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Playing Catch Up With a Million Friday Favorites

Playing Catch Up With a Million Friday Favorites


Playing catch up is pretty much the story of my life, but I don’t think I’m alone. Some of you feel like that too, right?


My running this week has been so so. I’ve kept everything nice and slow. I’ve actually been doing more resting than running and that definitely wasn’t the plan as this was supposed to be a hard training week leading up to the NY Marathon after a cut down week last week, but oh well, I’d rather be healthy and listen to my body. There’s always another week to have a hard training week.

So it’s been a bit of another cut back week after a cut back week. Hmmm…. I wonder if any training plans have that written in? Kidding.


Yesterday morning my run was actually done on time (before 7:00 am) and was to another fun romantic comedy. Yes, two in a row. The Accidental Husband was recommended by my sister-in-law and it was cute.

2014-10-09 07.12.01

My treadmill miles were closely followed by a Vega recovery drink.

2014-10-09 07.23.43

Today I got to take my run outside. Friday mornings are really the only days I get to do that since the hubs is home.

I told the butler to have my coffee ready for me when I got back, but he must be a slow learner or something because there was nothing.

2014-10-10 08.11.42

I ran a little over six easy pace miles outside with cooler weather and some fresh air.

2014-10-10 08.12.562014-10-10 08.13.442014-10-10 09.18.14

It was brilliant and went by fast. I had a lot to think about and was just so darn grateful.

I was hoping to get some answers and figure out some things with some important decisions I’ve got to make, but that didn’t happen. Darn it. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you just knew exactly what path to take in life sometimes? That’s just not part of His plan though I guess.



Since it’s Friday and I have a bazillion pictures and random things to share I just thought I’d start listing my favorites.

Here we go:


Fitwall is becoming a favorite. My campaign with FitFluential LLC is over, but I like it so much I went to take another class yesterday. I couldn’t NOT find out what “Glutes and Ladders” was about.

2014-10-09 09.12.35

We attached that bar at the bottom which was a new thing for me and I hadn’t done any work with the strap yet either. It was good stuff.

2014-10-09 09.12.37

Those banded hip bridges with one leg up were no joke.

Another move that was no joke was wall burpees.

2014-10-09 09.19.45

Um yeah, the only way I can properly describe them is to show you with a video. Here’s one of the coaches, Travis demonstrating them and then my feeble attempt afterwards. Ha ha.

It was his last time coaching at the Solana Beach location and he’ll be at the new Fitwall they’re opening up in Newport Beach.

2014-10-09 09.41.21

I have yet to not walk out of that gym unimpressed. I’m loving it. I find that every time I’m there I have the same discussion about how it’s a perfect cross training workout for runners or a main workout for someone who just wants to get it all done in 40 minutes.

I ran into my cute friend, Eli, from Smack Media afterwards.

2014-10-09 10.23.52

We had to laugh because we’ve been trying to get together for months but our schedules are just so hectic. Then we randomly run into each other.


On the home front the STUFT egg-rito has made a bit of a comeback.


Someone asked me how my egg-ritos don’t fall apart. I think they key is using Egg Whites International liquid egg whites (for some reason they just hold together better than using other carton egg whites or even using whole eggs), a really large pan and letting it cook at a medium temperature until the whole “egg-tilla” is set before flipping it over.

This one was egg whites with goat cheese cream cheese, spinach and jalapeño huckleberry jam. I’m addicted to this combination lately actually.

2014-10-08 11.36.45

It’s also darn good in sandwiches, on rice cakes and on Seedy Silk STUFT Bread like I’ve been doing almost daily.

2014-10-03 10.58.20


Why yes, I am in fact back on the roasted kabocha boat train.

We got these new Organic Valley protein shakes sent to us recently. They are tasty and I like the idea of using them as a protein recovery drink after a workout. I’ve been using them lately to make the easiest smoothies ever for myself and the boys by just adding a frozen banana and a handful of spinach and blending it all together.


Joaquin asks for these smoothies daily. I also want to try out the vanilla one as coffee creamer, but I haven’t done that yet. I’m in a black coffee phase at the moment.


