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I’m Still Here

I’m Still Here


Lucky you, right?

Ha ha ha. Just kidding.

I had to take a little break for my sanity this past week. I forgot how exhausting the end of the school year is since I’ve been away from my teaching roots for five years. Man alive is it all about survival mode. We’ve got one more week though. We can do this.


This weekend has been a doozey. The STUFT men (and one of the kitties) have been dropping like flies with some sort of stomach bug. I’m crossing my fingers it passes me by. Only time will tell I guess.

Oh, I better share our morning life lesson with you though just in case you’ve been wondering all your life how cats do the peace sign. Here you go (complete with an explanation and video on instagram).

2015-06-07 07.59.02


So let’s see. I still need to write a recap from last weekend’s SUJA Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon and 1/2. That’ll be next, but right now we’re just doing the catch up thing from the camera roll.

I’m all out of these pumpkin protein muffins which is a bit of a bummer, but I can make it five more days with some on the go breakfasts.

2015-06-01 07.51.14

I did however throw together a random egg dish the other day that was fabulous.

2015-06-02 17.50.00

It might not look great, but it was. I just put in some eggs, zucchini and refrigerated beets (I got the peeled beets from Trader Joe’s) in a baking dish and topped it with a little Penzeys Spices breakfast seasoning and baked it at 375 convection for about 30-40 minutes or so.

Mmmmm hmm….

2015-06-02 18.32.04

Good stuff. It was really good topped with avocado (inspired by Coach Elizabeth).


The cute Carlee gave me a Puravida bracelet last weekend. I’ve been wearing it and feeling extra cool.

2015-06-01 09.36.20

So cool, in fact, that I went on a little late Saturday night shopping binge (while watching RHONY) and got myself a few more.

The other day I tried this new greens bar, but unfortunately I wasn’t impressed.

2015-06-01 15.45.56 HDR

I’ll stick to using the drink powders from Vitacost to make fun green drinks instead and just keep eating these Strong and KIND bars. They are so darn good and this one is obviously my favorite.

2015-06-02 15.18.51-1


In case you think you have really great texts conversations I just thought you should see how cool ours are around here.

2015-06-01 19.37.56

I was the recipient of the lovely cartoons. How nice.

We made a trip out to family dinner to meet up with some relative from Nebraska to this place called DRAFT in Mission Beach. Walking to the restaurant was my moment when I knew not blogging last week and just resting and spending time with the family was the best decision ever.

2015-06-03 18.34.53

The company and the food was good. I got the ahi salad and the man got a burger.

2015-06-03 19.27.372015-06-03 19.25.06

My cousin had no idea I wrote a blog so I’ll put a picture of him on here just for kicks.

2015-06-03 19.23.02

Nights lately have looked a little like this.

2015-06-04 20.10.07

Saturday night actually looked a little like this after the boys were in bed though. I just needed an hour of guilty indulgence time with Real Housewives of New York. It was brilliant and even more brilliant because I had these awesome Woodstock MiniMe’s™ Organic Rice Bites to snack on. I got them to try from the fabulous Meredith, but I’ve also seen them on Vitacost. SunButter may or may not have also been involved.

2015-06-06 20.50.27

The boys are big fans too, especially of the strawberry flavored ones. I guess I have to share.


Mornings on the treadmill have had a couple interruptions lately, but there are no complaints when they’re like this.

2015-06-05 05.22.09-1

Just in case it’s not clear, that’s a picture of our house my sweet little guy drew for me.


Oh and I bought a couple egg white jugs from the expo last weekend and the box conveniently became a time machine (with the help of the cats of course). I mean, how cool is that?

2015-06-02 17.22.03


We took a little detour at the mall to Lorna Jane Saturday. Every time I take these guys in a dressing room I say I’m not going to do it again, but then somehow it happens.

2015-06-06 11.50.50-1

Yes, I purchased this shirt. It was the least I could do.


Let’s chat running and workouts really quick.

I’m following a plan from Jason’s book Running a Marathon For Dummies at the moment. We’re not working together, but I put myself on the 20 week plan so I had a little something to follow and use as a guide for a bit. I’d like to follow it all the way through for a change and see what happens.

I’m two weeks in and it’s going pretty well. Right now there’s just one speed workout a week and about 50 miles total and that’s perfect for where I’m at right now. The whole starting to speed up thing scares me big time, but if I don’t try it I’ll never know.

