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Weekend Happenings and Delicious Baked Apples

Weekend Happenings and Delicious Baked Apples



Hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day!

It was low key around here since Mom and I decided that our trip to Boston was our big Mother’s Day gift to each other. I kind of want to go back.


Maybe next year…..

But we are so darn lucky to have Mom and Tutu in our lives.

2014-09-02 12.53.09

We definitely counted our many blessings today.

I got the best delivery ever while still in bed.

2015-05-10 07.22.012015-05-10 07.34.01-1


Then I got another brilliant one when I got out of the shower.

2015-05-10 08.14.00 HDR

I’m so lucky.

Best drink ever for my rewards drink and for Mother’s Day- green tea soy latte, no sweetener, two shots of espresso. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to. Starbucks just rocks.


In other news, apples and peanut free NuttZo have been going down daily.

2015-05-04 15.48.35

Usually in the car with a soy protein latte.

2015-05-05 07.55.43

Friday was a little chilly and cloudy, but it ended up being the perfect night for a family movie night which was all about dinner on the couch and cuddles.

2015-05-08 20.21.20

(In the bowl was gluten free macaroni and cheese with an organic beef hot dog, steamed broccoli and yellow squash.)


I was so excited the other day when I got a surprise package from CocoaVia.

2015-05-06 16.41.53

I have been missing my daily dose terribly, but knew they were doing some product improvements. Heck yes I can’t wait to get back on the CocoaVia train. I usually take the capsules, but now that the packets don’t have carrageen in them I’m going to have to switch it all up.


Yesterday a friend and I decided to go on a pretty significant urban hike.

2015-05-09 06.24.41

We were a little ambitious with our planning, but called it quits a little short and called for a ride home.

2015-05-09 19.57.40

It was a blast though and I’ll do a little recap later this week.

My late Saturday night after a day full of hiking looked a little like this.

2015-05-09 22.16.20-1

Arctic Zero Cool Mint Chip and Real Housewives of New York. I don’t usually watch those shows, but I’m really excited Bethany is back on it so I’m recording this season.


So I said I’ve been eating apples and NuttZo daily. Sometimes it’s just a quick snack on the go, but if there’s time I’ve been baking the apple first. I’ve only been baking Fuji apples, but I’m sure this would be good with others as well.

2015-05-07 07.49.21-1

Oh my word, seriously this is so darn good.

Cut an apple in half. Scoop out the core and seeds.

Sprinkled with cinnamon and whatever other spices you want. I’ve been using Penzeys Spices apple pie spice.

Place on a lined baking sheet sprayed with nonstick spray and cook in a toaster (or regular) over at 375 convection for about 15-20 minutes.

Top with NuttZo (or any kind of nut butter).

2015-05-07 07.49.15

Mmmmm hmmm…….


You’ve got to try it.



Okay, hope you had a fantastic Mother’s Day!

I had been hoping to get out and get a pedicure. I was planning on it all week, but after yesterday’s big hiking escapade I developed a ginormous blister so that whole plan went down the tube.

Oh well, I got some new spring/summer scented perfume instead. If you can’t look good, you can smell good. Ha.


Have a magnificent start to your week!

2015-05-08 19.28.49

I’m about to go sit in bed and plan my weekly priorities all out.


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  1. 1
    CARLA says:

    CATCHING (up on all Ive missed with you)

  2. 2
    Erica says:

    Happy Mama’s day to you!!! Can’t wait to read more about the adventure

  3. 3

    LOL! I’m glad to see B back on New York Housewives too…she’s telling them all how it is its funny.

  4. 4
    Jamie says:

    So glad you had a great Mother’s Day! I absolutely LIVE for RHONY and Bethenny. I want to be her when I grow up… if that ever happens haha.

  5. 5
    Sasha says:

    Urban hike! Can’t wait to hear about it. And I’m impressed that he rocked jeans for it. I’m down with RHONY but no group will beat my OC homegirls. Ha. I think I liked B more in the past, she’s a little too intense and hardcore but I do like how they’re showing the more emotional side to her. Regardless, I still heart Bravo!

  6. 6
    Tracy says:

    Baked apples are delicious! When I’m in a pinch for time, I chop mine up and microwave them – top them with some cinnamon and maybe a small drizzle of syrup! So good!

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