Speaking of coffee, yesterday was a rough one and I needed a little a lot of extra coffee throughout the day to get through it.

2014-10-09 13.13.23

It’s all about the fall themed coffee mugs, fall hand soap and fall scented candles right now. I always have to go with the season and holy smokes Yankee Candles are just making me so happy these days.

Oh and it was a rough day for Judah in the office too.

2014-10-09 16.46.00

Some guy names “Bill” was really giving him some trouble and would not stop calling.


Random, but these grapes are a family favorite lately.

2014-10-09 20.25.43

I honestly have never been a grape person and never even liked grapes, but these have changed my world. I’ve gotten them at Vons, but I did a quick little Google search and found that they are Dulcich grapes and the Emerald ones (huge green grapes that say Emerald on the package) ARE THE BEST!


The other day the boys and I took a little afternoon break for some snacks and a little Dancing With the Stars.

2014-10-08 12.19.13

I don’t know if you watched it, but this message was awesome.

2014-10-08 12.26.51

Believe in yourself. Be YOU, YOU are beautiful inside and out and don’t let anyone tell you differently or let negative people bring you down.


Andrew and I sat down for a late dinner last night and watched Modern Family. It was so late so we each made our own make shift dinner. Mine was this.

2014-10-09 21.23.00

Salad with humming balsamic dressing, roasted spaghetti squash with all kinds of random seasoning and roasted chicken and some STUFT Silk Seedy Bread with ghee, garlic salt and nutritional yeast.

I learned a little lesson from the episode (which was hilarious by the way).

2014-10-09 21.25.43

The best quote of the show was from Jay to Manny and was this: “If you’re not throwing up in your mouth, you’re not doing it right.”

I like that.

If it doesn’t scare you or make you nervous or make you get out of your comfort zone, well, then, you’re not doing it right.

I think we all need to find something that makes us feel like that and go for it, yes?


I also love this quote I found in Instagram from Steve Maraboli. I don’t remember if I shared it before, but since I’m on a kick here it is again.

2014-10-01 12.40.27


The Pro Compression GIVEAWAY winners have been randomly chosen and are HERE at the bottom.

The Halo Headband GIVEAWAY is still open until midnight.

Have a wonderful rest of your Friday! Yay!


What’s something that makes you super nervous and makes you (as Jay put it) “barf in your mouth”? Whatever it is, I think you should go for it. I’m trying to figure out what mine is.

What kind of grapes are your favorite?

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  1. 1

    As far as running goes – The idea of running a full marathon still makes me super nervous. I really want to, I just haven’t decided which race will be my first. I’ll keep using that excuse for a while.

    In life – I have an opportunity to work for myself and run gymnastics classes for toddlers/preschoolers. The whole thing is totally overwhelming and freaks me out, but it combines fitness and working with kids, two of my favorite things!

    I like pretty much all grapes, unless they’re super sweet. I like ’em tart! 🙂

  2. 2
    Diane says:

    I just love how you match all the time 🙂 That Fitwall burpee looks killer!! I always get super nervous trying new classes like that. That’s why I have yet to try CrossFit…. Love your sunglasses too. What brand are those??? I love grapes, but only the green ones 🙂

  3. 3
    elizabeth says:

    Your friend Eli must be a teeny person, because you are small and she looks small next to you. Being close to 6ft, I would look giant next to both of you!

  4. 4
    Kim says:

    Umm…I think I need a ladder wall because I really want to try those burpees!!!
    Chris and I are planning a Modern Family marathon this weekend – he had today off but we spent it fixing up one of the apartments above the venue. Thankfully he is off on Monday – no plans except a lot of Modern Family!!!

  5. 5

    Ummmm, if I could have coach Travis’s number that would be great… 😉

  6. 6
    Stephanie says:

    Glad to hear you like the Organic Valley drinks!! My family has two organic dairy’s in northern CA and we ship our milk to them~ Might be drinking a HUGE fans milk, lol!!

  7. 7
    Michelle Kim says:

    I like big, red-skinned grapes 🙂
    And that Organic Valley drink looks good! I’ll have to try it if I see it around. Have a great weekend!


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