Morning Wins


We’re all about celebrating the small things over here these days. You know, focusing on the positive and the things we can do instead of dwelling on our mishaps or what we can’t do. It’s our new thing.

I’m not sure how it is at your house, but mornings are pretty hectic around here. Let’s be honest too, they can make our break the entire day. I’ve really been working on not being rushed or anxious to be out the door and just taking small steps to make the morning a bit easier on all of us.

I’ve always been one though that doesn’t take breakfast lightly. I always have to fueled well first thing off the bat and I make sure the boys are too.

Mom was actually just telling me the other week that I need to make simpler breakfasts. She was observing me make my massive breakfast to-go plate at the time. Ha.

I actually must say we’ve had success with some simplified mornings lately. I mean, I’m sure you can already tell from the blog and all. Ha.

Seriously though, having a few go to snacks are key. Sometimes we have to have breakfast on the to. We’ve been in love with belVita breakfast biscuits for quite awhile now. It all started here, almost exactly two years ago. We’ve even got Grandma hooked on them too.

It’s also a little ironic that I was dealing with the same injury when I ran the Runner’s World relay with the belVita team and tried to be a hero and run through the pain. I won’t be making that mistake again. I learned my lesson the hard way once already.

I will, however, be eating and serving up these new belVita Bites we got our hands on.


Breakfast belVita Bites come in cute little single serving packets. One packet is 230 calories, provides 20g of whole grains and 4g of fiber and is a pretty decent serving size.

They come in chocolate and mixed berry. Obviously we all want dibs on the chocolate ones.


The little bites are perfect to just dump in your mouth, sprinkle on yogurt or put on a plate to divide them up “even Steven” style.


If you add a little dairy or protein and a serving of fruit you’re all set.

The slow-release carbs in these little biscuits come from wholesome grains to help fuel your body for 4 hours. That might be just what we need in the morning to have plenty of energy and look all dapper all about town.

2015-01-19 08.39.02

or just what we need to run a relay at 2:00 am.

(Throw back picture to the Golden Gate Relay.)

Or, if you’re in need of a little something extra at night you can always add some to a little frozen goodness. I’ve done this a few times already.

2015-01-22 21.55.52

It might not be as pretty, but those little bites are the perfect mix-in.


Okay, off to find some more small victories to celebrate. Hope you’re off to do the same!


What are some of your #MorningWin moments?

·This is a sponsored post with beVita and PopSugar. 

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  1. 1
    Jennifer says:

    Getting everyone up and out the door on time lol! I like your idea here. I bet my kids will like those #morningwin.

  2. 2
    Kim says:

    Nothing worse than starting the day off with someone cranky. One day when Hunter was in kindergarten it was so bad that as soon as he got on the bus I emailed his teacher and asked her to give him a big hug when he got there because I sucked as a mom!! Thankfully we learned and figured out the best approach to mornings for everyone here!!!

  3. 3
    Denise says:

    My boys discovered the belvita bars at the runners world festival in Boston and LOVE them !! It’s great to have an easy, healthy option when we have to be out the door in a hurry.
    We started laying out their clothes for the next day at night so my boys can get up & dressed before they come down for breakfast…. It makes my morning just a tiny bit easier 🙂

  4. 4
    melissa c. says:

    I love the positivity ! Something I’m working as well and not getting fisherman’s anxious early in the say! I love that last line of ” small victories to celebrate today”!!!!!

  5. 5
    melissa c. says:

    Lots of misspelled words, lol so sorry. Not getting rushed and anxious early in the day

  6. 6
    Allyssa says:

    What is in your frozen mix?! Looks yummy to me! A morning win is when I am (like you) not anxiously leaving my apartment. I try to get things ready in the morning to help out with this, but sometimes there are things I will forget about and have to do last minute which adds stress!

  7. 7
    Kristen says:

    I’ve learned that I have to get up a half hour before my daughter. If I get that quiet time with a cup of coffee I’m much more prepared to handle getting her ready for school.

  8. 8

    Love that you are simplifying to make life easier for you. I am all about easy!!!!! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!

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