Proposal Confession and a Hopeful PT Visit


Confession of the day:

I was proposed to while sitting in a truck similar to this set up.

2015-03-17 05.19.40

It was my fault though. I wouldn’t get out of the truck to walk on the beach at night because I was too cold. I think he finally gave up and ended up just asking me while we were still sitting in the truck.

Yes we were in a dark parking lot. Yes we were at least looking at the ocean. Yes I’m lame. Yes I said yes. I mean, I only hinted for him to ask me like a bazillion times beforehand. He did catch me off guard though.


I’ve watched The Five Year Engagement the past two mornings during my workout. It’s a super cute movie and obviously made me reminisce about our actual engagement. It was not five years though, it was more like eight months.

I’ve been running slowly pretty much pain free which is hopeful. Not fast. I have no desire to be fast at the moment, but I’m feeling good.

2015-03-17 06.26.04

Funny how at one point I was always contemplating if I just wanted to run to love it or if I wanted to tackle some super fast marathon time. I guess that decision was pretty much made for me. I didn’t even have to flip a coin or anything. Ha ha.


I’m tackling this recovery business from all angles. That’s just how I do things. I paid my physical therapist a visit yesterday after not seeing him for over a year and a half.

The last time I saw him I was very hopeful and had a bunch of new exercises to help my hip.

This visit yesterday was just as hopeful. It might have had something to do with my cool Saint Patrick’s Day outfit.

2015-03-17 17.58.03

(Green Handful bra, Run WIth Perseverance tank, Mizuno pants, etc.)

Or maybe it had something to do with my last minute escorts.

2015-03-17 17.27.34

He did a bunch of tests and checked to see how much my hip slides around and such. After a thorough analysis, he was very positive and thinks we can fix things mechanically starting with a few basic band exercises.

2015-03-17 17.00.11-1

He also recommended inserts for regular day use so I found an old pair of Superfeet I bought years ago and never wore and had them on all day today. I’ve never been an insert girl, but I guess it might be time.

I can share my exercises later. My escorts weren’t really in the video taping mood at the appointment.

He also told me what other doctors have said about being able to run without doing further damage. We’re working on strengthening and changing things biomechanically which he thinks is where the pain is coming from.

We’re checking in after a week of these exercises and pretty much using and wearing this versa loop band around my legs whenever I can.

I actually have to get to my exercises really quickly right now before making dinner. It just never ends. right?

The boys and I hit up the nearest playground to the last night after the appointment.

2015-03-17 18.19.11

We couldn’t pass that up right?

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day and the “taco Tuesday” meal Coach Elizabeth had on my plan I make ground turkey nachos with a lot of extra greens on the form of broccoli slaw, cilantro, jalapeños and date night guacamole

2015-03-17 20.18.19

The picture is not the best. I was so tired, but it was delicious. I made my own healthy corn chips by baking 2 corn tortillas in the oven like in healthy chicken nachos. The rest of the family digs them too.

Oh and random, but if you haven’t tried Penzeys Spices apple pie spice and cinnamon on a Fuji apple with peanut free NuttZo and extra cashews you really need to.

2015-03-17 07.59.11

This was sooooooo good the other day.

Okay, I’m off to tackle these little exercises of mine.

Have a great night!!!!!!



Who has a good proposal story?

What’s been your favorite snack of the week so far? (Mine’s a tossup between this apple snack and that amazing jalapeño Strong and KIND bar.)

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  1. 1
    Jess says:

    Good luck with therapy! I’ve been through my fair share of therapy. I am a huge fan of Super Feet! I work at Fleet Feet (we sell them) and I’ve noticed a huge difference since I began wearing them in all of my shoes. I love the sea salt dark chocolate Kind bars. Yummy!

  2. 2
    Stephanie says:

    Keep up the hard work. Keep us posted!

