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Priorities and Afternoon Silky Smooth Treats

Priorities and Afternoon Silky Smooth Treats


My main goals with this morning’s run was to finally try to get a few faster miles in the middle, finish watching The Devil Wears Prada and to be done and showered in time to watch LIVE With Kelly and Michael. I hadn’t watched it yet all summer, but finally pulled through today. Ha.

2015-07-09 08.26.48-1

All my other runs this week have been around an 8:20 or so pace and very enjoyable. I finally decided to just run what I feel like running and stop putting so much pressure on myself to try to follow an exact plan or try to see how fast I can be again. I just have more fun when I kind of forget about all that. I decided to step it up today, but it was the only day this week it happened.

I’ve been teaching quite a few classes at the gym though. I love picking up other classes over the summer. This week it’s been spin classes and chiseled classes.

2015-07-06 09.39.05

I tried some new Mizuno shorts for spin and even got a few “pointers” on my form yesterday after class from one of my future personal trainers.

2015-07-08 13.04.56-1

Yes, that is indeed a super cool pointer finger he has there. It’s gone a lot of places with us and I even bought one for myself for next school year. Ha ha.

On the way home yesterday my other future personal trainer informed me that he wanted me to do a little outside workout once we got home .I told him I was tired, but he promised he’d make it quick.

2015-07-08 13.35.01

You just can’t say no to that face right?

He had me do push ups, sit ups on the concrete and even some hill repeats up the driveway.

2015-07-08 13.38.24

He meant business and he might be on to something with the whole hill repeat thing.

Other things on the home front. Now that I’m back in town Nala has come out of hiding and decided to try to look like a statue and I guess I should confess that that picture frame has been sitting on the shelf like that for probably about 4 months or more.

2015-07-06 07.33.54-1

I’m adding that to my summer to do list. Please tell me I’m not the only one.


Oh my goodness, I almost forgot. The Vega giveaway winner was randomly chosen and is displayed here. The giveaway is over, but you can still use the code STUFTMAMA20 for 20% off and FREE shipping on any Vega products from the website.

Besides the protein powder, chlorella and maca, I’m loving these Vega Sport bars.

2015-07-07 19.10.21 HDR-1

All real, pure ingredients with plant protein and they are so good chilled. Mmm hmm….


We’ve been doing some grocery shopping since we got a little lecture from the pediatrician about having vegetables and fruits at every meal. Obviously we always shop in style.

2015-07-06 10.22.27-1

I mean I just feel cool when I’m shopping with this guy.

So, while I’m trying to do some of my own nutritional improvements, I’m also working on getting the whole family on board. It’s definitely a long term project, but the boys are finally at that age where they want to learn and want to make healthy choices. The trick is finding the right fruits and veggies they like.

Lunches lately for the boys have looked like this. I even made my own Flatout parmesan crisps for everyone. They’re a hit.

2015-07-08 14.13.52

We’ve also been going through at least 2 half gallons of Silk unsweetened almondmilk or cashewmilk a week. I drink that stuff like it’s going out of style in my lattes, but lately we’ve been making kid friendly smoothies and protein ice cream with it.

The go to smoothie for the boys at the moment is what we call the

Chocolate Silkshake Smoothie



1 frozen banana

handful of spinach

1 cup of Silk milk of choice

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

2 teaspoons honey

1/2 cup crushed ice (optional)



It all goes in the Nutribullet.


Twenty seconds later it’s ready.


Mmm hmm….

It makes everyone happy.


Silk smiles and cheers all around. Ha ha.

Right now since it’s summer and all and I like to enjoy my smoothies really think with a spoon rather than through a straw I’ve also been making Silk inspired protein ice cream daily. It’s the perfect healthy afternoon treat.

It’s even better in a homemade brown rice cinnamon crisp bowl or a Flatout cinnamon crisp bowl.


That just looks heavenly, right?

I freeze 2 cups of Silk unsweetened almondmilk mixed with 1/8 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract in two separate ice cube trays.

When I’m ready for the protein deliciousness I put the  one tray of frozen cubes in the Vitamix with a 1/4-1/2 cup more almondmilk and a scoop of protein powder (I change up the protein powder all the time).

I blend it for awhile until it gets all smooth and the end result is this.


It’s just so darn good and pretty much the best treat ever on a summer afternoon.


Yes, it’s going down again this afternoon.



On a more seriously note and not food related at all, I really feel like I’m learning a lot this summer about priorities and slowing down and balancing life out. It’s been an ongoing battle for so long, but finally I’m realizing just how important the whole time is love thing is. I’m also realizing that as much as I love running and say that I want to see if I can be fast again, I’d rather make sure I’m ready to be the best mama ever and available for hugs as much as possible.

I can’t do it all. Some things just have to give. I’m choosing to NOT give up the important things like time and being in the moment, but I have been letting work and dirty floors and trying to fit in an extra run move to the back burner (as you can tell with the whole picture frame thing).

2015-07-08 13.40.57

These moments are the best and there’s no way they’re passing me by.



Have a wonderful rest of the week!


What’s your favorite homemade or store bought summer frozen treat (smoothies, ice cream, frozen yogurt, etc.)?

Please tell me someone has at least one empty photo frame on display.

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. 1
    Chiara says:

    I do have an empty photo frame on display, and it’s been in my bedroom (far away from guests’ eyes) for 2 years…I am the worst!

  2. 2
    Taylor says:

    What protein powder do you use in your almond milk ice cream?

  3. 3
    Alyssa McQ says:

    If it makes you feel any better, my husband and I got a couple of engagement and wedding frames shortly after we got engaged (3 years ago) that still have the stock photos, on display on a bookshelf in our hallway. We just never seem to get around to printing them out– totally understand!

  4. 4
    elizabeth says:

    Wow! The protein ice cream looks so much creamier than usual, must be the protein powder.

  5. 5
    Caro says:

    Have you made the protein ice cream with a blender other than the Vitamix? I want to try it but think it might not work with my regular blender.

  6. 6
    Mari says:

    Well, I finally made it. It’s so darn hot in LA! Mine was delicious and I had to eat it super fast because it was melting. But mine wasnt creamy, it was icy. Maybe I did not use enough protein powder. Is yours always creamy?


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