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Why hello.

Hope your week is off to a great start. I needed an extra day to not only get into the groove of the work week, but after all the celebrating over the weekend and then a lousy night of sleep I decided to play it smart and go to bed at 8:30 pm last night.


Monday was a whirlwind. At 5:00 am I was roasting purple sweet potatoes while getting an hour of cardio in on the elliptical. I had some visitors sneak in for the last couple minutes.

2015-02-02 06.32.06

After a long day at work I finished off the day teaching KettleWorx and HIIT at the gym. I was pretty much toast afterwards by the time I got home nad barely remember what I shoved in my face. I do remember snacking on some Quest Nutrition protein chips though over the weekend on our way downtown.

2015-01-31 16.09.04 HDR

I forgot I had them. I like the sea salt ones best. People have had mixed reviews about them. I think they’re good. I don’t want them everyday or anything, but I wanted something salty with some protein as a little snack and they did the trick.


This morning I did a short little resistance workout at home. I pulled out all the toys and did about 10 combination moves to make sure I got all the major muscle groups.

2015-02-03 05.00.30

Basically when I only have a short amount of time to maximize resistance training I do moves that use as many muscle groups as possible. I decided instead of regular one leg rows with the Ultimate Sandbag I should try them on the BOSU.

2015-02-03 05.16.35

Oh heck yes they were awesome. I had to go very slowly, but I will definitely be doing these again. There was so much core stabilization going on. After that I did some elliptical followed by some spin intervals.


I have had some adventures at the grocery store lately. The other day I tried to go as fast as possible though Trader Joe’s just for our weekly basics and wouldn’t you know this happened.

2015-02-01 15.23.43

Just another reason to bring your own reusable bags friends. Ha.

Today I made a quick stop to Sprouts mainly for nutritional yeast, spaghetti squash and to get a couple Arctic Zero pints. Obviously I got distracted and forgot about the squash until after I paid. I went back to see how many I could carry just in my hands without a cart and couldn’t pass up a few other necessities.

2015-02-03 17.19.56-1

Ha ha. That wine is called Apothic Crush. It’s a limited edition and was less than $8 so, well, you know. Ha.

Okay, random fact time. When I was in college and for years afterwards I would drink all dark liquids through a straw. Soda, coffee and yes, even red wine. My roommates would make fun of me and I would reply with “if it can stain the carpet, it can stain your teeth”. Yeah, I was a little obsessed.

I still am pretty obsessed with my dental health and tooth whitening thing. Speaking of, within the past week we all had dentist visits.

2015-01-30 13.04.422015-01-30 13.13.31

We’re all good and no one has any cavities. We were told the boys need to floss more though and we’re working on these little charts I printed out for them.




So I was recently given the opportunity to review the new Crest Pro-Health HD Toothpaste.


This new two-step system is designed for deep cleaning and advanced whitening. I’m all about those two things and am always on the lookout for good toothpaste.


I’ve been following the two-step process for almost a week now using the purifying cleanser and the perfecting gel.


Luckily the directions are easy to follow- brush with step 1 for a minute, spit but don’t rinse, add step 2 and brush for another minute.

I’m not kidding you, after using this for two days instead of my usual daily toothpaste I had two different people at work comment on the whiteness of my teeth. Pretty crazy.

I’m going to keep using it for at least another week, but so far I’m loving the Crest Pro-Health HD (which just hit shelves this month and retails for $14.99).

2015-02-01 20.28.55

I’m just ending the night with my new tube friends. Ha.


Some other random #healthyobessions I have are that I carry floss with me everywhere.

2015-02-03 15.28.45

Lately I’ve been adding steamed broccoli to just about anything and everything.

2015-02-03 19.21.21

Sure I may have made the boys organic macaroni and cheese from a box tonight, but I made sure some broccoli got in there.

Just like my friend Leslie shared on instagram the other day, “Self care is a divine responsibility”.

2015-02-03 21.43.22

What a great outlook, right?

So, with that, I’m off to bed.

I have a really awesome GIVEAWAY coming up tomorrow along with a list of a bazillion of my favorite products to share. Stay tuned.

Maybe after I get through all the fun stuff I’ll actually get an injury update on here.


*This post is part of a sponsored campaign with MSL Group on behalf of Crest. Although I was compensated for this campaign all opinions are my own and I did in fact jump on the chance to try out a new oral care product.

What are your current healthy obsessions?

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  1. 1

    Oh gosh, during college (and after, and currently!) I had an ongoing, LONG list of reasons why all beverages (red wine included) should be drank (drunk, drinked, drunken??? <- send help, it's 4:30a.m.) through a straw! The list definitely included avoiding teeth stains, but also things like "straws keep your lipgloss in place," "it's easier to drink while driving," "you can drink something while lying down," etc. Straw life #forthewin! Have a great day!

  2. 2
    Kathy says:

    I had been doing well with eating better but after a day of being sickly I ran out to Target for a few items….I caved on my Obsession that is NOT a healthy one….bought some ice cream and mini chocolate chips… home and had 2 bowls. YUM!

    Oh well, I honestly didn’t mind enjoying the splurge but, felt a little guilty when my daughters followed my exact same lead….so much for winning the #healthymomaward last night. ;-(

  3. 3
    aleesha says:

    I just watched that clip from Sabrina Soto the other night. Love her. She is so warm and bubbly. Your teeth always look amazing….so perfect and white. I will try out the Crest Pro Health -HD, thanks for the sharing your review. I am crazy about flossing too, do it all the time. And steamed broccoli goes well with everything. My current healthy obsession is getting to know Jesus, and reading The Bible for the first time ever. Amazing stuff. Healthy for the mind, body, and spirit!!

  4. 4
    Kim says:

    My current healthy obsession is trying to get back in the habit of using my standing desk more during the day. Otherwise I tend to sit way too much!!!

  5. 5
    Melissa C. says:

    I am obsessed about making sure my teeth get cleaned every 6 months and was looking into the professional ZOOM whitening. but i may try this first! have you ever had professional whitening before? I havent commented in awhile but sooo love reading your blog!
    I have a question as I know you are not a doctor and have to be careful what advice you give, but Im having some symptoms and am trying to be careful not to overreact but Im not what to do. When you found out about the tumor, did you have symptoms and what were they. Im having a funny sensation in my head but only on the right side also feeling nauseated at times. Im not sure if I should see my primary or make an apt wit a neurologist. I just had labs done for hormones and get the results Monday. But Im really lost as far as what to do. Im trying not read to much online info as there is sooo much contradicting information.I understand if you feel uncomfortable answering this comment. I respect your decision.

  6. 6

    Have you considered a Water Pik for flossing? I’ve heard from several people that their dentist says it’s BETTER. Maybe the kids would be more engaged with the device that squirts water everywhere. My tip (from experience) water pik THEM while in the bathtub!

  7. 7

    Right now my big focus is on drinking enough water. I’m good when I run, but I’m terrible about it on rest days.

  8. 8

    I need that toothpaste!!!! NEED!!! 🙂

    I am glad you went to bed! I am amazed at all your posts! Me, I pick sleep over blogging or even catching up.. too much stress these days. 🙂

    I carry these little pick type things with me for my teeth… hard to explain but a little corkscrew on the end that fits between teeth.. it helps since flossing in public is not my thing.. 🙂

  9. 9
    Sarah says:

    I floss in the car all the time!! I buy these little floss picks from DenTek and I could not live without them!

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