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Here We Go For More Coffee and B2B Round Two

Here We Go For More Coffee and B2B Round Two


Why hello.

Yesterday was one heck of a coffee filled day.


Random, but I’m addicted to the spicy hummus dip from Trader Joe’s. I go through at least a container a week. It’s a lunch staple.


After a super quick flight and farewell to San Diego


I’m safely in Carmel.

Obviously the first item of business this morning was finding coffee and I did indeed make the trip out and about to find it in pajamas.


It was worth it and the coffee from Carmel Valley Coffee Roasting Company was delicious.

I opted to take a shower and put on regular clothes before heading to the expo thank goodness.

I went for the whole Pro Compression socks under skinny jeans thing. Not the easiest to pull off, but gets the job done.


Quick side note- Today and tomorrow are the last two days to use code SM15 for 40% off and be entered into the giveaway to win $150 MSRP for the Pro Compression website. Better get on it!

This expo is awesome here. Everyone is so friendly and it’s just like you’re family everywhere you go.

These ladies by the way are amazing. Sally does all the behind the scenes madness like bib numbering and social media and Julie Armstrong is the race director.


They’ve really amped up their social media efforts this year and have this whole set up for instagram and everything.


I got to make this obnoxious 15 second video there and what do you know, they made me an honorary member of their social media team.


A couple of highlights from the expo were that there was actually a Mizuno booth there.


I really want this cool hat.


I was super excited about these Food Should Taste Good chips. I love these things.


They were even giving out beer samples. What other expos have that?


I bumped into my super speedy Runner’s World friend Robert.


He’s the magnificent Erica’s hubby from Erica Sara Designs.

After making my rounds I had to find my name on the coolio poster with every runner’s name on it.


See. There I am.


It’s a beautiful day here today and I’m hoping it will be tomorrow too.


We definitely don’t need a repeat of the weather from Boston on Monday. Hey, that was only 5 days ago. Pretty funny huh?

I’m starting to get butterflies about tomorrow. I love this marathon so darn much. I got my PR here last year out of the blue, but this year it’s going to be a lot different. I’m excited to put all I’ve got out there. Heart and soul. Not speed, but ready to really give what I have to the marathon. No matter what my time is, I kind of feel like this might be one of those life changing races since I really have no idea what the future holds.

I have a 3:00 am wake up call tomorrow for the 4:00 am bus, so I better get a move on to get out my race outfit and such.

I’ll see you at the finish line friends.

Here’s my motto for tomorrow.



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  1. 1
    Kim says:

    I hope that you had a great race!!! Glad you were able to do both races again – what a great experience!!

  2. 2

    SAw your IG pics – HUGS that you were even there & cherishing it! 🙂

  3. 3
    Samantha says:

    Good luck! Loved the motto at the end of the post. Sam

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