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Easter Berries For Beans and Chicks Behind the Scenes

Easter Berries For Beans and Chicks Behind the Scenes


Oh my goodness friends…..


Hope you had the best day ever!

We all got into our Easter baskets bright and early.

2015-04-05 07.10.23

Then made a special trip to Starbucks in our pajamas.

2015-04-05 08.13.24

We were not the only ones with the brilliant idea to go to Starbucks that early in the morning, but we were the only ones there in our pajamas.

We had church and one family event after another.

I took the easy route out and said I’d bring fancy chocolate covered strawberries and brownie pops. I did that on purpose since I got a fabulous shipment of deliciousness from Shari’s Berries on Friday.

2015-04-05 11.44.39 HDR

It was a couple of fabulous gifts actually.

2015-04-05 11.45.44 HDR

I ordered the Gourmet Dipped Fancy Strawberries and the seasonal Easter brownie pops.

2015-04-05 11.48.03

Aren’t they the cutest ever?

I also got the Simply Fresh and Dried Fruit basket.

2015-04-05 11.50.53 HDR

That went over well too.


Since I’m really working hard on the sister-in-law of the year award and I signed up to bring refried beans for our second party which was a dinner party. I’m such a slacker.

Luckily we had some strawberries and brownie pops leftover so I tried to redeem myself a bit and bring them too. I think my plan worked.

2015-04-05 18.49.202015-04-05 18.50.512015-04-05 18.34.52

I missed all the Easter festivities last year because I was in route to the Boston Marathon so it was really great to just take everything in this year.

By the way, my brother and sister-in-law go ALL OUT with the Easter egg hunt and did over 500 eggs that the kiddos got to go find.

2015-04-05 18.41.18 HDR

I don’t get the credit for this creative hiding job, but it’s a good one isn’t it?

2015-04-05 18.12.39

Ha ha.

And, it’s been awhile since I talked about our relative Batman, but he made an appearance with his new bat mobile tonight.

2015-04-05 19.07.03

We also had some chicks make an appearance recently. I got in trouble for calling these “just chickens”. They are, in fact, Grey Junglefowl.

2015-04-05 19.18.25

We also have a very special bird hopefully on the way soon.

2015-04-05 19.19.39

There are so many things going on over here I just can’t keep track. Ha.

Oh, but I just found out tonight that this super cool old coffee grinder is one of the best bird feed grinders ever. Who knew?

2015-04-05 19.22.53


In other fitness and running news, which this blog is supposed to be about anyway, I went to the hip specialist Friday and had lots of X-rays and a really good conversation and I went on a long, slow run over the weekend and finally made some decisions about what’s going on race-wise this month.

I’ll chat about all that fun stuff tomorrow.

I’m too tired at the moment to tackle it now. But the rest of the week I’ll focus on running and fitness chat and try to not get distracted. Ha.


Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. 1
    Kathy says:

    That was a perfect post for Easter…..love all the chicks and the cool “Batmobile” is that really a regular car to drive daily??


  2. 2
    Laura says:

    Happy Easter! 500 eggs?!?! Wow!!

  3. 3
    Sam says:

    What in the world kind of bird hatches from that giant green egg? Is it a pterodactyl?!

    Happy easter!

  4. 4
    Judy Westacott says:

    What a wonderful Easter your family had! A very special occasion deserves special events and your family nailed it! Great job, great accounting. Thanks again for sharing.

  5. 5

    What a fun day! I used to LOVE Easter egg hunts!

  6. 6
    Kim says:

    I love the Batmobile!!!!
    Glad y’all had so much fun and family time on Easter!

  7. 7

    I LOVE your family posts & what fun! I am glad you had that & just enjoyed!!! The cats in the first pic crack me up!!! FUN FUN FUN everywhere!

    Eager to hear more on you though & sending you hugs!

  8. 8
    Alicia says:

    My dad orders Shari’s Berries for my mom at least twice a year. She loves them. Your cats are awesome!!
    I’m glad you and your family had a wonderful Easter.
    By the way I watched a really cute movie from Netflix the other night…”Begin Again” with Mark Ruffalo and Kiera Knightly. If you haven’t seen it already check it out.

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