Making the Best of Freebies and the Second Comeback Might Be a Bit Harder


I’m usually the last person to learn about random nation food days, but for some reason I actually knew about National Frozen Yogurt Day on Friday. I heard that Menchie’s was giving away 6 oz. yogurts to everyone from 4-8 pm. The boys and I decided to do a drive by. We said if it was too crowded, we’d just pass it up and go home and not make a big deal out of it. Well, it didn’t look too crazy so we went for it.

2015-02-06 18.07.292015-02-06 18.13.41

Cake batter was group favorite and our totally came out to $.70.

2015-02-06 18.16.26

We were pretty excited!

2015-02-06 18.18.00 HDR

The rest of the Friday nigh excitement looked a little like this.

2015-02-06 20.28.16

Our chickens are finally picking up some slack and laying more eggs for us. I decided to bake some in the oven out od laziness, but I should have stuck with my own directions on how to make perfect baked eggs because I had a bit of an issue.

2015-02-07 08.46.44

I had to pick up quite a few shell pieces, but still put together a magnificent breakfast with a chicken sausage and kale egg white scramble and cinnamon roasted kabocha.

2015-02-07 09.09.26

I finally cashed in on my free Starbucks birthday drink this morning after running a bunch or errands with the boys.

2015-02-08 09.43.03

Oh heck yes I went all out with my favorite Starbucks drink. It would probably cost like $7 or something so I never order it unless it’s a rewards drink, but I used to get something very similar all the time. Soy green tea latte, unsweetened with added espresso shots. It was a rough morning and the drink was free so I went for 3 today. He he.


Okay, well, although the weekend has been awesome and we got to spend a lot of family time together, it’s also been quite humbling.

I woke up Saturday morning and told Andrew that it was the first day I had woken up without any pain in my hip. I took it as a really great sign. A little too premature though. I have another doctor appointment on Tuesday and am laying low until then, but thought I should take advantage of a little time to get outside to just move a little.

I figured I’d go a hilly route and maybe try to jog a couple of steps and see how it went.

It did not go well. The first few jogging steps were okay, but after just a few minutes it was NOT good. Like I had to stop and walk. It was very humbling. I’m so not ready to run yet and not sure when I will be. I’m hoping just a few more weeks, but only time will tell.

It’s a bit harder the second time around. I can’t figure out why. The first time I was so determined to make this huge comeback and prove everyone wrong, but it’s a little harder this time. I guess it’s just like that though. The more times we’re kicked down, the harder it is to get up each time.


That’s what we do. We get up (even if it’s a bit slower and takes a lot more effort) and we fight. If it’s our passion and we know we’re meant to do it, we get there.

So baby steps over here. Trying to really take the time to heal and rest and come back the right way.

I have plenty of time until Boston and that’s where I’m putting my focus.


On the flip side, despite my walk/jog being less than mediocre, I did have a fun new headset to try out.


I was sent this redfox Edge Wireless Headset to review.


I always get nervous with new technology things as I usually find some way to mess up the set up or something, but syncing the headset  and getting it set up was super easy and took just a couple of minutes.


The headset has the volume controls and works for phone calls and can also sync to TVs at the gym, although I haven’t tried that yet. I may give it a go tomorrow night though.

YOU can wear the headset two different ways, above the ears or below. I wore it above since my ears are freakishly small and I was worried it wouldn’t stay on.

2015-02-07 11.13.07

It did though. It also comes with a cool carrying case and right now they have a special Valentine’s bundle deal.


Today’s workout didn’t happen until later in the day when they boys were ready to take a break to watch The LEGO Movie and I was ready for some “me” time.

I did a quick BOSU workout for 10 minutes. These 5 moves twice through for a minute each.

Slow Jacks

Ski Jumps

Jumping Lunges

BOSU Burpees



Then I did 30 minutes on each piece of cardio equipment at home- treadmill incline walk, elliptical and the spin bike.

2015-02-08 14.38.052015-02-08 15.12.212015-02-08 15.31.49

Thank goodness for The Millionaire Matchmaker and Donny Loves Jenny for some Sunday afternoon entertainment. I flipped though a little of my magazine too. That’s one positive of not being able to run, I get to catch up on random magazines that have stacked up.

I liked this little bit on how important it is to take time for yourself.

2015-02-08 15.46.12

I don’t do that enough. I get my “me” time when I workout early in the morning, but I still want to add a little more in at night with some devotional reading.

Just in case you need a little motivation to add physical activity into your routine, here’s a little info for you.

2015-02-08 15.46.17


ANd I can’t go with out showing you my proudest moment from the weekend. We were playing school and this guy was the principal and went to go get my folder ready. He came out with this.

2015-02-08 11.30.46

He wrote “MOM” all by himself.


And with that best moment from the wekeend, here’s to a new week.

