep, but I struggle to eat right.

  14. 14
    Natasha says:

    So I love your blog btw, I don’t think I have ever really commented on it though, but this post really hit home with me! I have been training for my first marathon coming up in October (the Detroit Free Press Marathon) and have been really starting to dislike running, which has been my passion for so long. Well lucky me, about 2 weeks ago I got my very first sports injury (while running). I injured my outer ankle tendon and have not been able to exercise pretty much at all for the past two weeks, and am still in indefinite pain. So safe to say, I have had to hang up my running shoes, and man oh man has it opened my eyes to how much I rely on exercise (and even just being active with walking around, which I also cannot do).
    So the point of what I’m saying is…
    (Also, I wouldn’t ever really recommend taking a super long time off of exercise) but maybe taking about a week off of working out it is a good way to “reset” your body and mind…
    I mean what is ONE week in the grand scheme of things? Not really that big of a deal. And trust me, by the end of one week, I’m sure you will be just itching to get back to working out!
    So ya, those are just my thoughts 🙂

    Have a good one!

    • 14.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I’m so sorry about your ankle Natasha. And YES, I hear you, a week is NOTHING in the grand scheme of things. I’m actually counting down days until vacation to take a FULL REST WEEK, but might just need a few days before that happens. Ha. Thanks for commenting. It’s always nice knowing others are in the same boat sometimes. Happy Friday!

  15. 15

    Hey, just being in HAwaii is a good thing – slump or feeling better!!! 🙂

  16. 16

    I am in such a slump. I skipped every workout this week.
    Is this thing contagious? Seems so many people have it right now.


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