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The Mammoth Mountain Stufties

The Mammoth Mountain Stufties



We went up to the mountains for a few days with the family. It was so much fun and so great just being unplugged from everything. I took my computer, but didn’t touch it the entire time. I kind of wish life was like that more often. Ha ha.

We’ll just recap a few “Stufties” from our Mammoth trip. (You know, like the Dundies.)

FOr the first time ever I saw a coke with my name on it and it was even spelled right.

2015-08-02 14.08.37

This guy loves his rocks so obviously he climbed the first big one we saw on our first little exploration.

2015-08-02 17.07.02

His brother followed in his footsteps.

2015-08-02 17.14.012015-08-02 17.27.21

This trip was all about family time. It’s so important to get away from everything every once in awhile and just slow down and hang out with the ones you love. The peaceful mountains sure help out with that.

2015-08-02 19.39.08

Not a bad view huh?

I ran twice up there. One run was 5 miles with the hubs riding along on a bike. He kindly got off his bike to tackle this hill with me.

2015-08-03 07.47.51

What a a guy. Our 5 mile loop ended up at Vons for some necessities (batteries and water).

2015-08-03 08.22.00

The other run was 6 miles and four of those were with the boys and the hubs riding along.

2015-08-04 10.13.28

There were quite a few stops along the way.

2015-08-04 10.14.57

We were searching for bears, but never found any.

2015-08-04 10.22.18 HDR


Mammoth is beautiful and let’s face it family time is the BEST.

2015-08-03 10.19.432015-08-03 10.22.58

MY favorite hike was to Rainbow Falls.

2015-08-03 12.41.08

There’s Papap. Love that guy.

Joaquin really wanted to go down all the steps to the bottom. At first we said no, then changed our minds. We’re so glad we did. Definitely deserving of a Stuftie down there.

2015-08-03 12.54.362015-08-03 12.55.25

I mean, right? The walk back up wasn’t all that fun, but it was so worth it.


We did run into some guys who were hiking the John Muir Trail and hoping to do it in 16 days. We met up with them on day 4 of their trip and their first stop to restock and get a warm meal.

2015-08-03 13.36.27 HDR

The gondola ride was awesome. I’m not a fan of heights, but I put on a brave face for the ride.

2015-08-03 15.12.402015-08-03 15.16.252015-08-03 15.19.312015-08-03 15.20.052015-08-03 15.20.15

We fished.

2015-08-04 14.37.032015-08-04 14.37.11

We still didn’t catch anything, but our brother-in-law did so that’s a step up for us. At least we got to see someone catch a fish. That’s a first.

I drove a motor boat for the first time ever. It wasn’t pretty, but luckily my niece was there to take over.

2015-08-04 15.33.50

The boys were even brave enough to hop on board for a bit.

2015-08-04 15.59.31 HDR

Joaquin wanted out pretty quickly though. I don’t blame him.

We did a lot of eating in our little condo, but Andrew did spot this cool place, Mim’s Cookie Bar, and obviously we had to stop.

2015-08-04 19.53.192015-08-04 19.53.30

ON the way home we had to stop at Schat’s Bakkery since everyone had told us to stop there.

2015-08-05 09.27.25

We weren’t allowed to take any pictures inside, but we got some goodies there. Here’s one of them.

2015-08-05 09.29.36

Mmmm hmm….


We’re home safe and sound. Along with some fresh bread we have this little gem thanks to Grandma and the boys and their little adventure taking the trash out.

2015-08-06 10.30.38

Hey, it’s like our very own Stuftie from the trip. Ha ha.


We’re still soaking up as much of summer as we can with the last few days we have left. Where the heck did it go?


Have a good one!

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    Kathy says:

    This looks great!! Glad you got to get away with the family and papa too!! 😉

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