  3. 3
    Michelle Kim says:

    These days, I’m always reaching for a Larabar for a snack.
    Hehe, it’s a cute proposal story. In either case, it led to many wonderful things 🙂

  4. 4
    Dena says:

    I almost dropped my iPad while reading your blog just now. My husband also proposed to me in a car in the parking lot (at Moonlight Beach) because I was too cold to get out of the car. Poor guy had a romantic beach walk planned but I ruined it with my whining about being cold. So instead it happened right there in his Pontiac Vibe. Ha. It was lovely nonetheless.

  5. 5
    Betsy says:

    That’s pretty hilarious!

    When my husband purposed, we were only dating for about 5 months. He came over to the house I was staying at, all nervous and acting funny. I asked if he needed something to eat because he gets low blood sugar….. Haha! Nope that obviously wasnt it. When he finally was asking me and got down on one knee, I turned around, didn’t say anything and cried for over a minute. Poor guy was still on his knee…. Obviously I said yes!

  6. 6
    Laura says:

    PT may help the overall mechanics but it won’t heal a tear. Rest will if you are lucky and if not, surgery. I don’t get who your doctors are that think this is all ok.

    • 6.1
      Kristin says:

      Thank you for saying this, I feel like I’m reading something different than anyone else. Kristin: I’m glad your PT can help with biomechanical issues, but I don’t understand how a malformed hip joint, torn labrum, and osteoporosis will magically repair itself with PT alone. I hope you can rest and recover before attempting 2 back to back marathons!

  7. 7
    Alyssa McQ says:

    My (now) husband and I dated for three years in college, and during the fall of senior year started to shop for rings together. Flash forward to the spring semester, and we ended up getting into PhD programs in different states (~6 hours apart), so our plans were put on hold. After two years (of a 5 year program) in grad school doing the long-distance thing, I came down for a visit for our 5 year dating anniversary. We went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, and afterwards JP insisted on going for a walk– mind you, it was the middle of summer in NC and about 105 outside– I whined about it for awhile and finally gave in. I spotted some of our friends hiding in the bushes with cameras, and then he got down on one knee, proposed, opened the box to pull out the ring… and dropped it. I started laughing hysterically, so all our proposal pictures are of me, doubled over laughing and my husband bright red in the face! After the proposal, we went to a surprise (for me) engagement party with all our friends and drank lots of champagne. We’ve been married just over a year and a half and starting this summer, we’ll finally be living in the same place (all the time).

  8. 8

    Best of luck with the therapy!

  9. 9
    Denise says:

    I just had to laugh when I saw your “slow” pace is 8:23……I would LOVE to run that fast

  10. 10

    Smooch!!! I am so sorry you are going thru this all! Be sure not to read into things & make sure that you what is right for you long term! Not running the marathon might be best if you if you can exercise long term & you are young! Those were always my decisions when I was younger.. push heavier or make sure I can do this long term.. Keep running 5ks when my knees did not life it or just move on – not I am not a lover of running but you get what I mean. If you want to run thru old age, do what is best for you. Hard decision but huge hugs!!!

  11. 11
    Kim says:

    My husband came to school (I was teaching 6th grade at the time) and picked me up for lunch. He had worked out a whole plan at the restaurant – he proposed then I went back and taught the rest of the day (and coached track after school). I don’t know why it never entered my head to take the afternoon off:) We were only engaged 8 weeks because we decided to get married the day after he graduated pilot training since he had to leave 2 days later – I still had a week of school!!

  12. 12
    Samantha says:

    “My escorts weren’t really in the video taping mood at the appointment. ” LOL. This made my morning!

  13. 13
    Sarah says:

    My husband proposed in the car at a gas station parking lot. We were traveling and he knew I wouldn’t stop at the spot he wanted to propose, which he was right about, so he did it there. We did end up making the stop just so I could say we did. It’s so funny looking back on it, and now it serves as a good reminder to be open to things even though I want to do otherwise.

  14. 14
    Heather says:

    Do you have any promo codes for egg whites international? I want to try them but would also like to save some money…hehehe. Thanks!

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