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Fall Things and When It’s Time to Turn Over a New Leaf

Fall Things and When It’s Time to Turn Over a New Leaf


It was a rare day yesterday where everything seemed to just go smoothly and as planned. I’ll be the first to admit that usually is not the case.

This morning actually went pretty darn well too.


I got a bit of a late start, but my got in a run. 8.5 easy miles today.

2014-10-16 07.27.022014-10-16 07.31.062014-10-16 07.32.32

I showered and had some quality time with these two before getting them to preschool on time.

2014-10-16 08.07.14

I wish every morning went that smoothly.


I’m saving running chat for my next post. This week it’s been about easy, short runs. I have a lot of “running” thoughts in my head and I’m already trying to look ahead and plan next year and figure out my goals, etc. I just can’t get all my thoughts or plans straight at the moment. It’s one day at a time this week.

What I can get straight though is all this fall business that’s finally going on.


Fall is usually not really my favorite season, but I don’t know. things are a bit different this year and I’m really loving it so far. Loving the fresh air, taking some extra time to just be in the moment, burning scented candles every day, using fall mugs to drink coffee, etc. The list just goes on and on.


I posted this cool Fall Bucket List last year, but if I’m being honest we never really got to it. So, we’re trying again this year.

FREE Fall Bucket List Printable - Blank


You can download your own here.

We will be filling it out later today to practice our writing skills. I have some great ideas I want to get down in writing.

We haven’t been to the pumpkin patch yet, so that will be on there and tomorrow we have big family plans for a cool Brick-or-Treat event at LEGOLAND.


I also found this really cool printable Halloween Activity Book for kids from Leap Frog.


Here’s the source where you can print your own- Leap Frog Halloween Activity Book.


The fall things we’ve been doing so far include the playing with trains in pajamas thing.

2014-10-13 07.57.56-1

The make your own pom pom owl thing. (Thanks to Target for this cheapo kit.)

2014-10-14 17.37.212014-10-14 17.46.57

The pay $7 for a ride on the mall train thing.

2014-10-15 18.12.50

I thought it was a bit overpriced, but they did get to go on quite a few laps around the mall and they’ve been asking to ride on that thing for almost two years now.


Yesterday we had a picnic on the tree fort which was a really big deal because usually girls are NOT allowed.

2014-10-15 14.38.01 HDR

Maybe they made an exception because I served them lunch and because mine was so fabulous.

2014-10-15 14.39.41

Ha ha.

The picnic was closely followed by a family game of Frisbee. This guy had a lot of rules to tell us.

2014-10-15 15.15.23

Um and yeah, I got whacked in the wrist once with the Frisbee. That did NOT feel good and let’s just say my Frisbee skills need quite a bit of work.

2014-10-15 15.16.52

It’s the quality time that matter though anyway.


Oh, I almost forgot to show you Demi’s new friends.

2014-10-12 16.54.18

Aren’t they cute?


My favorite fall plate to eat on is this cool apple one.

2014-10-13 09.41.27

I’ve been filling it up a lot like this with my favorite grapes, a chicken apple sausage egg white scramble, Seedy Silk STUFT Bread, sweetener free roasted kabocha.


Or like this from this morning.


Yes, the plate is ginormous and yes I fill that sucker up every single time. Ha ha.


Fall nights are the best. I finally pulled out pajama pants instead of shorts and put our warm comforter back on the bed. Not to mention it’s perfect snuggle weather.

2014-10-15 20.39.21

Good Night Gorilla is still a nighttime favorite.

2014-10-15 20.39.49

I read this last night in my Jesus Calling devotional and it totally hit home.

2014-10-15 21.11.00

I always feel anxious and hassled. It’s crazy to think about it as ignoring His gift of Peace that’s always there for us. I really need to work on that, especially right now as I have some career/life decisions to make in the next week or so.  I’m just not good at those. Heck, I’m not even good at deciding what socks to wear each day. Ha.

How do you know when it’s time to turn over a new leaf and go a new direction with things? I wish someone would just tell me what I’m supposed to do sometimes. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I also wish being still was as easy as it sounds.




Hope you’re having a good day.

Here’s another thought to leave you with from Ace Fitness on Instagram.

2014-10-15 12.21.46




What’s on your fall bucket list?

What fall things have you been doing?

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  1. 1
    Erika says:

    Love all the Fall happenings. Looks like you are enjoying it! Decisions? Hate them. As moms we make SO many daily. I say trust your heart and do what YOU want to do. Not what you think others want you to do.
    Only fall activity we’ve done so far is a trip to Wayne’s World pumpkin patch in Encinitas for some jumpy fun. We always go to Bates so I guess I better get on that. Fall festival at the kids school next Wednesday. Oh, I have been buying all the apple varieties at Sprouts and the kids and I are ranking them on a chart. An Amelia Bedelia book the girls read daily brought that fun one on! Keep on enjoying those days!!!

  2. 2

    We go to an apple orchard every Fall to get apples and pumpkins. Since we just moved to CA, I’m really hoping we can do that same tradition this year, but I’m having trouble finding a good one in the SF area!
    I also get the baking bug during the Fall when the whether cools down a bit, which I love.

  3. 3
    Carrie says:

    Love fall and love Goodnight, Gorilla. It’s one of the boys favorites!

  4. 4
    Denise says:

    The Halloween activity book looks like great fun for my boys, can’t wait to get my copy. We started watching Goodnight Gorilla after we saw it on your blog, its super cute!!

  5. 5

    The only fall thing I have been doing is buying all the seasonal flavors of just about everything. I’m a sucker for limited edition flavors! 🙂

    My mom is in town from Alaska, so we’ll probably take her to an apple orchard one of these days, that’s festive. Also: apple cider doughnuts. Yes.

  6. 6

    Tell me about your birds! Do you have some sort of bird rescue?

    I wish we lived in an area that allowed more animals.

  7. 7

    I always love your mantras and motivational pics…keep em coming!!

  8. 8
    Kristen says:

    I insisted that we go apple picking as a family last weekend. This weekend is all fall fun all the time, since it’s my birthday weekend so I’m completely in charge. I’m having a family friendly Halloween costume party with kiddo activities like bobbing for apples. There will be lots of fall treats, including pumpkin beer, which I’m working to not enjoy too much of;-)


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