The Simple Journey, Out of Stock Already and a Nondairy Cheesy Bowl of Goodness


It seems so simple doesn’t it? Simplify life, slow down over the summer, check things off your to do list like nobody’s business, etc.

It’s weird. I’m just a couple days into summer and feeling a bit anxious about everything.

Yesterday was all about teaching my new KettleWorx class at the gym. I’m not the best at learning new choreography and really not the best at doing it in a timely fashion. I got to it all morning yesterday though before a little run.

2015-06-15 06.53.11

I need to practice a little more, but I somewhat pulled it off. Ha ha.

It took me a little longer this morning to get motivated to hit up the treadmill. We had a big day planned so I had to be done by 7:00 am. I still took my time hanging out in the kitchen with these two though before actually putting on my running clothes.

2015-06-16 05.44.13-1

I totally understand if you’re jealous of my morning greeters by the way. They just recently got baths. One of them also just now threw up on our newly shampooed carpets. Isn’t that always the case?



One of my goals this summer is to put healthier meals together for everyone and finding easy ways to do it so when school starts again I’m ready for it and have a plan.

I’m trying out different veggies on the boys everyday for lunch. Yesterday it was cucumber, but they weren’t big fans.

2015-06-15 13.44.52

Those grapes were a hit though. They’re the cotton candy ones and they are just delightful.

I took lunch very seriously and went all out with a BAS.

2015-06-15 14.00.02

Right? I forgot how great it is to just be able to sit and eat lunch rather than shovel it in as quickly as possible at my desk. Ha. I think they’ll just be getting bigger and better from here.


Speaking of simplifying things, I was convinced that this cauliflower rice from Trader Joe’s was going to make a world of difference around here and really help simplify things.


I guess the word got out though because it’s already out of stock pretty much everywhere. Darn it, it chaps my hide when things like that happen. I get all excited about a product and then it’s out of stock. That’s just not okay.

They tried to redeem themselves a bit by starting to carry Quest Bars though. I have to say that they are reasonably priced for Quest Bars and they have my three favorite flavors.

2015-06-15 12.43.22

Speaking of Quest Nutrition, they just came out with a couple new protein powder flavors, Salted Caramel and Banana Cream.

2015-06-15 22.03.18

I got sent a couple to sample and over the weekend I mixed 1/2 of a salted caramel packet with a little Silk cashew milk to make the most delicious protein frosting.

I used it to top a a cookies and cream Quest Bar that was baked in a brown rice tortilla cinnamon crisp bowl.

2015-06-15 22.05.04

Mmmmm hmmm….. it was good. I try to save my dairy laden goodies for the weekend.

That being said, there are times when I;m really craving cheesy goodness, but know that I’m not craving the feeling of how my tummy will act afterwards. Ha.

My simple healthy solution is mixing these two amazing things- Silk cashewmilk and nutritional yeast.


I add a bunch of seasoning salt and such in there too (crushed red pepper, garlic salt, garlic powder, cayenne, cumin, Everyday Seasoning, etc.). The result is a rich, creamy, cheese-like sauce.

Even though I’m a little bitter about the whole rice thing already being out of stock, at least I got to experiment with it a bit to create a delicious gluten free, paleo friendly, nondairy mac and cheese bowl.


I added the above to a bag of that cauliflower rice on the stove the other night while it was cooking.


I was pretty impressed. Actually, I was REALLY impressed.

I added an organic hotdog to the mix so I got the whole comfort of the mac and cheese with hot dogs thing.



We’ll see how soon it comes back in stock or if I get motivated to actually rice a bunch of cauliflower myself and freeze it. That would be the smart thing to do.


Here’s my motivation for the day to keep lugging along on your journey.

2015-06-16 10.35.03 HDR

It feels really good to wear a shirt that says Everything is Possible. You just have to keep your head up high with the Run With Perseverance tank top I had on today.

This quote I saw in Instagram was a winner this morning too.

2015-06-16 07.15.31


Have a good one friends!

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. 1
    lauren says:

    Such a bummer about the cauli rice-same deal here in AZ-they said gone til August!!
    My mom told me that Green Giant is now carrying something similar—cauliflower crumbles and she found them at her target–might be a solution until TJ’s has it back. I don’t think the Green Giant is organic though.

  2. 2
    Adrienne says:

    The fact that you still have elixir sneakers makes me so jealaous!

  3. 3

    That cauli rice sounds so good!

  4. 4
    Jess says:

    I love the mac & cheese-ish idea, I never would have thought those two things would combine for yummy cheesy goodness! I have to give it a shot.
    And if you want your guys to try cucumber, maybe try slicing them longways and avoiding the seeds will get them to eat them instead? My friend served them that way at a party for her two sons (they’re 5 and 7) and they were a hit. They looked like carrot sticks but it was all the fleshy part of the cukes with no seeds. I even preferred them that way! 😉

  5. 5
    Joe says:

    I really want that silk cashew milk. It’s not offerred around here though. I finally picked out my fall marathon, and its only 15 weeks away. I’ve created a nice training plan for it. My goal is to get my church’s priest a BQ. I’m going to pace him. He missed a BQ by 26 seconds earlier this year. He’s so close…

  6. 6
    elizabeth says:

    I bet you could just steam a head of cauliflower, through it in the food processor and get cauliflower rice.

  7. 7

    That last quote – YES!

    Got to say that I love those cats! They are too funny & seem so loving!!!!

    I am definitely jealous of that salad & now have to look for the cauliflower! I am sure it will be out around here! 🙂

    HUGE HUGS!!!

  8. 8
    Mari says:

    I want Cauli rice! How did I not know they have it? I went to day. Didn’t see it but got the frozen grilled cauli. Have u Had that one??!

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