The Jam, the New Bar, the Mizuno Runner’s Gift List and the Family Planner


Workout today was seven easy miles on the treadmill.

I’m trying to be patient and smart and look at the bigger picture. Obviously two things I’m really great at. Ha ha.

I taught a spin class afterwards at the gym and lately I’ve been ending every class with Fix You by Coldplay as the cool down song. Dang I love it.


Here’s a couple of items to share with you really quickly.

My new jam obsession really isn’t that different from my blueberry chia jam. I guess it’s not that different, but I add frozen dark sweet cherries into the mix before microwaving so it’s an antioxidant filled blueberry cherry chia jam.


Yep. Try it. I’m actually going to try a spicy version next. I think I can just add a few crushed red pepper flakes or something for a little kick, right?


I’ve been seeing the new s’mores flavored Quest Bars all over Instagram lately. As luck would have it, when I went to check my mailbox yesterday I had a beautiful box of them just waiting for me.


I had to try one out right away so I could share the scoop on it and it was darn fabulous.


Chunks of chocolate and graham. Mmm hmm…

I’m not a huge fan that it has sucralose in it, but oh well. It’s right up there with my other favorite Quest Bar flavors (chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies and cream) that have it in there too.


I had a fun little project for the upcoming holidays that involved some of my favorite running gear.


I wrote up my Runner Holiday Gift List with all my favorite Mizuno products.


We figured that people who weren’t too familiar with running might need a guide to know what to get their friend or family member that’s a runner, so I did a round up of all my favorite go to gear. You really can’t go wrong with any of them in my opinion. Ha ha.

Here’s the post.

STUFT Mama’s Runner Holiday Gift List



Okay so since we’ve been talking journals and planners lately, and because I’m ridiculously excited about this, I have to share.

I got my custom family planner I ordered the other week from


I wasn’t sure if it would live up to the hefty price I paid, but man it comes with a lot of stuff and I really like how it’s personalized and how everything is all laid out.


I don’t have too much time to go over all of the awesome features of this planner and really, let’s be honest, I should be getting it ready and planning IN it rather than writing ABOUT it, but here’s a few pictures of all the fun.


So much cool stuff, right?


Okay, well, I’m off and may just be off for a few days because the next couple of days are all about family time.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. I hope you treasure every single moment!

2014-11-26 09.44.26

We are thankful for YOU!

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  1. 1

    Happy Thanksgiving my friend! I am certainly thankful for you!

  2. 2
    Judy Westacott says:

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  3. 3
    Denise says:

    I am addicted to Quest bars after reading about them on your blog. I can NOT wait to try S’mores!
    We will be enjoying an AWESOME Thanksgiving in DisneyWorld ! Enjoy with your family!

  4. 4
    elizabeth says:

    Are you still using a HRM? I can’t remember what you used it for before? Did you find it helpful? Is it part of your new plan with coach Jason?

  5. 5
    Lindsay says:

    Oh i love those bars! soo good and that jam! You are so creative friend! love you and happy belated turkey day

  6. 6

    That chia jam looks amazing. I know about the chia jam but I still love your recipe!!!

    On the journal – WOW!!! I am old school – I love the writing it down vs. the phone or computer. 🙂

    Hope you had a wonderful one!!!!!! I am sure it was eventful with the kiddos! 😉

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