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Bird News, Brilliant Socks and Monday Motivation

Bird News, Brilliant Socks and Monday Motivation


Good morning. Beavis, I’m feeling under the weather today. I felt like I was coming down with something yesterday morning, but tried to convince myself it was allergies. I’m sure inhaling dust for over an hour and a half on the trails didn’t help the situation. Ha. Let’s hope Zicam delivers for the hefty priced I paid for a box last night.


I got a short run in this morning. Just to loosen up the legs after the trails yesterday.

2014-10-06 08.58.20

I finished up my New Girl DVDs so am in search of something new. I’ll take any recommendations. Someone suggested “The Mindy Project”. I haven’t heard of it before.


So, I have a bit of more family news. This time it’s bird news. Man, we’re just having a rough year I guess.

Yesterday we lost of beloved Pat.


So so sad. We think a hawk got him while we were at our Charger party.

I won’t go into details, but it was not a fun thing to come home to. Right now I keep looking out the window to see him and hear him whistle and it’s just an empty cage.



on the brighter side of things and still having do do with birds, we do have a new addition to the family that we got over the weekend.


Meet Demi.

2014-10-04 11.55.15

She will be getting some friends soon and the boys are always really big helpers with all the animal chores.

2014-09-30 18.20.09

Lovely. I have no idea what goes on when they’re “helping” Daddy, but I think it’s better that way.



Okay, we MUST talk socks really quickly.

In particular this sock of the month.

I mean, right?

I really need these in my life. I think they have the New York Marathon written all over them, right?

Here’s the thing, if you haven’t entered the Pro Compression GIVEAWAY to win a pair of socks or sleeves of your choice yet, you can enter it here.

But….. the discount code STUFT14 is good for 40% off any orders more than $20 with FREE shipping so you can throw a pair of these new socks of the month in your order before they’re sold out.



Woo hoo!


Okay, time is cut short today. Trying to be flexible with my schedule and take one thing at a time since I feel like dump. Ha.

Here’s some Monday motivation to pass along. I don’t know, I always particularly love reading quotes on Mondays.


A new outlook from CocoaVia.


All these other ones I found on Instagram.


2014-10-05 18.31.34


2014-10-05 21.48.30


2014-10-06 07.23.43


2014-10-06 09.54.34

Have a wonderful day!


What’s you go to medicine of choice when you’re getting sick? (Mine is always Zicam, but I wonder if there’s something else out there that’s better. Anyone know?)

Favorite motivational quote you’ve heard or seen recently?

Any guesses what kind of bird Demi is?

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  1. 1

    Oh Kristin! I’m so so sorry to hear about Pat. It has been a rough year. I hope that you get some rest and feel better soon. Also, the Mindy Project is pretty cute and funny.

  2. 2

    I start taking Emergen-C when I feel like I’m getting sick. I’m too cheap for Zicam 😉 Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    I’m sorry you guys are having such a rough pet year! Your new addition looks fun, I have no idea what kind of bird she is though.

  3. 3
    Heather says:

    I ordered some of those socks today-couldn’t resist the deal. I got some for my husband to. I hope they help me in my 50k next year-gulp. Dealing with knee issues right now (it band) so hopefully during the winter i can get it straightened out. Thanks for posting this deal-I am sure my pocketbook isn’t as happy as I am. I hope next year is better for you!

  4. 4
    SamanthaK says:

    Oh man, you aren’t having a good year. Sorry about Pat.I hope you share with us what kind of a bird Demi is and that we get to see her friends. Are the turtles in a picture with your boys you posted not too long ago family pets as well?

    And those socks–LOVE THEM!!!

  5. 5
    Marta says:

    Mindy project is funny…. You must watch it.

  6. 6
    michelle kim says:

    Sorry to hear about your bird 🙁
    I don’t have a medicine of choice… I usually don’t get sick (but when I do every 3 years, it’s usually the flu and I’m just sleeping for 15 hours for a day or two!).

  7. 7
    Tracy says:

    So sad about Pat! This has to be the last. Welcome Demi!

    You have to watch The Mindy Project! Love Mindy Kaling and love her show! She’s so talented. I really think you’ll like it 🙂

  8. 8
    Kim says:

    Oh – so sorry about your bird!
    Those socks are awesome!
    Hope you are feeling 100% soon.

  9. 9
    Anne says:

    I ordered the socks today too!
    At the first sign of getting sick I start taking olive leaf. Knock on wood, it’s worked so far this fall.

  10. 10
    Sarah says:

    The Mindy Project would make for great treadmill viewing. It’s light and funny!

  11. 11
    Stacey Niedzwiecki says:

    I take Emergen-C any morning I wake up and just feel a little off. It usually helps.

  12. 12
    Catherine says:

    So sorry about your bird, Pat! I hope you feel better. Emergen-C seems to work for me! Also, Mindy Project is pretty silly, but funny still. Enjoy.

  13. 13
    Mariem Hafez says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Pat! Hope your doing well. I’ve never tried Zicam before, usually when I get a cold my husband gives me his one day feel better meds concoction which oddly works for me. In terms of shows… have you ever seen Sons of Anarchy? That’s a good one!

  14. 14
    Kristen says:

    My heart is heavy for you. It’s been a rough year- I’m adding you and your family to my prayers.
    Does a big pot of chili count as medicine? It’s what I always want when I’m fighting off a cold. That or Greek Lemon Chicken Soup.

  15. 15
    Katie Armstrong says:

    Try The Mindy Project and Brooklyn Nine-Nine! Very funny stuff.

  16. 16

    So sorry it’s been such a rough pet season 🙁
    I hope you get better soon – this air and something going around has not been fun for any of us, either. I went to town on Oscillococcinum – it’s all natural and homeopathic – seemed to keep the worse at bay.

  17. 17
    Tricia says:

    I would suggest Girls for your new show to watch. It’s kind of like a younger less rich version of Sex and the City. I would also recommend The Mindy Project and NCIS, if you like crime investigation shows. 🙂

  18. 18
    natasha says:

    Blecchhh..I hate feeling sick though I don’t often catch “stuff” so normally I wait it out or try to sedate myself and wallow in my misery. If needed I get what is cheapest and generic so basically anything that will get me through the day if I need to work.

    Mindy Project is good (I might have recommended it awhile back) and for nostalgia I always like Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven but I”m into cheesy with no major scandal/drama…nice and light (:

  19. 19
    Amber says:

    I LOVE The Mindy Project. If you liked New Girl, you’ll like Mindy 🙂
    I have so many motivational quotes I like (I mean that’s what Pinterest is for besides recipes, right?). One that comes to mind right now is “Nothing worth having comes easy.”

  20. 20
    Janet says:

    SO sorry about Pat 🙁 I think Demi looks like a Japanese Crane, one of the few animals that actually keep their same mate through their lives! (I’m Japanese, so I know those things – lol)
    Hope you are feeling better- i LOVE Zicam, also you may want to get on your ACV again? I know you add it to your salads- but first thing in the am. is sooooo good!
    Hugs and prayers, friend! xxoooo

  21. 21
    Sarah says:

    So sorry to hear about Pat. I cannot imagine how hard it has been to lose three pets in such a short amount of time. I love how your boys are growing up with so many different animals though.

    Brooklyn Nine Nine, Parks and Rec, Arrested Development are all so funny! The Blacklist is good, but sometimes pretty intense. We just started watching Forever and we really like it, but its new and we have to wait for it to come out each week.

  22. 22

    So behind Kristin but so sorry about your bird!! So many losses lately – HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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