2015-02-07 17.04.18

A new week to be thankful and count blessings and be patient in His plan.

I have an awesome giveaway coming in the next few days, but there’s still a few hours to enter the special Limited Edition Love O’s GIVEAWAY. (We already finished off our box over here by the way.)

2015-02-06 09.34.50


What was your best moment from the weekend?

Have you ever had to battle the same injury twice? If so, how was the comeback the second time?

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  1. 1
    Kristin says:

    I know exactly what you’re dealing with right now, I fractured my foot twice. Cant say it got easier to deal with the second time…. It’s a humbling experience because it makes you really appreciate running and what your body can do. I’m still not fully recovered from it and I’m anxious to get back running, but for now enjoy the cross training and just remember that running doesn’t define you! You’re doing great, I’m rooting for you from Minnesota 🙂

  2. 2
    Liz A. says:

    Hang in there mama! I know you’ll be back stronger than ever. Looks like a great weekend, so amazed at Judah’s awesome mom folder! 🙂

  3. 3
    Erika C. says:

    Reading this just makes my heart go out to you. Not getting to do something that you love is the pits and I think as a mom it makes it even harder. We give so much of ourselves to everyone and it’s tough when you can’t do the one thing you do for yourself, run. I haven’t had the same injury twice. My stress fracture last year had me sidelined for what seemed like forever. I’ve been feeling the familiar pain come back in the last week and especially after the half yesterday. Went for a shakeout run around the hood with Alicia today and it feels terrible :(. This week may be a rest week. Gotta heal up! Hang in there. You got this, I just know it.

  4. 4
    Beth says:

    Oh, Girl!! I so know your pain (figuratively and literally, just with my foot instead of my hip). Sucks! Whether you are 20 or 40, the more times you get hurt the older you are with the newest injury – and aging is not for the weak. I tell myself that I will live to be a hundred because I get stronger with each battle back. It is hard and I put up more challenges for myself (why do we do that?!?!) and I forget how I have done it before or it just doesn’t seem to work as well…. But I TRY and I work and I pray that I will get to where I want to be. You are so much of an inspiration to so many and your honesty and vulnerability is so appreciated by us followers. You will get there, though the road may take you on a journey.

  5. 5
    Kathy says:

    So sorry…, the way you love to run I am sure inside you are more bummed then you are sharing but you can do so many other things (to workout) so just concentrate on that for now. Ugh…pain is just not fun….you are too young to have to deal with that so take it easy!!

  6. 6
    Anna W. says:

    The best weekend moment was some sunshine and highs in the upper 50’s. A brief break from this darn cold winter! That frozen yogurt looks really good!

  7. 7
    Kathy says:

    Oops….my best weekend moment was ALL weekend…..Saturday we drove north and my parents drove south until we met for an early birthday lunch, they spoiled me with some gifts and then we drove home and hubby and i went to the U of MN Gophers Hockey game…which they won 6-2 …loads of fun!!

  8. 8

    My body likes to mix things up with different injuries. It is always so frustrating to not be able to do something that you love to do. I hope the dr has some helpful advice for you and I hope you’ll be back out there soon!

    My best moment this weekend was my long run. I’ve been having ankle pain on and off since December, and it was my first pain free run in a long time!

  9. 9

    A few years ago (maybe like 4 or 5?) I actually went out on a date with the winner of Millionaire Matchmaker. It was right after the episode aired where he was matched with the girl but yeah, they didn’t actually work out. Ha. It was really funny.

  10. 10
    Emily Lobaugh says:

    Really hoping you can make a speedy recovery. I injured my hamstring last year and had to take several months off from running. Luckily I was able to rehab and learn exercises to prevent the same injury. If there is one thing I learned it was listening to my body and taking rest days when I most need them. Favorite part of the weekend was relaxing and catching up on blogs 🙂

  11. 11
    Denise says:

    Hoping you feel better soon!! The one thing I have learned from injuries is to take recovery one day at a time( which can be terribly hard) and make sure you are 100% before you jump back into things. I have been sidelined twice with hamstring/ piriformis injuries and get frustrated waiting and don’t wait until I’m totally healed and end up hurting myself worse and being out longer 🙁
    Feel better!!!

  12. 12
    Kim says:

    We enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend – mid to upper 60s (unheard of for February in Kansas!!!).
    So sorry that the comeback is harder – I know you will do it when your hip is ready!!!

  13. 13

    I am so sorry you have so much going on Kristin. I know how hard this must be for you. REALLY – I have been knocked down in different ways & many times I did not get up for months or a couple years…. I did eventually but sometimes we have to sit back & listen internally for what is right – I had to do that again recently – writing about it .. HUGE HUGS!!!

    Saying that – the boys & family fun – LOVE ALWAYS!!!!!!!

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