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You Would Think I’ve Learned

You Would Think I’ve Learned


Just a couple things.

You would think I’ve learned that eating copious amounts dark chocolate the night after a marathon in bed in the hotel right before trying to go to sleep sometimes does a little more harm than good.

2015-04-20 20.54.532015-04-20 20.56.24

You would think I’ve learned that although getting to hug these guys a bazillion times since I’ve been home, there just won’t be a day anytime soon when one of them doesn’t call the other one a “poop face” and that Judah’s idea of a welcome home party for Mama is a round of playing “Go Ape”. (Totally funny card game by the way.)

2015-04-21 12.25.54

Wait, I actually did discover just the other day that I could make a gluten free version of the old cinnamon bowl I used to make all the time with a Trader Joe’s brown rice tortilla.

2015-04-21 13.22.39 HDR

It came out way better than I expected and is really great filled with Arctic Zero cookie dough frozen dessert, NuttZo, SunButter and a baked cookie dough Quest Nutrition bar. Trust me. Mmmm hmm…..  


You’d really think by now I would have figured out that doing any kind of workout in the family room is not the best idea.

2015-04-22 18.11.402015-04-22 18.13.54

A really good idea though is alternating sprints and hills to keep a spin class excited on a Thursday night.

2015-04-23 18.32.36

Now, you’d really think I would’ve learned to pack quickly and efficiently by now, but no. A big fat NO. It takes me forever and I’m always over packing. Next time I might just pay someone to do it for me.

2015-04-23 22.39.02

I only sat there staring at that pile for like 20 minutes before finally getting everything else together. I always have to start with the race outfit though.


It’s been a rough couple of days without much sleep or rest so I’m going to take any chance I can in the next 2 days before the Big Sur International Marathon to do just that. I won’t be around on the blog, but I will be on instagram.


Oh and two things before I go.

Pretty much every blog comment I’ve read here in the past 24 hours has brought tears. I can’t thank you enough for just taking time to read about all these escapades and when you take time out of your busy schedules to leave comments like that, well, you are just AMAZING and AWESOME.

You know what else is amazing and awesome and ending in just two days?


2015-04-22 09.34.12

Just in case you missed it.

There are two ways you can enter:

1. Go to the

Pro Compression homepage

and enter your email in the pop up.


2. Buy any product at 40% off with the code SM15. (Free shipping on all orders over $20.)

Two random winners will each get $150 MSRP credit.

Giveaway will end on 4/26.


That’s it. All you have to do is order yourself some socks at 40% off using the code and you’re automatically entered into the giveaway. It end THIS SUNDAY though.

I’ve been living in my compression socks since the marathon and will continue to live in them for at least another week or so to keep that blood flowing and helping my legs recover. I actually think I just packed five pairs for his upcoming weekend. At least I know I have the necessities. Ha ha.


Okay. Bed time.

Hope you’ve had a marvelous week! Bring on the weekend!

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  1. 1
    Catherine says:

    You are an inspiration. Congrats a on your Boston experience and good luck at Big Sur!

  2. 2

    Good luck in Big Sur! I’ve done B2B before and it is always so much fun! Enjoy it!

  3. 3
    Kathy says:

    Oh MY Gosh…the Big Sur….is SURtainly going to be BIG! How is that for a send off??!!

    Have fun!!

  4. 4

    Have fun in Big Sur! Enjoy every minute 🙂

  5. 5
    Corrina says:

    I have certainly been inspired by your perseverance and your journey and as I start to set some new goals and dream some new dreams related running I am motivated to believe and to hold on to those things I really want to achieve. Can’t wait to follow you for Big Sur!! Enjoy the race.

  6. 6
    Judith says:

    I know this will make me sound like a jerk, but I don’t find this inspirational at all. I think running back to back marathons in a weeks time isn’t a good idea for someone with fully healthy hips, nevermind someone who has significant issues. My coach would drop me if I tried that, and I think this sets a dangerous example for people. I truly wish you well and hope you are able to run without hurting yourself in the future, but I honestly don’t understand why you are putting your body through this.

  7. 7

    Ah, I love you Kristin – such an amazing woman!!!

  8. 8
    Alyssa McQ says:

    So excited for you for this weekend! You are amazing and I hope you have a great marathon. Thanks again for all your recommendations during my trip to San Diego–it was a great trip!

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