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What We’re Spelling This Weekend

What We’re Spelling This Weekend


Good morning! happy Sunday friends!

This is going to be quick because we’re using this week to really take advantage of days of from work. With the time change and all the boys and I slept in a bit and it was fabulous.


I’m three for three today with races that I signed up for and am not running. Lovely. First it was the Mermaid Series San Diego Half Marathon, then The Phoenix Marathon and today I was supposed to be running the San Diego Half Marathon.

Oh well. I got some extra sleep instead.


I have a lot to report with the MRI results and my doctor appointment which was not really the best news, but at least we are slowly finding out what exactly we’re dealing with. I also have some other things that are going down that I’m doing to help with the healing process including some dietary changes.


But right now it’s Sunday and we’re not leaving the house and we’re focusing on this just like we have been all weekend.

2015-03-07 12.16.59

Isn’t that the best reminder ever?

It’s so true.



This is how we’ve been spelling it.


Family movie night.

2015-03-06 19.47.00

Soccer soccer soccer.

2015-03-07 11.57.25

Starbucks. Obviously.

2015-03-07 12.44.41 HDR

Family trip to the bird store.

2015-03-07 12.56.572015-03-07 12.57.16

Someone got their shoulder pooped on, but shockingly it wasn’t me. It was pretty funny though.

Speaking of birds, did you know we have these?

2015-03-07 13.17.48

Do you know what they are?

Did you also know that STUFT Daddy raises all kinds of birds? We saw this one who was just hatching yesterday.

2015-03-07 13.20.41

Last night was pizza night. I made personal pizzas for everyone since everyone had special requests. The whole family was happy (and full) so it was a win win.

2015-03-07 19.49.502015-03-07 19.51.01

And I’m off.

Big plans to give the cats a bath (it’s almost worst than cleaning bathrooms), play Star Wars, get in some cardio cleaning and get food prepped and menus ready for the week.

Oh and even though I’m missing yet another race, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something else remarkable I can and should be getting out there to do.

2015-03-07 10.21.36

You too friends.

Get out there and do something remarkable!


Have a wonderful day!

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  1. 1
  2. 2
    Sam says:

    Those birds look like aliens! Pretty aliens, but definitely out of this world! I love the purple, what are they?

  3. 3
    Denise says:

    How was the movie ?? I thought it looked cute but not sure my boys would like it

  4. 4
    Jill says:

    I love your optimism! It’s so encouraging! Have a beautiful day!

  5. 5

    I “love” how kids spell LOVE as T-I-M-E! Such a great thing to keep in mind! Thanks for sharing!

  6. 6
    Kim says:

    Hope your weekend has been great!! Sorry the DR appointment wasn’t great!

  7. 7
    Kathy says:

    Happy Sunny Sunday….I am curious as to the results of the MRI….

  8. 8
    Samantha says:

    Are those Guinea Fowl? I used to want to raise them but didn’t want to deal with keeping them safe from the predators out here. Also, if that is what they are, they are loud. 🙂

    I laughed about bathing the cats being worse than cleaning the bathroom. That says a lot.

    Sorry about the not great news! I will wait to hear what you are facing. Sam

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