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Running Shoe Sale, Race Updates and Tuesday News and Confessions

Running Shoe Sale, Race Updates and Tuesday News and Confessions


Good times in the full minivan yesterday with over 7 hours on the road.

2014-09-22 20.47.08-1

I only had a few typos in my post I attempted to write from the road, but let’s place the blame on my helpers. Ha ha. Kidding. I’m very grateful they put up with me for so long and let me set up an office at my seat.


I also wrote out my training plan for the week on the drive yesterday. I had some speed work on the schedule for this morning. I only tried to talk myself out of it twice, but then told myself if I want to get better I have to put in the work. No one just magically gets faster by not doing anything or working hard.

I had a much better movie for entertainment this morning.

2014-09-23 07.24.17

So cute. Love it and have seen it at least 5 times.

I ran 20 minutes at a slow pace to warm up, then did 5 sets of 7 minutes at AT pace followed by 3 minutes recovery. I was supposed to do 6 sets, but after the 5th one decided I was done with them. Then I did a couple miles after until the movie ended.

12.12 miles total.


I got a couple emails about different sales on Mizuno shoes and since their my favorite and all and everyone loves a good bargain, I thought I’d pass them along.

They’re on Zulily right now for super cheap. They have the exact pair of Wave Inspire 10s on sale for $64.99 that I just broke in yesterday. Yep, these.

2014-09-21 08.15.35-2

They have a lot of other ones too. You can check it out here.

Mizuno shoes are also on sale here on Gearbuzz, but the selection isn’t as good.


Race news. First of all, did you see that Deena Kastor set a new World Masters record over the weekend at Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon? You can read about it in this article on Competitor Running.



She just does not stop. I love her and ever since I got to spend the weekend with her at the ASICS LA Marathon, she has been s HUGE inspiration to me.

My friend Michele also got a new PR at the 5K there and got under 20 minutes. Holy smokes, she is FAST! Congrats friend!

Hopefully I’ll run into both of them at the New York Marathon which is in just 6 weeks now. Eeekkkk!!!


Besides the Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles 1/2 Marathon (which you can still register for and get $20 off with code MAMAROCKSLA to come race in a fun costume), I didn’t have any other races on the schedule until New York.

I do have some long runs in my training plan though and I’m never one to turn down using a race as a training run so I added a couple more for October.

Just two.

Raptor Ridge Half Marathon (trail race) 10/5/14

Long Beach International City Bank Marathon 10/12/14



Time to move on to random news and confessions.

Treadmill confessions first. I step off the treadmill like this way too often. I always tell myself I’m not going to, but then I do. Just to stand there for a couple seconds and wipe seat or get a drink of water, etc.

Today I was thinking I almost need like a shock collar of something for when I step off to keep me on there. Does anyone else have this habit? I’ve got to break it.

2014-09-23 05.48.31

I also hike my shorts up way too high Steve Urkel style when I’m running at home with no one around. It’s very unflattering.

This picture was from this morning and yes, I did tie my shorts shortly after taking this picture so that string didn’t hang out the entire time I was running. I’m so classy.


I got super excited when I got am email this morning that we’re getting a package from Love Grown Foods delivered tomorrow. Yay! We haven’t had a LOVE DROP for so long.


I got all fancy with French toast this morning since I ordered some spices from Penzeys Spices last week.

2014-09-23 08.58.46

I’m super snobby about cinnamon. I bought generic cinnamon from Target the other week and was really disappointed. There’s a huge difference between good spices and not good spices don’t you think?

I made it Pumpkin French Toast style, but just didn’t add the pumpkin. It was delightful.


I have a hair appointment today. Nothing exciting , just the normal, but I always want to cut my hair like Kelly Ripa.

2014-09-23 09.43.54

Hers is so cute, but I know I couldn’t pull it off. I can’t even remember the last time I actually used a hair dryer. Ha.

One time right after we got married, Andrew told me he like Heidi Klum’s hair. She had those long bangs at the time. I totally went in and got mine cut to look like hers. Huge mistake. Those took awhile to grow out. Ha.


They were talking this morning about a new texting gun thing that’s coming out so police can know if you’re texting when you drive. Have you heard about that? I’m not sure how it will work, but it’s a good idea. Texting and driving is so dangerous.


Oh and randomly they were also talking about if you text with your thumbs or forefingers. I text with my one forefinger only. I bet I could go a lot faster if I changed it up, but it made me wonder what the majority of people do.



Just in case you’re wondering, our new butler seems to be fitting in quite nicely around here.

2014-09-23 08.22.07

Too bad he just stands there though. You’d think he would help with some chores or bring me coffee or something. Ha.

Oh these guys. They did not make the trip with us yesterday and they’re at school right now. All I can think about is squeezing the heck out of them later today.

2014-09-23 08.22.14

Love them soooooooo much (even when they refuse to wear what I set out for them and pick out their own clothes instead).


That’s all my random Tuesday thoughts and confessions for the moment.

Here’s a little motivation for your day from CocoaVia.

