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The Simple Things, Trying to Get Ready and Eats and Tea

The Simple Things, Trying to Get Ready and Eats and Tea


Good morning!

2015-04-15 07.19.16

I thought about trying to write a blog post last night, but had tea in bed instead. I’m really taking this spring break and resting before a race thing pretty seriously.

So far our days this week have been filled with enjoying all the simple pleasures in life. Funny how if you just look for them they’re everywhere.

Here’s a little list:

playtime at the park, watching Dancing With the Stars, actually sitting down to enjoy breakfast instead of scarfing it down in the car, going to the mall, drinking coffee out of cute mugs, playing hide and go seek outside, pushing the boys on the swings, lizard hunting, etc. So many little things that make me smile.


I ran 6 miles on Monday and then taught my classes and hit up the weights at the gym. Yesterday morning  it was 10 miles on the treadmill.

Confession: sometimes I sit here on the edge of the treadmill for way too long before I actually stand on it and press start.

2015-04-14 05.19.54

I thought a lot yesterday about how this has been one heck of a journey. I could write a whole post on it, but really two months ago I couldn’t run at all and was in pain every day. I thought there was no way Boston was going to happen. Everything is different this year as opposed to last, but to be able to go to Boston with Mom and just run and take it all in will be amazing.

2015-04-14 06.21.21

I’m not really feeling that great about training going into the race since there really wasn’t much of any. I didn’t keep track of miles, I couldn’t do speed work, I hung on to the treadmill more than ever, etc. I’m okay with that, but I’ve been doing some things to help make me feel a little better going into this weekend.

I went to another prolotherapy appointment yesterday. He looked a little surprised when I told him the hip specialist gave me the go ahead for Boston. He also gave me other suggestions of activities that I can take up after these next few races instead of running.

I get really excited when doctor’s offices have good magazines to read though while you’re waiting.

 2015-04-14 09.00.02

I got my hair done yesterday too. It had been way too long and they really had a good magazine selection. It was fabulous.

The boys and I even hit up the mall so I could get a new spring perfume. All my samples I’ve been using are about gone and I really wish they would give out good smelling samples instead of yucky ones.

I had a deal with the boys that if they were good at the Nordstrom beauty counter and went with me to get my eyebrows threaded (yes at the mall and yes it had been like 8 months since I’ve had it done), they could get a small toy at Target.

The plan worked thank goodness. We even played “statue” and the boys had to try to trick people into thinking they were mannequins. They had to be super still and quiet.

2015-04-14 17.02.35

It worked brilliantly. Feel free to use it.

Oh and by the way, free gift with purchase at Estee Lauder at Nordstrom right now. If you’re into the free gift things. That’s the only time I purchase. Ha ha.



I’ve finally been taking some pictures of random food lately so thought I’d share.

2015-04-14 07.11.52

The Vega recovery drink has come back into the daily mix after my morning workouts. I’ve been stepping it up a notch this week by adding fresh ginger, spinach and apple cider vinegar. I blend the recovery accelerator powder with everything and water and a little ice. It’s darn good and there’s something about sipping on a fun green drink.

I’ve been making Vega One protein pancakes too. I like to change up the flavor depending on my mood, but the other day I made coconut almond and topped them with pomegranate chia jam I made in the microwave and tons of peanut free NuttZo.

2015-04-13 10.38.56 HDR

Coach Elizabeth has BAS written into the nutrition plan a lot. I take it very seriously.

2015-04-12 13.11.01 HDR_thumb

I tried the garlic hummus from Trader Joe’s since they were out of my favorite spicy one. It was good and I love combining guacamole and hummus together. In wraps, on eggs, in salads, on rice cakes, you name it.

I think I found this Amy’s gluten free and dairy free pizza at Vons. I can’t remember, but I do remember that it was so darn good. It was pricy and small, but well worth it if you have to avoid certain foods and really want a pizza fix.

2015-04-13 20.32.23

Some nights Coach Elizabeth has me drinking calming tea with coconut oil before bed. It’s such a great feeling drinking tea in bed rather than staying up and working late. I know it’s definitely not something that I could pull off all the time, but over spring break it’s a must.

I found this grape Sleepytime Kid’s tea on Amazon.

2015-04-12 20.36.24_thumb

I bought it because I love grape flavored things and so the boys could try drinking some at night too. I have one who likes it and one who doesn’t. Go figure.

2015-04-12 20.36.13_thumb

Oh well, more for me I guess.


I saw this in Instagram today and loved it.

2015-04-15 06.58.42

I so need to do this.


Happy Wednesday! Have a good one!

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  1. 1
    Kristen says:

    That tea looks good. I’ve been loving the Peach Sleepytime Tea lately. So much better for me at night than a glass of wine. Not that I’m giving up wine completely, just drinking it less and tea more 🙂

  2. 2
    Michelle Kim says:

    LOL playing statue/mannequin! That’s awesome that it worked!
    I’ll suggest that to my friend who has two small boys :]

  3. 3

    Great post! I’m gonna try those pancakes!

  4. 4
    Kim says:

    So glad you have been enjoying spring break!
    Love the idea of having the boys play statue and trying to trick people at the mall. I’m sort of past those days (for the most part:) but will definitely pass this idea on to my sis-in-law!!!

  5. 5
    Kathy says:

    Well I love your recaps from your races and they (the pictures) don’t know how fast you go or how much you are really hurting. On that note, take it easy and have fun and take more pictures! ha!

  6. 6

    I have no eyebrows so I honestly wish I had that prob! 🙂

    I am glad that you are just flowing with this Kristin. Life will bring you joy in so many ways & who knows – maybe a new love of a different activity! 🙂 I know it is still hard but sending you hugs!!!!!

    Have you heard of Egoscue for hips. A friend of mine & her hubby are trying it.

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