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The Walnut and Why it’s Okay to Go Slow on the Long Run

The Walnut and Why it’s Okay to Go Slow on the Long Run


So I’ve done a couple longer runs lately. No pain, just weird getting back into the feeling of running. My two longest runs of late have been 10 treadmill miles with a lot of them while holding on with one hand.

2015-03-20 07.02.16_thumb_thumb

Oh and a super cute movie that I’ve watched is The Best of Me.

2015-03-20 07.03.16_thumb_thumb

It’s one of those Nicholas Sparks movies.

I haven’t taken any food pictures lately, except for this one while snacking on walnuts on the car.

2015-03-23 15.56.42

I used to hate walnuts. In fact, they were always my least favorite nut, but recently since Coach Elizabeth has me adding handfuls of walnuts to my meals all the time I realized that I like them. Go figure.

They’re not my favorite not, I think if I had to choose an all time favorite it would be almonds, but I’m discovering all sorts of different nut loves. Ha.


After a long day Monday I added just a couple miles to the end of the day after my classes at the Y.

2015-03-23 19.02.03 HDR2015-03-23 19.02.46

I really like running just a couple miles on tired legs sometimes. I feel like it helps power through the last couple of miles in a race when you know what it feels like mentally and physically to run a little while you’re fatigued.

2015-03-23 19.03.16

I rarely get the chance to do it, but took it last night.

It was also really humbling as my pace is so slow compared to where it was before. Maintaining a pace that’s about 2 minutes per mile slower than it was just three months ago is hard.

I’m okay with that and beyond grateful that I can run without pain, but is stinks having things be so hard that used to not be, you know?


I’m reminding myself daily that the uphill battle takes a lot of patience, strength, determination, time and hard work. If it was easy everyone would fly up hills in life, right?

2015-03-23 19.04.58

One small step at a time over here.

I think my days of racing to get a certain time are over, but now I can just see how many friends I can make along the course. Ha ha.

Oh wait, look, I did take a food picture last night.

I had a big huge salad with black beans, beets, guacamole, nuts, chard, mushrooms and goodness knows what else along with a couple corn quinoa cakes.

2015-03-23 21.18.54


So I managed a long run over the weekend and although it was the longest run I’ve done since the TCS New York City Marathon, it was the slowest long run I’ve logged in probably four years. I actually think I ran faster while pushing the double stroller with the boys.



Here’s what my doctor friend, Coach Jason says about long runs and why it’s okay to take them slow.

In this article he talks about how the purpose of long runs are to stimulate all the adaptations needed for endurance.

Since many of these adaptations are volume-dependent, the speed of easy runs is not as important as their duration. Out of all the workouts you do, the exact pace matters least for easy and long runs.

I know a lot of speedy people out there who have really great paces for their long runs, but these days slow is the way to go over here.

Seriously, I’m doing things on step at a time with absolutely no plans of speeding up and I’m totally okay with that.



Okay I’m off.


Hope you’re having a good week!


What’s your favorite nut?

Do you pay attention to your pace on long runs?

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  1. 1

    Is that Torrey Pines? Don’t feel bad… you’ll get the pace back! But before that time comes, we should go running. I might be able o keep up. LOL!

  2. 2
    Monica Henderson says:

    I use to be so driven by my time and pace, but have had several surgeries in the past 4 years and am just happy I can run again. I always tell my friends I’ the tortoise. I’m okay with that. Just happy to be running!

  3. 3
    Jennifer Caccamo says:

    Good for you. I know slower is a hard thing to swallow BUT you are doing an amazing job by keeping at it despite your hip problems! This too shall pass and when it does look out girl!

  4. 4
    Kathy says:

    You ran 20 miles…..you ran 20 miles…..YOU RAN 20 MILES!!! Doesn’t matter the speed girl…..your hip allowed you to do that and that is good.

  5. 5

    Yay for a long run! Once upon a time I used to try and hit a certain pace for my long runs…then I kept failing miserably at the marathon (and pacing slower than those runs) so now when training my motto is to go slow and then slower 🙂

  6. 6
    Jenny says:

    YaY you!! Congrats on the long runs. You will get there slowly but surely. You got this! I get really, really hard on myself and feel that I must run a certain pace or I am just not doing as well as I should be. But I try to remind myself, that at least I am running! Due to injuries, I have always been concerned how long I can continue. Chin up; you are doing great!

    I LOVE walnuts and pecans ~ my favs.

  7. 7
    Kim says:

    I’m so happy that you are running again!! Who cares about the pace?! Running is running!!!

  8. 8

    Age and/or injuries takes its toll on all of us. In my case it was a combination of both. I even wrote a post about it once :-). It is hard to come to terms with this but once you do you can enjoy and appreciate the run for itself, fast or slow, and be grateful for a body that allows you to run.

  9. 9

    Woohoo! 20 miles is amazing. You are smart to take it slow and listen to your body.

  10. 10
    Tiffany says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! Injury over here has knocked my first Boston training off course. I am hoping for 20 this coming Sunday, and will keep you in mind, and the perspective you have on everything. 🙂 I am planning to be there no matter what. I know I will have 500,000 people cheering me on. Best wishes to you!

  11. 11
    Alicia says:

    I just added that movie to my Netflix queue….”The Best of Me” thanks! My favorite nut is an almond. Love how crunchy they are. And almond milk is awesome….and so is almond butter!! Congratulations on your running again. That is awesome. HUGS!!

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