2014-09-23 09.46.42

I sure as heck am going to try. Why not, right?


Have a great day!

Here’s preview of what’s coming up in my next post.


Oh heck yes. I new version of the protein cookie is back and better than ever.



Do you step off the treadmill too may times and/or hike your shorts way up? (I hope I’m not the only one.)

Have you ever been inspired by a celebrity to cut or style your hair a certain way?

Do you text with your thumbs or fingers?

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  1. 1
    Kim says:

    I hop off the treadmill some, too – mostly because I end up choking when I run hard if I try to take a drink:)
    I text with 1 finger most of the time. My 15 year old is super speedy with both thumbs.
    Y’all’s butler is awesome.

  2. 2
    elizabeth says:

    Your new cookie looks great, looking forward to the recipe. I don’t think I hike my shorts up, do you do it because you get sweaty and then stick and pull down? I don’t get that sweaty here because I run outside and it isn’t that hot.

  3. 3
    elizabeth says:

    You’re right, supermarket cinnamon is so bland compared to penzeys or spice house. I usually buy the china cassia.

  4. 4
    Denise says:

    Think it’s time for some new sneakers 😉 I have brought pictures of celebrity haircuts with me a bunch of times BUT I NEVER get it to look like the picture so I just gave up and stick to something simple and boring

  5. 5
    Tracy Carson says:

    WOW! Thanks for the tip on the shoes!! I just got TWO new pairs for essentially the price of one. Can’t beat that! So excited!!!

  6. 6
    Apryle says:

    I do not step off the treadmill while it is running only because I am afraid I will fall off completely and hurt myself! I either stop it for 30-60 seconds to get a drink, or I slow down to 6mph and that seems to be slow enough for me to drink and not choke then speed back up.
    I am a cinnamon snob too 🙂 I usually buy mine at Costco and it is pretty good. I think I will have to try the Penzey’s cinnamon. Does it really taste extra fancy?
    I text very slowly with my index finger. I hate texting, but all my friends and even my mom text me all day long so I have to text them back. I recently discovered voice texting by total accident on my phone and it is awesome!

  7. 7
    kristen says:

    I ALWAYS step on the sides of the treadmill. I need to stop!

  8. 8
    Bridget says:

    Fun times in that van! Thanks to driver Stuftpop!! Let’s blame the spelling mistakes on being STARVING!

  9. 9
    Alison Wang says:

    I just ran the RnR Philly on Sunday and saw Deena! Amazing! Scored my own personal half marathon PR but nothing like hers!

  10. 10
    Tricia says:

    A texting gun?!?! Woah! It’s a good idea for sure but man technology is getting a little crazy!

  11. 11
    Sarah says:

    I started stepping off the treadmill way too much in the past few months!! I wasn’t stepping off because I needed to or anything either! It has really become an AWFUL habit!! I also tried to do the same thing (tell myself I won’t) but I always ended up doing it! Therefore I have decided to just keep my runs outside 🙂

  12. 12

    I usually only step off the treadmill when my shoes need adjusting. I will stop the TM if I desperately need water though.

    I have definitely been inspired by celebrities’ hair – the problem is that they have stylists, and I pretty much just barely remember to brush my hair.

    I just had to pick up my phone and pretend to text to figure out how I text. I text with my thumbs 🙂

  13. 13
    Allyssa says:

    I also step off the treadmill on occasion, but I tell myself it’s ok because I am usually grabbing water…which is true most of the time lol I am very VERY excited for the new recipe! Your recipes are always amazing 🙂

  14. 14
    Michelle says:

    Kristin, I did cut my hair like Kelly’s and I totally love it! Super easy, fast. Cutting ten inches off was very freeing, though your hair is longer. Give it a try 🙂

  15. 15

    I text with my thumbs usually. Although now that I’m thinking about it, I’m wondering if I do use my forefingers. Hmmm….

    I step off the treadmill all the time. Such a bad habit but one I can’t break. I wonder over the course of a 15-20 mile run how much of it I’ve actually spent on the sides. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

    I always see celebrities with cute hair and it just never works out for me, probably because I want something as low maintenance as possible and I refuse to a) use a blow dryer almost ever b) put a flat iron to it if I’m not going to work. Oh well. On the plus side, if you cut it and hate it, hair grows.

    Have a great week!:)

  16. 16
    Deb E says:

    When I had such bad back pain I would just take a moment to straddle the treadmill and stretch and it really did help. Thank goodness the back healed but I endured that for several months. Back pain sucks.

    No, rarely cut my hair anyway, much less like someone else. I’m hopelessly lost in the 70s with my long hair and I like it 🙂

    I don’t text much but wish peps would take care and watch it. I received a free t shirt from a law group here in L.A. that says Don’t be A Dummy (on the front) and Don’t Text & Drive (on the back). Maybe by wearing it I can reach some dummies.

  17. 17
    Carlee says:

    I’m a thumb texter… Today was my first run on a treadmill in a LONG TIME. Although I didn’t step off at all, I did soak the thing with my sweat – YUM!

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