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Breakfast Lately and the Stocking Stuffer Challenge

Breakfast Lately and the Stocking Stuffer Challenge


Well good morning. I had my first little speed workout today with the new training plan. Can’t say I was overly excited to attempt speed work since I haven’t done any in goodness knows when.

*Edit- I was just corrected by my coach, this is not speed work, it’s “quality aerobic work” and the speed work will come later and will be much faster.

It called for a total of six miles with three mile repeats at 6:45-6:50 pace with a minute rest in between after a couple warm up miles and a cool down mile.

I woke up with a headache so that put a little damper on the morning, but the intervals weren’t awful. I think they’re easier on the treadmill because you can just set the speed and go. I should try them outside and I’m sure I’ll have to sooner or later.

I did my intervals at 6:44 pace at a 1.0 incline. I’m glad it’s over and glad that we have a bit of a starting point with this training cycle.

2014-11-25 08.44.35

I wore my lighter Wave Sayonara 2 shoes for the faster workout, but I did notice last night that the Mizuno Wave Inspire 11s are on the website. Eeekkk…… I’m so giddy about those shoes being available.



I’ve been back on the pumpkin French Toast kick lately. Actually, wait, I’ve just been doing the French Toast without the pumpkin. It has still been marvelous. The past couple of days it’s been topped with all sorts of goodies, but my favorite is a variation of homemade blueberry chia jam.

2014-11-23 11.03.03

Mmm hmmm…..

I’m taking full advantage of my luxurious morning breakfasts these days.

The boys have been taking full advantage of getting their daily fix of morning hot chocolate while mama makes breakfast for everyone.

2014-11-23 10.29.51

Ha ha.


Oh and just in case you think it’s a really great idea to teach your kids how to play “hot potato” to music with a hat, well, it really is not the best.

2014-11-24 14.17.132014-11-24 14.17.21

Hats can hurt friends.


I was asked to participate in the Offers.com Stocking Stuffer Challenge.

I was given exactly $100 to fill up a stocking of fitness themed goodies. I’m never one to turn down a challenge and you better believe I was all over this one.


I spent quite a lot of time on Offers.com to try to figure out how I wanted to spend my $100. There are so many different options and deals on the website. Speaking of, they already have both Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals up and available.

You can shop by brand or category or just see the tops deals of the day. After a little too much time on there I found myself linked up to my favorite Amazon. Gosh I love it and I’m already certain the majority of my Christmas shopping will be done on there.


Here are the goodies I got to fill up my stocking for this challenge. Again, everything was bought on Amazon and with the special deals I used I saved a little over $70.


My big saving item was this MagicBox Wireless Speaker.


I’m super excited for it and the boys are too as we’re getting excited for our holiday dance parties to resume.

I haven’t used it yet, but the original price is $99.99 and I got it on Amazon for $29.99. What a steal right?

My other items included this Supergoop! SPF lip balm. With the colder weather and my new schedule that’s going to entail a bit more time outside, I needed a good lip balm with SPF.


I feel like sometimes people forget that SPF is important for lips too. This was $10.


The next item was BOBS From Skechers slippers.


I paid $45 for these, but I just noticed that they have a special 25% off on shoes and handbags right now on Amazon so if I was smart I could have gotten them for even cheaper. Oops.

Skechers slippers are the best by the way. The best to wear at home and the best to wear out and about and try to pretend they aren’t really slippers. I know I can’t be the only one who does that.


My last item is my favorite. I talked about it a bit yesterday (if you missed it or the awesome book GIVEAWAY, there’s still time to enter HERE).


The Believe Training Journal on the original website it’s $18.95, but on Amazon it’s only $11.98. I’ve only written in the journal twice, but I’m already loving it so darn much. I’m convinced it’s a game changer.



So those are my items for the challenge. I was not compensated for the challenge, but I did get the $100 to fill up the stocking and the cool stocking itself from Offers.com.


If you were given $100 to fill up a stocking, what would you buy?

What’s your go to online shopping website (if you have one)?

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  1. 1

    I love Amazon – they have everything! Zappos is a close second, it’s hard to turn down free 1-day shipping!

    $100? Lip balm, running socks, Nuun, armwarmers, and I really love that journal. I’m trying not to buy one for myself 😉

  2. 2

    For me it’s Amazon because I can get almost everything. Way to go with those intervals!

  3. 3

    I’m totally an Amazon girl myself. Rarely do you find things cheaper elsewhere. Plus no sales tax and free 2 day shipping since I’m a Prime Member.

  4. 4

    Amazon is amazing, but I literally forget about it sometimes. My sister mentioned she did almost all her Christmas shopping on there and avoided the malls. I thought that was brilliant, yet still went to the malls.

  5. 5
    Chrissy says:

    Nuun, the Believe journal, and a foam roller. Actually, the journal and roller are on my Christmas gift list.

  6. 6
    Kathy says:

    How fun is that? Happy Thanksgiving…..

  7. 7
    mel bee says:

    Awesome! I would fill my stocking with lush products and chocolate and I am definitely an amazon girl for my online shopping.

  8. 8

    Always love the pics – always!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG, I want those slippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9
    Kim says:

    I love Amazon.com and could have a lot of fun with $100 to fill a stocking!!!

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