The Peach Crayon, 28 Days and the Sleep Connection


Today was a rest day. I guess you could call it that. No official workout, but I’m still exhausted.

Trader Joe’s on a Sunday is not the smartest and either is letting both boys get their own “customer in training” cart. I was wearing my “please don’t let anyone I know see me” clothes so obviously we bumped into a ton of people while shopping. Doesn’t that always happen?


The rest of the day was all about hanging out at home. The boys really wanted to eat lunch out on the tree fort. Usually girls are not allowed so I had to jump on the chance.

2015-03-22 13.11.51 HDR

This guy’s new friend was with us too. Isn’t that lovely?

2015-03-22 13.24.12

Seriously though, if he could make money catching lizards and I could make a little extra doing countless loads od laundry, we might actually be able to afford that #swaggerwagon I’ve been dreaming about.

Ha ha.


I’m not sure if you’ve ever read The Day the Crayons Quit, but it’s awesome and peach crayon makes us laugh every single time.

2015-03-20 20.37.26_thumb2015-03-20 20.37.32_thumb

Funny, right?


The long run chat is going to wait.

While my runs are getting longer and slower, the blog posts will be getting shorter. There are exactly 28 days until Boston. This week is final decision week. This week is all business. Some things have got to go because if I can pull this off, we’re doing it.

I’m doing everything I can to do things right.

I’ve even added daily servings of bone broth.


I failed at trying to make my own so just decided to buy a bunch of organic bone broth from Vitacost.

Sometimes I sip it in a mug and sometimes I add greens. It all depends on the day. Coach Elizabeth says it’s vital for healing and bone building.She knows her stuff and I’m listening to everything she’s telling me.

I’m also really making sleep and proper rest a priority. That’s when the body repairs itself.

I’m not at the top of the game or anything or even focused on being the best, but I AM committed to being the best that I can at the moment.

Sleep derivation increases levels of stress hormones and causes low energy and fatigue.

Coming straight from my favorite doctor,, here’s just one of the reasons I’m focusing on sleep.

How Sleep Affects Athletic Performance

"Not getting enough sleep doesn’t only make you tired the next day," Geier says. "It has a big impact on what’s happening inside your body."

Felicia Stoler, RD, an exercise physiologist and registered dietitian in New Jersey, agrees. "Sleep is the time when your body repairs itself," she says. "If we don’t get enough sleep, we don’t perform well."

On the flip side, studies have found clear evidence that increasing sleep has real benefits for athletes.

One study tracked the Stanford University basketball team for several months. Players added an average of almost 2 hours of sleep a night. The results? Players increased their speed by 5%. Their free throws were 9% more accurate. They had faster reflexes and felt happier. Other studies have shown similar benefits for football players and other athletes.


I’ll take anything I can get right now and getting a little extra sleep is one of the easier ones.

Speaking of, in addition to bone broth I’ve added this little drink before bed.

2015-03-22 14.29.26

I just ordered another bottle of it from Vitacost as well. Dang I love that website. They have this Natural Calm Plus Calcium on Amazon too and I found it the first time at our local Sprouts.

It’s a nice little calming drink to sip on before bed and I feel like it’s helped with my sleep quality.


Okay. That’s enough.

Run chat tomorrow (or the next day).



Have a wonderful start to your week!


Who loves Mondays?

Who is ever really ready for a Monday?

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  1. 1
    Rene' says:

    tart cherry juice is another good choice. It helps you relax before bed. I alternate between calm and the tart cherry. Good luck on your week. I can imagine it would be a hard choice.

  2. 2
    Melissa Prange says:

    Calm is amazing!!! Just don’t take too much or you will be in the bathroom!!!

    Sleep is a beautiful thing. I try to go to bed early ( I have the luxury of not having kids) and shoot for 8 hours. My husband says I am always sleeping, but I know I NEED it!! And I am tackling my first marathon this fall so I know I need to rest up and clean up my eating.

    I am glad you are able to run again!!! We are all rooting for you 🙂

  3. 3
    Kathy says:

    Well since we had one of the “driest” winters in years we made up some by getting 6 inches of heavy wet stuff last night. Nothing says arm/back workout like shoveling a driveway of that stuff.

  4. 4
    elizabeth says:

    I tired the Natural Calm last year and thought it tasted good, but does it mess with your digestion al all? I think the magnesium made things move a little to quickly in the bowels and I am already speedy in that department. How much do you take per day?

  5. 5
    Joe says:

    Yup – 4 weeks to Boston. At least you don’t have to worry about “taper madness” this year. Or snow shoveling – we got about 4 inches of the white stuff on Saturday morning. There will probably be some rogue snow banks out there on Patriot’s day! Enough!

  6. 6
    Kim says:

    I don’t mind Mondays – this one is actually my recovery day so I’m finally get all caught up on blogs and stuff! Glad you are running – hope this week is a good one on the recovery/training end for you.

  7. 7
    Emily Butler says:

    I’ve been overly exhausted too, doesn’t help with all these kids ha, but last night I went to bed at 9:30, which is the earliest it has been in awhile, and I needed it. I’m still getting up at least once a night with my 9 month old then add in some nights mf 3 year old being a stinker. Yawn, I’m tired just thinking about it. I try to avoid grocery shopping on Sundays, I’m not sure why but it seems that everyone and their mother like to grocery shop in Sunday. No thank you!!

  8. 8

    I love “The Day the Crayons Quit”! Bought it for my daughter when she was only a few months old and even though she couldn’t pay attention for the whole thing, I found I enjoyed reading it over and over again! Awesome book!

    Also awesome, Natural Calm. I’ve been ordering unflavored Vitacost brand as they always have BOGO and it’s the same thing. Try it with some apple cider vinegar and lemon juice mixed in too. It gets really fizzy, but feels and tastes really good. Keep hanging in there, you’re going to rock Boston!

  9. 9
    Sherry Royce says:

    I love the natural calm unflavored. I make it into a “shot” and chug it each morning. I bought it to help with regularity- and it does. Hang in there! Prayers for your hip(and mine sniff sniff)!

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