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The Morning View, The Lemonade Stand and My New Coffee Drink

The Morning View, The Lemonade Stand and My New Coffee Drink


Most summer mornings look a little like this around here.

2015-07-30 07.04.35

It’s okay to be jealous. It’s also okay to be jealous of our hand me down furniture that we got ten years ago. Ha ha.

Oh, but don’t let those innocent looking cats fool you. They make messes everywhere.

2015-07-30 12.22.37

Just lovely.

We went to our new favorite place yesterday for an easy 5 mile loop in the heat. These guys are getting faster. They’re also getting a little more familiar with the porta potty stops.

2015-07-30 10.23.49

Joaquin was looking back at my at one point and asked, “Mom, do you always have that face when you run?”

I had to laugh. I think I do. Doesn’t everyone have a “running face”?

The boys finished just ahead of me and did this all on their own.

2015-07-30 10.57.58

Pretty funny stuff. Then Joaquin proudly told me that he didn’t stop and say he was tired all all this time. That was a first and heck yes I was proud. These guys already have that athlete mentality.

They also really like posing for pictures.

“Mom, take a picture of me so I can see how cool my hair looks.”


“Mom, take a picture of me doing this.”

2015-07-30 12.06.07 HDR

Funny stuff.


I went for a long run today. The heat did me in and what I thought was going to be a relatively easy long run. I thought about cutting it short, but then re-evaluated and told myself that taking the easy way out or taking the short road won’t really get me to where I want to be. I have to put in the work and take the long road and be patient and persistent. I need to remind myself of that a lot.

2015-07-30 10.23.54

I got in 15.11 miles this morning before the heat got the best of me.

2015-07-31 10.13.06 HDR

Maybe I’m still a little tired from the big event of the day yesterday.

2015-07-30 14.34.48

Oh yes we did. The other day Judah decided he wanted up to do a lemonade stand. Once this guy gets an idea there’s no stopping him (Just like his mommy).

So Grandma helped out and made rice krispy treats and the boys and I made lemonade. I had never before made lemonade so naturally I did a Google search for a recipe. Here’s the one we used and it got great reviews.

Best Lemonade Ever (from Allrecipes)

2015-07-30 15.27.33

We had a lot more customers than I thought and thank goodness because it was hot out there and Judah said we weren’t allowed to go home until our huge batch of lemonade was all gone.

2015-07-30 15.05.342015-07-30 15.22.03

It was a very successful day and Judah already wants to do another one. I told him we had to wait a little bit since I think I’m still recovering. Ha.

I have to say though that every single person who stopped (relatives and strangers) meant so much to the boys and I. They got so excited every time someone pulled over. It was such a joy to watch and share the experience.

I will always make sure to stop at all lemonade stands from now on. You too?



I also have to say that just recently (like this week) I finally feel like everything is on the right track. I’ve been struggling for so long with balancing things out and where I really want my focus to be and everything and FINALLY I feel like we’re getting things figured out, things are falling into place and prayers are being answered. Patience is key and so are all the struggles and times of not really knowing what’s ahead.

Life is good.

2015-07-29 13.09.45

You know what else is really good? This drink.

2015-07-29 13.48.47

I’ve been making protein ice cream daily (I’m running severely low on my Quest protein powder though) and the other day I decided to add leftover cold coffee and a little Silk soymilk to the blender afterwards and blend it up. It was brilliant and I’ve now done it three days in a row. I can’t waste any of that protein ice cream that’s on the side of the Vitamix, you know?

2015-07-29 13.49.17

I’m off.

Have a great rest of your Friday and a wonderful weekend!

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