Two Fabulous Things and Grain Free, Gluten Free Baked Vega Protein Pancakes


Thanks so much for the encouraging comments about the hip injury and all. It’s just a waiting game for the time being. My next prolotherapy appointment is Friday so hopefully we treat a different area and see what happens.

Today started with s sweat session and ended with one after I taught my classes at the gym. I couldn’t pass up 20 minutes on the Stair Master that had a television and a Mike and Molly rerun on.

2015-03-09 19.13.33

Okay, two things I just HAVE to share and then we talk the best baked protein pancakes ever.


This morning I saw Mowgli sitting by my shoes and thought I’d try to get a funny picture of him looking like he was guarding my Mizuno shoes.

What I got was so much better as he decided to stretch as I was taking it.

2015-03-09 07.08.13

I don’t really know how I got this picture or why his face is so distorted, but I need to enter it in a contest or something, right? How awesome is this? It definitely helped start my day with a smile.



I freaking won tickets to see Kelly Clarkson from the radio. Heck yes! I was caller number 9 on my way home from work.


And heck yes I’m taking Mom since we love Kelly Clarkson. We’ve seen her in concert before and it was awesome. We’ve also seen Kenny Loggins and he’s darn awesome too.

We’re so cool, aren’t we? Ha ha. Gosh darn it I’m excited. I never win anything from the radio and now I get to give Mom just a little something for everything she does for me. She is my hero. Mom, that is, not Kelly, although we do really like her.


Moving on.

I mentioned I started a new nutrition plan. More details later, but I’m working with the fabulous Coach Elizabeth of inpyn. She is an amazing nutritional coach and I can’t say enough good things about her and love the plan she has developed based on my needs.

For now though, I need to tell you that you have to make this huge baked protein pancake as soon as possible.

2015-03-08 11.33.10

Yes, yes you do.

This is a Vega One vanilla chai protein pancake that knocked my socks off over the weekend. I want it again like right this second.

It’s grain and gluten free, has greens from the protein powder, packed with good protein and just plain delicious.

Here you go.


I’ve been using peanut free NuttZo on a lot of things lately actually. It makes just the simplest things so good.


I love the chunky kind. I prefer chunky nut butter over smooth any day.


Before I go, just a reminder that you can still get

20% off your Vega estore order, plus FREE Shipping!

Enter Promo code: StuftMama upon shopping cart checkout

Valid until March 15th , 1 use per customer

Check out the Vega website here. They have so many good for you, nondairy, plant based products.

Love love love.


Have you ever won anything from the radio?

Have you seen Kelly Clarkson (or Kenny Loggins) in concert and more importantly would you like to start a fan club with me? (Kidding on the second one.)

Nut butter preference- crunchy or smooth?

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  1. 1
    Kathy says:

    I like both nut butters….simply cannot choose. There must be a photo contest out there somewhere for a wrinkly cat and YES you would win….that picture is wonderful!! Thanks for the morning smile in MN too. 😉

  2. 2
    Joe says:

    That’s super cool on the stretchy cat and the concert tix. I’ve never seen Kelly Clarkson or Kenny Loggins, but we do have tickets for AC/DC this summer. I saw them almost 30 years ago, and felt old – all the concert goers were teenagers at that time. They still gave a great show.

    So sorry to hear about the hip dysplasia. You are really strong – if anyone can overcome the odds – it’s you! Rest/recover, and come back stronger than evah! (That’s my Boston accent).

  3. 3

    K, talk about kismet. I just dropped off a huge haul of vega products to my mentor yoda yesterday. Among them was a large tub of Vanilla Chai. Maybe she’ll read this post and make me some protein pancakes!

  4. 4
    Emily Butler says:

    That picture made me LOL literally! How freaky!! That protein pancake looks amazing, would it be totally wrong to make them for dinner, I’m starving!

  5. 5
    Samantha says:

    All I have to say is bless you for that photo. I keep looking at it and laughing. Awesome. Sam

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