The only run I did outside this past week was 7.5 hilly miles Saturday. Everything else was on the treadmill, but those miles outside were so awesome. I may have to find some more time during the summer to get outside and do my runs.

2015-06-06 08.55.15

I managed to get three solid days of cross training and strength work in also. That’s my goal these days. No more excuses. My strength has gone down the tubes and it’s time to get it back. One of my workouts was outside while the boys played, the other one was at the gym after I taught a spin class and the other one was only about 20 minutes and looked a little like this.

2015-06-03 17.12.59

I know you mamas can relate.


The only upcoming race I have in the books as of right now for the summer is the AJC Peachtree Road Race. I’m pretty excited to visit Atlanta and to see the Mizuno headquarters.

Speaking of Mizuno, they have a bunch of new colors of shoes coming out next month. I just saw all the new Wave Inspire 11 colors and want them all. Holy smokes.

I did just recently break out these new purple beauties though.

2015-06-03 05.28.36-1

The other race that I’m using the 20 week plan for is the JetBlue Long Beach Marathon and Half Marathon.


I loved the race last year and am so excited to run it again. It’s close enough I can pull it off on a working weekend and it’s far enough away that I can finally get some focused training in if my body will let me. I’m coaching myself, but I’m going to make myself work for it.


Okay, whelp, I’m out. Five more early morning wake ups. Then it’s all about summer adventure time with the boys and really focusing on some life goals.

2015-06-02 20.31.19-2

Yes, yes it does.

So dream big and remember that we are ALL winners.

2015-06-03 09.21.10

(Thanks Runner’s World for the reminder.)


Have a great week!

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  1. 1

    LOVING the happy tshirt!
    Welcome back! I know how you feel…after my bike crash I couldn’t blog for a while! It’s sometimes good to take a break! And thanks for the pumpkin muffin recipe…I’ll be trying that!

  2. 2
    Jessica T. says:

    I thought of you the other night. We provided some games for the 8th grade dinner dance and I saw your name on the office in the locker room! Would love to get together this summer.

  3. 3
    Becky says:

    I didn’t know you were a teacher! Wow! I got my credential when my oldest was a baby and have yet to use it, although I took a job as a para this year (10-2, how perfect is that?!?) to get me in the system. Such a tough job, teaching. Perfect for moms, though! I’ve been meaning to tell you I finally bit the bullet and bought some Nuttzo at Costco ($17, holy crapola) but it’s so, so yummy! So….does this mean I won’t see you at SF?!?!? Glad to hear you’re at peace with how your running is going. It’s all about being able to do it for the long haul, not necessarily becoming faster, etc. Tempting to look at it only in terms of “how can I get faster”, but I have to remind myself that it’s about the journey. A little calf niggle recently made me appreciate running just for running. When you can’t do it and it’s such a part of you, you just miss it so much. Keep running, sister! And I am BEYOND jealous of your doing Peachtree. I want to do it someday!!!

  4. 4
    Meredith says:

    oh my gosh YAAAAAAY to the Mini Me’s!! I’m so happy you got them! Let us know if you ever need more 🙂

    Also, random Mizuno question and you have to be the perfect person to ask. I’ve been putting off buying new running shoes because NOTHING has ever filled the shoes (haaaa) of my Wave Inspire 9’s. I’ve read bad reviews on the 10’s and mixed on the 11’s but I’m in desperate need of new ones! Do you have any thoughts on the matter!?

    Thanks so much for the shout out!! Totally made my day 🙂

  5. 5

    The cartoon where the girl drops the mic… that’s appropriate no matter what the context =).

  6. 6

    You’re going to LOVE the Peachtree Road Race! I’m from Atlanta and have run it every summer for many years. It’s a 10k street party and unlike any other road race I’ve done. I had no idea that Mizuno’s head quarters were in Atlanta. I love my Inspires for training and racing!! Do you know if there is going to be an organized runner/blogger event with Mizuno? If so, any chance I could participate?

  7. 7
    Kathy says:

    You mean your cousin didn’t know how REALLY COOL you are AND how famous you are in the blogging world!!!

  8. 8

    The end of the school year is crazy! We got out last Tuesday and I am LOVING the time to myself. I’m impressed you can manage to workout as much as you do while chasing after those kiddos! Have a great week!

  9. 9

    CAn’t tell you how much I loved this post! You should continue thru the summer giving yourself a break! 🙂

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